My first bbc


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An account of my first bbc, hope it doesn't bore you,
With hubby having a part time job as a bouncer i was well enough known by the rest of the guys and the club management, One night the Damned were playing in the venue he covered they were a band i loved when i was younger, as an older band who just toured playing their old 80's hits the smaller venue was ideal for this band, anyway the ticket desk girl had once more pulled a sickie, as once more i had been spotted getting in for another freebie concert the manager asked if i could help out for a bit with the desk, i agreed missed the support bands which i didn't mind as i was having a great time time flirting with the customers and the Nigerian bouncer who was on desk duty also, the room was tight and my big boobs would brush against him now and again, damn girl he said those pups are barging me out the way again, what you moaning for you dont like breasts or the fact we both still have our tops on and you aint feeling them properly? i teased he playfully slapped my ass, after the show and a few staff drinks things were going well, i wanted to go home but hubby and the rest needed a beer and food, Tony the Nigerian wasn't going for any either and offered to walk me to the taxi rank, it was cold freezing cold with wind coming off the north sea, i was wearing just my corset dress so Tony opened his jacket and i cuddled in for warmth, my hand brushed his cock he remarked and i asked if he didn't like girls touching his cock, he said he loved it so i stroked it again, "do that once more and i will fuck your ass senseless", needless to say that i was stroking it again he touched my breasts and teased my nipples as i was wanking his cock, i slipped off my pants to give his finger better access as we petted in a shop doorway, we went up a side street were the tenements sheltered us from the wind, nothing and no one there except a parked up police car with the bobbies out on the beat somewhere, he took off his coat placed in on the police car bonnet( i think you call it the hood?) pushed me on to it and started fucking me slowly and tenderly building up into frenzied fucking, we both never lasted long, are you on the pill he grunted i wrapped a leg round him and pulled him in closer and kissed him deeply bucking on his cock like a wild bitch i felt his build up and came agian on his release, thats when i locked him in that position and said no, and all the while milking his cock for all i was worth, he was cocncerned i would get pregnant we found somewhere more secluded and i sucked him hard again and tiptoed on my feet hooking his cock with my pussy telling him to fuck me again and took my second load for the night, never got pregnant to a black guy yet but if i push my luck to much i know i will

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