Interracial mind control movies?


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This may be an odd request, but this is an odd site. :p

Does anyone know of any movies where magic/science/hypnosis "converts" a woman in to a black cock slut? The old site had a video called Chinzza. I was wondering if there are any actual movies along that vein?
The only one I get think of is the scene in White Wife Black Cock #6 with Amber Peach. They have some sort of healing orb and it ends up turning her husband black. When she pulls his pants down he says "is anything different" to which she responds with "it's bigger" and then laughs. The scene ends with him turning white again and knocking over the healing orb to which they both agree "they need to fix it so he can be black again" and Amber replies with "I'll get some glue". I'll see if I can find the scene. I really wish Amber Peach still did porn. She was a true black cock goddess with a perfect body. It's a shame she never did any cuckold porn. I always got turned on just of the thought of her mocking white cocks as it was obviously she preferred black guys.
If every white woman could magically turn her husband or BF into a niggah, there'd be precious few of us white boys left.
jojo51623 said:
Found it.

Thanks for finding this vid, wish i could have a thing like that
Judging by the interest in this thread and the lack of movies, I am wondering if it would be worth the investment to produce a few films? Probably not., The start up cost would be too high. Still, I am amazed that someone already producing porn has not explored this niche.

I did find two more movies. I could not find a “free” download. But, I did find some links.

Andi Anderson in a "Freak of cock" film is a girl who does not like black people. In the movie she is hypnotized in to lusting for the first black man she sees.

I found another film where a husband hires a doctor to hypnotize India Summer, his shiftless wife. But things go terribly wrong when the black mailman accidentally uses the trigger phrase.
I found another one.

Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 2 (Evil Angel)

Juliana gets hypnotized into loving 3 black cocks. They penetrate every hole imaginable!

Sorry no link.
I want a subliminal audio that I can tell my wife is to help her quit smoking, but is really a a black cock slut trainer

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