Learning My Lessons



I’d always had a strong feminine side. Even as a child, I’d sometimes fantasize about being female.

I learned very early on to keep that to myself and I did well. In fact, I even over-compensated at times.

I grew up in an overwhelmingly white neighborhood and never had any problems interacting with others.

Maybe that’s why it came as such a shock to me when I went away to College and for the first time, dealt extensively with black men.

The first time a black man hit on me, I just rebuffed those advances figuring that he was just fishing around.

After the third and fourth time, however, I began to consider that something more drastic was in order.

I was resolved that the next time (IF there was a next time) that a black man came onto me, I’d confront him “man-to-man” and back him off.

Well, there indeed WAS a “next time” and it came within days of my resolution.

I’d attended a mixed party and talked with a number of people, male, female, black and white and got to playing chess with a black man named David.

David was about 6’3” about 250 pounds and very athletic. I stood about 5’9” about 170 pounds (soaking wet) and was fit from years of running long distance.

When we finished the chess game, which David won, he asked if I was heading back to the dorm. When I said yes, he answered, “I’ll head back that way with you.”

Sure enough, we hadn’t gotten half a block from the party and David said, “Damn! I’d really like to make a lady out of you.”

“Look!” I demanded, “I’m no queer and I you’ve got no business coming off on me like that.”

“I didn’t say you were a queer, but you put off a very strong feminine vibe and I just responded to it.”

“That’s nonsense,” I said, “I’d know if I did something like that.”

“Maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you think.”

I started to laugh...that was a mistake, as David took that to be a softening on my part and an opening for him. He leaned in and nuzzled up against me, pressing me back against the wall of the building we were near.

“Get off me,” I howled, “I’m not doing this.”

David stepped back, but looked even more determined than before, “I NEED this girl and you need it too so you need to give me and yourself a chance.”

“No way! Get outta here, I’m every bit as much a man as you are,” I sputtered.

“Really?” asked David mockingly, “We’ll see about that,” and with that he motioned for me to get into a car he’d just clicked open with his keyless entry.

“No way,” I protested, “this ain’t gonna happen!”

“Yes it is sugar,” leered David, I can tell you want this as much as I do.”

“How so?” I demanded, “You think I’m afraid to fight you?”

“Fight me?! Do you want to fight me?”

“Well no, not unless I have to.”

“Look you don’t want to fight me at all. You’re just nervous and I can tell you’re as curious as I am because you haven’t run away. You want me to be the man, and believe me sugar, that’s just what I’m going to be.”

I didn’t know what to say. I HADN’T run, but I thought I was being very clear, although I must admit, I certainly was curious about all this.

“Get in,” he demanded, and I found myself complying.

When I was in his car, he said “Good girl, you’re gonna do fine. We’ll go slow. We’ll take it at your pace.”

The drive back to the dorm was short, maybe a few minutes. David hadn’t said another word, just letting that last line sink in.

When he parked the car he said, “Look, when we get to my room, I want you to shower and shave your entire body – arms, underarms, chest, legs, OK?”

I couldn’t believe I was nodding my assent, but when he opened the door to his room, I made a bee line for his bathroom and began to shower...and shave my body hair.

When he heard the water stop running, he yelled, use the lotion I laid out for you and then put on that robe I put next to it.

I did as he said. The lotion had a very sweet smell. The robe was short, in a light pink, with a satin collar.

When I entered the main dorm room from the shower and dressing area, David was grinning widely.

He was also lying stark naked on the bed.

“That’s a good girl,” he cooed, “now come here by me.”

As I got closer, he moved sideways and I got a glimpse of his cock. It was at least nine inches, and it was very dark and looked very hard.

I froze in place.

David grinned again and said, “Don’t worry, I ain’t gonna hurt you sugar. At least not much.

I walked to the bed nervously and slid in beside David, who then wrapped me in a warm embrace and took control.

David began running his large hands all over my body, up under my robe, along my back and over my butt. “Mmmmm girl, I love that ass of yours,” he said. “Your body feels so soft and feminine, all shaved and lotioned like this,” he added.

Then he hugged me close and kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I could feel myself melting inside.

As he kissed me more passionately, he began moving his long middle finger along my anus and after a few strokes, he slid it inside of me, slowly.

I tried to squirm away, but I couldn’t break from his grip.

“Relax, baby,” he whispered, I’m just loosening you up a little.

We caressed for awhile longer and when he released me from his embrace, he was lying on his back, with his fully engorged cock pointing straight up in the air.

I smiled, as he nodded, then said, “Get to it girl.”

I blushed deeply but quickly knelt between his legs and began sliding his shaft in and out of my mouth. I kept working it in deeper and deeper as he moaned louder with each stroke.

“Look at me girl,” he demanded, “look into my eyes.” As I did, I saw David grinning from ear to ear. A moment later he came forcefully into my mouth, streaming down my throat, as I gulped to swallow it all, so I could take a breath. As it slid out of my mouth after cuming, it squirted again, another thick viscous stream that covered most of my face.

“Mmmmm,” purred David, admiring his handiwork, “Still think you’re as much a man as I am?”

I shook my head, my face beet red beneath a glaze of David’s cum.

“Yeah,” said David, “this is nice. You’re a real sweet lady. We’re gonna do this a lot from now on, only from here on in, when you come over here, I want you to dress like a lady for me. Understood?”

Again, I nodded my assent.

“Good, sugar. We’re gonna get along just fine.

I went to wipe my face so I could see a little better and David barked, “Down touch that! I want you to be proud to wear my cum.”

My hand froze, inches from my face, before I let it fall.

“Get up and walk across the room for me, girl,” he ordered and I stood up and began to walk. I was still beet red and so nervous, I could feel myself shaking.

David laughed easily and demanded, “Shake that ass, girl.”

I was too embarrassed to reply, but between my nervousness and David’s fingering my butt, I guess it was enough to make it seem like a switch.

As I approached him sitting on the bed, he nodded that I get onto the bed beside him. Yeah girl, get up there.

As I did, he came up behind me and positioned himself doggy style behind me.

He began fingering my soft, moist, pink ass and then began rubbing the head of his cock against it until it gradually slid inside me.

At first the pressure was so great, I tried to pull away, but he’d only push harder. Once he was inside though, it felt incredibly goooood!

I found myself just naturally rocking to his rhythm, as he drove into me deeper and harder.

“Yeah! You like that right girl.”

“MmmmmmHmmmm,” I moaned loudly.

“Good, cause you better get used to it, cause you’re gonna get it pretty regularly now. You like that?”

“Ye-ye-yesss,” I stammered.

David laughed again and said, “We’re gonna have to get you a girl’s name for when you’re with me, OK?”

“MmmmmHmmmm,” I moaned my assent again.

“How’s Denise? Yeah, I like that name. I’d like you to be my Denise, OK.”

I could barely stand it, I felt ready to explode and I could tell that he was ready to cum again too.

“Yesssss, I’ll be Denise,” I said.

“Gooo-“ he began to reply as he exploded deep inside me. I could feel a whoosh of hot, thick cum explode inside me and then I felt a deep and complete warmth envelop my entire body.

I relaxed fully and he came down on top of me, his member still inside me.
This kind of action is totally foreign to me, but I must say your openness to tell your story is a courageous one and I feel you deserve support. I wish you well.
Shame that because of that light pink type against a white background many of us can't read it.

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Shame that because of that light pink type against a white background many of us can't read it.



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