Just got blacked and all I can say is WOW

It's not my first encounter with a black man. I haven't had much experience with black cock but I am addicted for sure. Tonight I got a message from him on CL in reply to a post I had made. All he said was "still need dick". An hour later I was in his motel room on my knees before him with his semi hard black cock hanging in front of my lips. I kissed his cock head a few times, and then he slid into my mouth. I sucked him for a few minutes as he got hard. He had a beautiful body and his amazing cock grew to 8" and really fat at the head. Then he asked if I wanted his cock in my ass. I said, "yes please." I handed him a condom and lubed my ass. It felt so weird to be lubing his cock knowing I was getting it ready to have my ass. Then I got on my hands and knees in his bed. He said we had to be fast because his girlfriend would get off work in 45 minutes. He climbed up behind me on the bed and found his mark. It hurt for a few seconds as he started to slide in. Then the pain was gone and I just felt full. In and out he started to move and it felt amazing. I honestly don't know if the best feeling was the cock in my ass fucking me or the feeling that I was serving a black top who's cock was so wonderful that it deserved a warm wet hole to use and get off in. After several minutes he said I was going to make him cum. He tried to hold back and rest for a few but then finally he said fuck it I'm going to cum and started to really fuck me hard. I pushed my hips back and tried to milk him with my ass. I reached back and grabbed his ass to pull him into me harder and faster. Finally he yelled out and thrust in deep and let out a sigh. I knew time was limited but I really wanted to peel the condom off him and clean him up but there was no time. He told me he may be free again next Monday and I just wish it could be sooner.

I hope other white bois like me can know this great pleasure. I know a lot of stories on here are probably BS but this is all 100% true and happened less than 9 hours ago. Only 9 hours and I already wish I could feel him in my stretched hole again. I think I am falling hard for BBC.
that' it! that' the kind of sissy i like, not ones that are fantsysin alll the day and jerking alone on pix and videos.. go ahead asume ur self and serv ur black masters..ur story is so true, i can feel it dont worry, from a bbc slut to a bbc slut, i know what u mean ;) my god miss feeling comepletly Black filled, good luck with this BBC master..

Well that one didn't work out again. His girlfriend got suspicious and we got shut down. I have met a new BBC to serve though and we have met a few times. I love the way he gives it to me on my hands and knees.
Met up again tonight with my new BBC. About 2 hours ago now. I sucked him for awhile and he was hard and ready. He told me he wanted to fuck me so he put on a condom and I lubed him up. It felt so right to be on my knees rubbing lube on his big black cock so he could slide it up in me. I bent over on the edge of his bed and he fucked the hell out of me. The whole time I was thinking about how this man was making me his bitch. It just felt so good to let him pound me and use my ass for his pleasure. I can't wait to go back.
Sounds like you are living my fantasy. As far as I've gone is from watching IR then to getting a realistic black dildo. It's not a giant but definitely big enough including much thicker than me. It took me awhile to take that step but now I go crazy when I use it and it feels so good sliding in and out of me. The feeling of total submittal to a BBC and being turned into a black man's bitch is such a turn on.

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