Interracial Music Video


Finally, our friend cornferry put out a new music video edit! I love his stuff. Gets me off over and over. This one is Nasty Girls. Not his best (I like his Prerogative because of the Britney Spears theme) but still hotter than most.
Yep. One of my favorites. He only publishes a new video every once in a while and doesn't get much love (comments) on the blog. I think we should encourage him to do more. I changed my mind about my favorite. It is Paint it Black with all the nice black cocks at the beginning.
Wow, great vid. That girl in the purple was super hot. Thanks for the post.

That's Jenna Haze. She is in the Black King one with Lex too. She is a really incredible whore. The kind that you don't care what or who she has done, you would still marry her. She takes it black really well.
I just joined NW, and I'm glad to see someone posted this link. I've been trying to push this guy's stuff on different IR blogs for years. I'll make a post, then get a ton of replies on the message board I posted it on, but there are never any increases in the comments on his blog. He's been considering quitting for awhile now, from what I hear. I really hope that anyone who visits the blog and enjoys it will take the time to let Cornferry know. Hopefully if he gets some love he'll stick around and keep putting out great stuff...

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