Just Don't Understand

A few months ago my wife and I took a cruise. I wrote how my wife had fucked a black man. Well, I thought that maybe it was just a one time thing or a fling while on vacation. However, my wife recently went to visit some family and while out she had problems with a tooth in her mouth. Her sister knew a dentist and she went to see him. My sister in law never liked him, said he was always flirting with her.

My wife tells me the dentist was black -- who ever heard of a black dentis. Anyway, the dentist comes in on his day off when the office is closed and no one is there but him and my wife and sister in law, who waits in the waiting room. My wife says she got two fillings fixed and no charge. Who ever heard of that. Every time I talked to her today all my wife says is how nice the dentist was. I know she fucked him.

I don't understand why I am not enough for her. I don't have some monster size dick but it not a small one either. What does she see in a black guy that I can't give her?
Private you shouldn’t take it as an affront to you, you should be loving and supportive be happy that your wife is getting the service she wants and needs. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. I’m proud to be a cuck, glad my wife is getting the best. You’ve been here a while, I believe (and you must as well) that Black men are sexually superior to white men (our woman do, once they have experienced Black). Support your wife help her find a Black lover locally, take pride in watching her grow as a woman.
Hi private, embrace what's happening. if you have already joined this site, i think you know the answers to your questions.
There's more to sex than just dick size, private. There are physical aspects, such as rhythm and stamina, where black men are superior to white men. And there are psychological aspects, such as confidence and assertiveness, where, again, black men are superior to white men. There's strong scientific evidence that many of these differences have a deep evolutionary basis. White guys need to realize that when it comes to sex, black men are our superiors. Our women, your wife included, are starting to realize this. If we can't adapt to it, we're in big trouble.
Sounds like your wife may have got more than two fillings. I think the important question is what other dental work do you & your wife need done?
deep down if you are honest you do understand. you've probably watched alot of black porn now and seen not just how big they are but how confident, assertive and dominant they are, how long they are and how well they fuck. black men are just superior. what woman wouldn't want that? it's only natural that your wife feels the need to serve them, women instinctively seek out superior males and blacks are superior.

that does't mean you have to miss out. again if you are honest while you have been watching all that black porn your eyes have been drawn to those big black cocks and you have though about what it would be like to suck and fuck them like your wife. well i'll tell you what it is like, submitting to a black man is amazing, the best feeling in the world. try it you will never be disappointed.

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