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This is Kimber James. She was born a short, effeminate white boy who began transitioning at the age of 12, realising she wasn't cut out to be a man. Kimber loves submitting to black men, and In 2012 she underwent SRS, and here we can see a BBC breaking in her tight new pussy.
White boys, I want you to look at this knowing that not just do you want to be her, but that you could be her.

Here's a little trailer for you to enjoy.
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I have always been small and very feminine and I thought that I could put all those thoughts and desires behind me and could become a real man if I could find a woman to marry me.I did manage to find a woman to marry me but it didnt change the fact that deep down inside I was still a sissy who wanted to dress and act totally feminine. I fought those urges as long as I could and when the desire was too much to handle I feminized myself completely and it felt so wonderful . I dressed more and more secretly but was doing it more and more . My wife found some of my clothes and she began watching me . She realized that the clothes were my size so she figured that I was wearing them so one weekend she told me she knew my secret and I confessed everything to her.She made me totally feminize myself and when she saw how good I was at making myself into a female and how happy I was after she told me she wanted me to be happy and wanted to help me in any way she could. We are still married but I am living as a female and am totally feminized 24/7 . She has decided that if I am going to live as a female I cant have a penis so now I am locked in a permanent chastity device so I cant function sexually like a man ever again. Since I am unable to satisfy her sexually I let her date real men . Her newest Man is very dominant,not towards my wife but with me .I am so happy that I found such a kind and loving wife that loves me and wants me to be who I have always been inside .I love her so much as well as her new boyfriend ,,my Master and I willingly obey both their every order and love being their sissy slave more than anything .

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