My BBC man is a writer and I'm an artist!


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I wanted to share a story of mine the first time about my anxiety and also share a story he wrote. Information below...
Bear with me I'm not the best writer lol

We met at college.. We had classes together and he would talk to me and always wanted to touch my ass. He would say..Come on just let me feel it. I do have a pretty nice big ass for a white girl. I would tell him no and have to fight him off of me everyday I saw him. I secretly wanted him to feel more than just my ass but I was nervous. I had heard that black men are well endowed and thought he would be too big for me or something. I had horrible sex experiences prior to his advances. Also, I was having a fling with a woman at the time and felt bad about how bad I wanted to try him. Finally, one day I gave in and let him feel my ass. I was melting in his hands. The way he touched me was so wonderful and I was immediately wet. We decided to go out for dinner that night and we ended up having sex in the car because we couldn't wait any longer. I wanted his bbc so bad. I undid his pants and said WOW your cock is so big! His button up shirt smelled of fabric softener and traces of his desire to give me something I would never forget. He smiled and then assured me he would be gentle. I held my breath and took it all in and I never felt that good in my whole life. He made me cum so much I just got addicted. 6 years and cumming thousands and thousands of times later still enjoying it. He has ruined me for others!! I can't get enough of it! I worship that bbc.

Now he writes interracial sex stories and I do drawings for them and also other drawings. Not only good in the bedroom, we work together doing something we love doing.

"The Rent is Too Damn High" by Richard Schwarz
Inundated with expenses, it appears Carl will have to move in the near future to a cheaper apartment. When he goes to tell his landlady, he discovers he could have been working smarter not harder. They soon find out that the experience is more than either of them could have imagined. The only thing they can't figure out is what took them so long.

Download Link:

Cover art by: Leianya Lascivious (me)

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