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It was at the beginning or my second year at the university. Everything still a little new, but hey, we made it through the first year and thought we did pretty good. We were going out to a club, something we didn’t do too often, as we couldn’t really afford it – and we didn’t like the people in most clubs anyway. We still tried to be intellectuals after all ;)
We were sitting at a table in the back, my – kind of – boyfriend and Erika, the girl I lived with, two other girlfriends and three guys from one of our seminars. There was a black DJ doing really good grooves, we liked it, even though we were more into indie-stuff. But there weren’t too many clubs with American DJs and he did know what he was doing. When his term was over, he stood at the bar. Cool guy, quite big, but not this heavy-wheight-lifting type. I don’t know, probably I was staring at him, but he looked across the room, right at our table and started walking slowly in our direction. The others didn’t realize, only Erika, who was as exited and scared as I was. Then he stood right in front of our table. "What’s up?", he said. Hes voice was deep and we grinned foolishly. Only now the boys and the other girls noticed and looked up at him in awe. "Mind if I have a seat?", he said and was so damm cool. Erika and one of the boys tried to make some space for him, but he didn’t even see them. He looked at my boyfriend and said just one word: "Move." The guy, who was actually just a very dear friend of mine, at least in my opinion, protested and tried to get closer to me, so the DJ could sit on his other side. "What’s this now?", the DJ said, "are you a baby", and imitating a high pitched whining white boy’s voice, "no, this is my seat, I go and tell my Mom, and she’ll get ya." Everybody was laughing, and so finally the tall black man came to sit right next to me.
It was like electricity, when I felt the rough denim of his jeans – and the heat underneath – against my naked thigh. I was wearing one of my few miniskirts that night.
Strange thing: he didn’t talk to me. Not a single word, he didn’t even seem to notice me. Craig, as I had heard his name was, talked charmingly to all the guys, was a little flattering with Erika and the girls, told stories, made them laugh, made them exited as he was talking about a world, none of us knew. A tough world, where only the strong have a chance. And "get the pussy", as he said, what made Erika and the girls shriek in excitement – and the eyes of the boys sparkle.
This went on forever. As nobody cared about me, I was drinking too much. And started to get a little tired, dizzy – when I heard the first words, he said to me, and only to me, as his lips were close to my ear all of a sudden: "Spread your legs." It hit me like a slap in the face – and my cheeks were burning just like it really had been. Everybody else was still talking loudly about his last sexy story, nobody had heard his words. I wanted to leave right away and tried to get up. But Craig just put his left arm around my shoulders, pressing me down firmly into my seat: "Now, what about our little shy girl – what’ s her name again, yes Ayshe, thanks bro. Ayshe, what was your craziest sex-story? Everybody told one already – it’s your turn now." With my cheeks still glowing, I started to tell a rather harmless story about some elevator-kissing, but added a few, what I then thought to be, explicit details. I was so happy to be in the party again. And I wanted to impress Craig...

I managed to get some good laughs, Erika even had tears in her eyes, when I ended. I felt happy and warm – I had almost forgotten Craigs words and his heavy arm that wouldn’t let me go.
It was then, when I felt his left hand right between my legs. His touch hit me like an electric shock, my spine straightened to the max, pushing my breasts forward against the garment of my blouse. I pressed my thighs together as fiercely as I could, but his hand had pushed a trigger, which started slow waves of soft pain spreading from my groin up to my belly, I felt heat building up, and the skin of my inner thighs getting so sensitive, that my pressing increased the heat, this tension, that grew, till it was no pain anymore … When he whispered in my ear: "Spread your legs", I could feel his breath in my neck, causing goosepumps and sparms of electricity in my nipples.
I had to move my thighs apart just a little bit, just so they wouldn’t touch anymore. This was the moment, when he slipped his hand into my skirt quickly, getting his long fingers right at my vulva. He pushed my panties aside. "Mmh, I like my bitches clean shaven", he whispered. I was utterly embarrassed, being a Muslima, I started removing all my bodyhair at an early age, which caused lots of sneering from my classmates in school when showering after sports. And I was still selfconscious about it. This and just hearing the word bitch, brought another heatwave over me. Never had a man called me a name like that before. Maybe I gave in for another inch, I don’t know, but Craig started playing me. And he knew how to do this too. Pressing the right spot, stroking my outer lips softly, then pinching them all of a sudden. "Now", he said in a hoarse voice, so close, that I thought he was inside me, "I won’t say that again, bitch. Spread…", stroking, pinching, one finger f...d its way in between my swollen lips, "Your…" he could feel that I was wet, and made good use of it, „Legs." By the time he was finished, my knees were well apart like a cowboy's sipping on his whisky in a Saloon.

"Oh my god - what am I doing here", I thought and indeed it seemed as if I was thinking for the first time this evening. Before I had been all emotions, fear, when the man was approaching after he found out, I was staring at him, disturbance, when he ignored me, shock, when he started playing with me, excitement, when he smiled at my little story and, yes, I had to admit, lust, when he touched me. Nobody had noticed so far, I was still the smart, witty student with her peers, more or less respected, just a normal girl, even if one lucky enough to look better than a dustpin. But now I felt that I was about to cross a boarder, which wouldn't allow retreat. Just like when I climbed up on the 10-yards-diving-tower when I was still a child. I was looking down then, the blue water miles away, knowing, that it took just one step and I'd be free falling, with no chance to change my mind anymore. I didn't take this step then, I climbed down shamefully, hiding from my laughin friends.

And now? I could almost feel the dampy air rising up, from between my legs, smelling like pure sex. "You can do better than that", Craig said louder as he had moved his lips away from my ear. So loud, that I was afraid the others could hear it. But no one listened. I was all alone. And now?

Finally I did spread my legs as wide as I could, to give him convenient access to wherever he would choose to send his teasing, thrilling, strong and smooth fingers to. I could still see my friends, my familiar company, but I was far away by then, couldn’t even hear a word they were saying, just the rush of blood in my ears, and this deep voice, "Spread", "Bitch", "Cunt". And then: "Move your ass, slut." Louder than ever. I saw Erika look in his direction first, then her eyes were following his arm, and she was staring at me. But I was beyond this invisible line, we're always told not to cross, and started riding his fingers, slowly first, my hips circling, then faster. Soon the others watched me too. My boyfriend stood up, I think he called my name, wanted me to leave with him, but I couldn’t talk, my mouth was completely dry, all my body-fluids seemed to have gone directly between my legs, my panties, even my thighs were dripping wet by now. Just before he left, I came in a moaning, groaning, animallike orgasm. Two of the girls also left, disgusted.

I felt ashamed, wanted to cry, but still couldn’t stop, Craig’s fingers deep inside me, caressing, then pumping again, spreading me wide, making me gasp and sigh. Erika had stayed and was looking as fascinated as the three remaining boys. And it seemed to go on for hours...
"Now bitch. Time to show your friends, what kinda slut you are. Get up. "Slowly, as my legs wouldn’t follow right away, but without hesitating, I obeyed. His hand was still between my thighs, but soothing now, comforting. He seemed to know, that any fast move, the slightest penetration would have f...d my knees to give in and send me to the ground. But he just held my pussy and it seemed to me, that his hand was the only thing that still held me upright, almost like a glove puppet. And at the same time, this hand was my only friend, who saved me from the sneering disgust of my classmates. I didn't know then, Craig had a much more terrible plan...

to be continued.
“Okay baby, now show them, what kinda a slut you are. I'm sure your college-friends wanna see how much fun you had, when I petted your puss just a little. Turn around.” The world seemed to circle incredibly fast, leaving me behind all alone in disgrace. “Please”, I whimpered, putting my hands down, trying to hide that the back of my skirt was completely soaked. “Shut up bitch. Turn around and put your hands away, so your friends can have a good look.” Slowly like the dancing figures on old clocks, I turned around. Holding my hands in front of my eyes. “See”, Craig said, “this slut loves it. Or do you think this is pee, we see here? Hey bro, get closer, have a smell. Now does this smell like pee?” – „No way“, I heard one of the boys scream and aplauding, with the others joining in and whistling and cheering. “ So slut: Did you pee on yourself?” I was shaking my head. “Can’t hear you”, Craig mocked. „No“, I said as firmly as I could. „Then what happened to you just before?“ I closed my eyes. “Tell me bitch: What. Happened. To. You. Just. Before.“ – „I came“, I whispered. „Louder, your friends can't hear you!“ – „I came“, I almost shouted. „Well then - isn't it time to say thank you?“, Craig asked. Don't ask me, why I haven't just packed my stuff and left. I was so embarrassed, my body trembled and started to shake, tears were running down my cheeks. „Thank You”, I blubbered out.
"You're welcome", was Craig's cheerful response, laughing out loud, clapping his hands, letting me stand there like a schoolgirl in the corner. Then, much softer all of a sudden: "Come over here, baby." Just the word baby, spoken from Craig, ment for me, only for me - made me almost forget my awkward situation. I turned around, focussing only on Craig, looking at him, so beautiful and strong. I did feel something like hapiness, rushing through my body in a soft, warm wave. "Yeah, that's right baby, that's my little fatassed white bitch", he said, smiling and patting my behind, as I got closer. Still looking at him, trapped like the mouse by the site of the snake, his rough words made me glow with heat - and even pride. "What a sexy little bitch she is, isn't she", Craig asked the remaining group of my friends, making me smile foolishly of joy, as if one of my professors hat just called me his most brillant student in front of the whole class.

This moment only lasted for a second or two though, as Craig still had an ordeal for me this night, that was much more demanding. "On your knees", he said. What a short sentence. What a simple command. Craig said it without aggression, but an amount of natural authority, that made it something you just do not discuss. This little sentence hit me right in my belly, where it started to glow like some fusion-energy-cell and sent rushes of heatwaves up to my head - and down to my loins. My knees just gave in, ignoring the squeaky "no", that my brain was able to send down.

Kneeling between his legs, his crotch was so strikingly dominating my visual field, that my trembling fingers started to fumble for entrance so eagerly that my brains would have felt ashamed for them, if shame still had been a known variable to it. After some seconds, that seemed like an eternity to me, I managed to pull the zipper of his pants down and open the white shorts underneath. And there it was, his divine cock, that would become the center of my universe for years to come. Which I didn't know back then. As well as I had no idea, that Craig has flattered my best friend Erika, even got her telephone number, before working on me. What either makes me a second quality girl, or turns everything that happened so far and most of the things, that were still to happen into one of the most ingenious and malicious plans in the history of seduction. I tend to go for the second solution, but maybe I'm just too conceited.

Craigs Cock was one of the most impressive things, I had seen so far. Long, dark, thick, with a massive purple tip. I couldn't turn my eyes away from it. And still, it was the next defeat for my once so proud feministic confidence. In fact, I felt utterly disappointed by my sexual attraction, as I had expected Craig's Cock to be fully aroused after all the petting before. Jumping at me like the Jack-in-the-box-dicks of the boyfriends I have had so far, who always had been thrilled to the max just because I had aloud them to touch me. No, Craigs Cock seemed completely relaxed. Not shrunk and wrinkled either, as I have seen them before too. It was so beautiful and smooth longer than my hand from wrist to fingertip and when I put my fingers around it as far as I could and lifted it, I was stunned by the weight of it. But it was just not as exited, as I had expected it to be.

I could feel Craigs Hand at the back of my head. He was pushing me forward softly, which he actually hadn't needed, because I could think of nothing else than taking this terrific thing in my mouth. I lifted it up a little more and let my tongue play around the tip, as soon as I was close enough. But Craig seemingly wasn't into tongue-teasing, pushing me forward further, making me kiss the soft mushroom-head, then part my lips an let it slide in, as far as I could. He didn't push any further, realizing that I hardly got enough air, breathing heavily through my nose. For a split second I started to panic, but as the pressure ceased, I delighted on the warm, tasty, living scepter in my mouth, that spread my lips apart. I let my tongue feel it's contures, caress it's edge all around, lubricating it, managing to get more and mor into my mouth. Finally, I could feel how it "woke up", swelling to an enormous size, carrying me away waves of lust and joy, being filled completely by my ruler. Nothing could happen to me now, nothing was of any importance - I was sucking the cock, I had meen made for.

Clasping my lips tightly around the thick shaft with it's bulging veins, going up and down, I desperately wanted Craig to come. I wanted to taste his semen, drink it, drown in it, have my mind swept away by it. I went down as far as I could, working the remaining shaft with one hand, while I fondled his huge balls with the other. "Cum, cum, cum", was all I could think of. Suddenly Craig shoved me back. "You are a hungry little cocksucker", he said bening down, his face only inches away from me. And, grinning: "But You still have a lot te learn, bitch - that's for sure. We'll take care of that later." Then he turned to the two remaining college-friends, who looked ridiculous with their little dicks in their hands. "And you boys“, he looked mean, „piss off – right away, I don’t wanna see you around no more.“ They hurridly ran away. "You stay here, till I come again babe”, he said quite softly, before he left.

I was crawling up on the staind red cushion of my seat again. It was like some hyperrealistic dream, I was able to feel every little detail of my body, the wetness that had soaked the skirt I was sitting on was part of me, alive, warm, I was floating on it, with his taste still in my mouth, in every corner of my mouth. I could feel my fingertips, like I had realized them for the very first time, the same fingers, that had stroked a cock in the middle of a club just a few minutes ago, my lips, that had been around him, tightly, I was so aware, so clear like never before, my nostrils, still remebered his smell, my belly, so soft now, so relaxed, it felt like my body was expanding, it filled the whole room, with its flashing red and blue lights, it was these lights, and all the people around, laughing, drinking, and it went beyond, floating on this warm, mystical sea, that was me, myself! I pressed my wet thighs against each other, and without further touching myself, I came in a massive orgasm, that almost sent me of my chair. So I sat there, on my slowly drying skirt, and must have had the silliest smile on my face, the world has seen in ages.

I must have waited for hours. Dreaming of this man who had called me bitch and cunt and baby. When I came back to reality, the big wet spot on my skirt was cold and stuck awkwardly to my ass. Me and one guy resting his head at the bar, were the only souls left in the club. And the waiter, who was constantly staring at me. He was a good looking blond Calvin-Klein-Model-type, whose looks would have made me nervous, just a few hours ago. But now he was, without me yet knowing the expression, just a boi. Nothing to think about. I left. My skirt was hard as wood, glued to my butt.

Outside in the rain, I was feeling lonely. But then again shaking my head, smiling even about this crazy adventure, I just had gone through. "Now this is something, Erika and I will have to chatter about a lot of nights. With a lot of bottles of wine", I thought as I walked the dark streets to our apartment. But my head-shaking wouldn't get Craig out of my mind, and my smiling wasn't as ironically aloof, as I ment it to be, because it was linked to the sensations caused by his fingers deep in my pussie, and the feeling of his beautiful cock in my mouth...
to be continued
That is a dick-stiffening story, Ayshe. And I suppose pussy-wettening for the ladies.

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