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4 videos. please provide feedback or something you would like made
your videos are amazing! thanks for sharing! I would love to see white girls taking black cock up the ass, something they would never do for a little white boy. white girls getting spanking from those black daddies. and if you did them, I would love to see you work on a white sissy humiliation by black cocks video. thanks again!
Good Lord! These are amazing. I can tell that you have put some serious effort into these. I am a particular fan of the first one. I can imagine the sexy white lady's curiousity and then obsession growing as you start with pictures getting progressively more bold and then just when that chorus hits......ACTION. Like she cant hold it back anymore and regardless of what her hubby thinks or how she might really love him, the BBC just overwhelms her.

Cuckolding and BBC worship put to music like this with the build up ..PHENOMINAL!

And I nominate SIDMAN for music video of the year lol

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