My sexy hotwife UK


Mid 40's couple
Hi to all the well endowed black guys in the London and Kent area, we are a mid 40's couple who had talked about this scenario for years. Last year we made it a reality and she has experienced the same black cok on a few occasions. She has surprised me at how easily she took to it and how much she enjoyed it and was a complete slut.

We are possibly looking for some new adventures so if you would like to know more and maybe sample this hot white wife then get in touch.

Trying to add photo's, bear with me, new to this and not technologically advanced! Ok, I've uploaded some images onto the postimage facility, how do I now attach them to this post?

If you want to post all pics go to the bottom of the gallery page (or the page you just uploaded to) and there is a list of codes. You should be able to just use the copy to clipboard button & paste this into the post. It should post thumbnails with links to the full size pics. Try the preview button on the post to see if it works correctly before posting. If things don't look right there are some options in the codes block on the Postimage page, set to 'Codes for all images" & "Forum BBCode (1)"

If you just want to post individual pics below the pic there should be a "show codes' link, In this link if you copy the "Thumbnail for Forums (1)" into the post you should get a thumbnail with a link to the picture, if you copy the "Hotlink for Forums (1)" into the post you should get the full picture embedded into the post.

A thumbnail link should look like the code below except all parenthesis ( ) would be replaced with brackets [ ]

Link Removed

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