Looking for a specific video. Please Help!


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It's been quite a while since I've seen it. It was one of the hottest I've ever seen. This video was kind of a short documentary of interracial sex and how it has become prevalent. I assume some of the ideas in it were fictional, but I don't care. There were a lot of subliminal type images in it. They talked about some kind of drug that either African or Caribbean Black men sold naive white people, it had a euphoric but secretly made white men's penises shrivel up and made white women thicker in the buttocks and thighs, making it impossible for the white man to satisfy the white woman. It also gave the white woman a lust for black cock. I would really love to see this video again.. This time I won't lose it!
It's on this board, I think under the Aritists Lounge -> Video Editing. There are two of them now, the first called something like Chinazza or some similar spelling and the second is Chinazza Remix. I think these two fit your description. Another possibility may be "History of Cucks & Bulls" or something similar, "History of Bulls" or something like that, can't remember exactly. Good luck!
both the original and remix!!!! both very hot!!


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