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hi everyone,

for me, the best method to transform a virgin into a black cock slut is very simple,
it needs time, different steps, but nothing about ipnosis or subliminal messages

first of all: with ipnosis you cannot transform a person. A person into ipnosis will do only something that it's natural for her,
she cannot become a toy or a doll in your hands.
you also cannot introduce any keywords in her mind that transform her into a black cock slut,
and you cannot use any subliminal message while she is sleeping.

they method that really works need love

if your woman loves you, she will do everything you want,
but...this make sense only if you also love her.
That make all the situation really hot.


(please note that I really used this method with a real virgin girlfriend)
if she really loves you she will say "YES" to everything, but don't push her too much, or you will lose her into seconds,
you should understand when it's time to use every step,
I used this method with her into a full year...not in a single week.

have sex with her, show her how much you love her

start introduce some little kinky stuff into your sexual relationship,
you can do this:
ask her to take off panties into a sexy way
ask her to suck her fingers
give to her your fingers to suck, before sex, and during sex
(this is very normal)

repeat step2 saying these words
do it for me how slut you are
do it for me how you suck cocks

repeat step2 with some "guests", example:
ask her to take of panties in a sexy windows's tends, and say to her that some perverts are watching her from outside.
when she is naked and showing her pussy/ass to the window, say to her that perverts are masturbating themselves watching her naked.

ask her to suck her/your show to perverts that she is a good cock sucker

watch a porn movie with her, just a normal porn...
and repeat Step2

repeat step3 with a modification
"show me how you suck BIG COCKS"

repeat step3 with a modification...
give to her to suck one of your fingers WHILE YOU ARE FUCKING HER"
saying this..."show me how your suck this BIG BLACK COCK
saying more..."you like big black cock, isn't?"

watch an interracial movie with her
and repeat step7

give to her to suck 2 of your fingers, one at her right, one at her left,
one after one
say to her: "this is BLACK, which one do you prefer? black or white?"
(here my girlfriend start to go crazy...she starts to suck my "black" finger like a slut)
say to her to masturbate the white cock while she is sucking very well the black...
say to her that the black cock is cuming...
(this part was unbelievable, my girlfriend keep masturbating the white and black cock,
and she opened her mouth to receive the black cum)

repeat the step9, but now.....not more fingers...
replace fingers with dildos...
one white and one black...the black must be a little big bigger that white (easy)
ask her to do everything like step9, and remember, your cock must be always in her pussy, and you have to fuck her,
in this way she will say YES to everything.

repeat step10, but with 2 black dildos (better with "windy wall"? )
your will be the only white cock she will take from now

it's time to make some complications to your relationship....
now it's time to put black dildos into her pussy too,
let her feel the black dildo inside...

let her ride the dildo...let her take it doggy,
put it inside her with your hands

now, blindfold her
and put one dildo into the wall......
let her take it a real cock.
go in front of her,....give her your cock to suck
and one black dildo at your right, and one at your left...
(my girlfriend was taking the black dildo doggy, my cock in mouth, and she was masturbating both black dildos with bith hands at the same time)
she is blindfolded, so you can start making pics :)

repeat step13, but now she can see everything,
you are still making pics

repeat step14
but leave her play with black dildos only,
you can make pics...saying to her what a great black cock slut she is...
that she is made for black cocks, that she is made for 3 black cocks
...spread her ass and watching the black dildo go inside the incredible wet white pussy.
cum over her

you can drive her into the real thing...

find the right guy!

she is ready to take a real black cock,
and she is ready to be watched by you.
(my girlfriend gave me such a great show)

now, I go out with this girlfriend sometime...
and believe me...
when she see a black man...
...I can see her watching him...thinking to her big black cock...
and thinking to fuck him while I watch her...

Do you like my method?

That was terrific, I love how you used white and black "cocks" and let her decide which one turned her on the most. Soon I plan on buying a black dildo with my girlfriend so we can try simulating a threesome.
Very similar to how it went for us, but I think we both transformed along the way. We started with MMF, then just me watching, then me never watching to having to BEG to watch her with her lovers, to now being in chastity and LOVING being her cuckold.


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