My Story Part 2.


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Part 2.

Moving in with your man involves more than sex. I was used to my mother doing it all, and doing the cooking. Luckily for me, she was happy to come round to help me sort out domestic jobs, and find out how to drive the washing machine. I also got cooking lessons!

Daddies’ parents come over to help me, and Pops was a real character that made me smile with his sharp wit and humour. His wife was a really nice person, who smiled constantly and helped me without making me feel a fool. She never talked-down to me; on the contrary she chatted to me, telling me about her son and his unhappy marriage. She really disliked her former daughter in law, but she avoided saying anything against her. The ex-wife is a black woman who considered her husband as someone to make money to keep her in nice clothes and a smart car. She makes me feel like piece of trash and gives me her unwanted opinion of me every time we meet.

Pop was my biggest supporter as he made complimentary comments to me and he liked to pat my ass every chance he had. I really liked Pop and enjoyed his hugs and kisses. I hoped he would go further, but he never did.

‘I want to ask you something babe’, as Daddy came to me in our kitchen where I was preparing food. ‘Pops likes you a lot and I would like you to take good care of him… what do you think’? I knew what he meant because he had told me that sharing women was a common practice in black culture. I smiled and said ‘yes okay’, and Daddy smiled broadly. ‘I will let him know’, and minutes later, I heard Daddy talking on the phone. I felt very excited at the prospect but said nothing about it.

Pops is virtually retired but he does help Daddy fairly often and his experience in building makes him a real asset. Daddy was working Saturday morning, so he told me that Pops would be calling at about nine o’clock.

I wore a red miniskirt, black stockings and garter belt whose straps could ne seen below my skirt with my stocking tops on show. Just a white blouse and no underwear. High heels in red, and I was ready for my guest.

When my doorbell rang, Pops entered holding flowers for me! This is typical of the man; he is a sweetheart. I put his gift in a vase in my kitchen as he watched me. He said he loved my legs and when I turned round, we locked in a kiss. He used lots of tongue and had his big hands on my ass. Pops lifted me to park my ass on the work top, where he fingered my pussy and used his thumb on my clit. I soon got creamy, and that made him bend to lick me and finger me.

He led me to my bedroom, where he sat on the bed, and he told me to walk round the room so he could watch me. As I walked, I lifted my skirt, stopped and bent over close to him. Pops stood, and started to strip, showing his slight belly bulge and his incredibly thick dick starting to firm up. I knelt before him and started to lick his cock watching his skin sliding off his cockhead. His ball sack was incredibly long but as I licked his cock it shortened with his big nuts coming to the base of his cock. I discovered that he liked me to insert my tongue tip into his eye and saw it. That got his attention.

He used my hair to pull me up to be put on my back in bed. Pops stood watching me legs open wide bent at my knees. He rubbed his dick slowly but made no move to mount me. I really needed cock and he was making me wait. I held out my arms to him as a gesture of submission and real need on my part. He smiled, as me knew he had got the upper hand. Damn, it was so frustrating to be there, legs open and no movement from Pops.

When he did kneel between my spread legs, his big hands on my knees, I stretched out my hand to get hold of his tool which had a bead of precum on its eye, and I used my thumb to run his lube on his dick head. He made me ask for cock and say please as well before me settled over me and let me put his cock in my creamy flower. I then had to ask him to drive it home, and finally he pushed it home.

He drove me crazy for over an hour. Try what I may he did not come although I used my cunt muscles to squeeze his cock over and over. I have to ask him to come, and he kept saying to me: ‘I can’t hear you’! What staying power.

When he came, his swish of come arrived deep inside me and I felt it. We both lay on the bed spent. Pops said my cunt felt so welcoming to him and he had loved being inside me. I said that my pink crested chest and red faced look said everything about how I felt. Pops said some wonderful things about me and I was thrilled to hear his compliments. This was new to me as none of my white lovers had said anything like that to me. I also had respect from a much older and experienced man. I felt proud and very pleased.

I have regular sex with Pops and I am very fond of him. Every time he comes here he brings me a present. I ask him not to, but he takes no notice. I am taken to town by Pop to buy clothes, and that often includes garter belts. He comes into my changing room to pass comments. The sales assistants give us odd glances if they see us emerge together, but he is totally unconcerned. I always walk out wearing what he buys and we have occasionally got into it in the car park afterwards. Pops loves me in garter belts with a long wide drop that looks like a micro-miniskirt.

Mother joins in.

My mother – lets call her M. had me age 16. My dad stood by her and he is a really great dad. I am close to them both but especially M. She is fun and had a ready smile. When she met Daddy Carl she seemed to like him – an easy thing to do – so she became a regular visitor to our place sometimes accompanied with Dad – lets call him A. Daddy Carl soon took liberties with M, like ass patting her and giving her squeezes! She never did anything to encourage him but neither did she tell him to stop either.

Daddy asked me whether she would be like to join in, and I said I didn’t know. Daddy’s way of asking such a question was to greet her at the door when she called here just before Christmas 2010, and give her a kiss on the lips. I watched from a distance as he had he held her close and kissed her on the lips. Her response did not include a slapped face, so he progressed to tongue and she let him put it in her mouth. She relaxed visibly even after he started pumping her ass. M was on tiptoes as I would be and obviously enjoying the action. I took a big chance when I joined them, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to her ankles. She never missed a beat as she stepped out of them, and I took them away. M ended back to the wall, her skirt hoisted, and Daddy fingered her pussy and her clit.

M ended up on the bed still dressed, legs apart with Daddy on top of her. I helped Daddy open his pants, and I pulled them off. I took his cock and put it into mum’s pussy. I left them to it, standing in the doorway to watch them. I had to rub off watching them. M soon had her legs round his body making a lot of noise and plainly enjoying it. When I came back later Daddy had M face down, his knees each side of her ass driving his cock into M’s cunt. She was still fully dressed with her skirt up round her middle.

When they came downstairs I gave M a big hug and whispered well done mum. ‘Did you mind Jill’ and I said I was fine with her making love with Daddy. Sharing with Pops and seeing that Daddy was fine with it made me realise that jealousy is pointless as Daddy was free in his mind letting his father make love to me. This is the way many black people live and love, and I feel fine with it as well.

Pops soon joined in with M. At his suggestion we had a ceremony for M. She came here; I got her into white garter belt and white stockings, and took her to the men in our bedroom. I put both men’s cock into her pussy when they mounted her. It felt symbolic when I gave M to our men, and later on, I helped her into black garter and stockings. This openness brought us closer together, and it has improved our relationship since Christmas.

In part three, I will cover dad being a spectator as we all have sex.
Awesome story, very hot. I've been with a couple of daughters and then their moms, but never had them together. Can't wait to hear more from you Jill
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