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I everyone!

I´m writing because i just don´t know what to do now about my girlfriend. I´m trying to convince her to experiment some black cock and i dont know how to do the nex step and i hope anyone with the experience teach me how to do it...

I´ve already said to her that i would like her to do it with a black man and she reacted good but didnt gave me many hope in actually doing it. I slowly introduced the theme in our sex life and she reacted good, and it shows that the fantasy turns her on... this was my first step... telling her constantly that it would be nice to do it... my second step was to buy a black dildo and introduce it to our sex life, by the same time that i showed her some ir porn... she also reacted good for my expectations and i can see that the ir turns her on and she frequently asked for the black dildo... the next step was to talk about that when she is not turned on and, also, it went well... she nowadays admits that fucking a black man turns her on... but i think i´m stuck! I dont know what to do for now... everytime i try to talk more seriously about doing it she comes with excuses like... "What if i like the black man and let you?" Or... "I will never have another man than you..." and so on... but the same way, sometimes she really thinks about it like someday i was talking about it and telling that we would invite someone to our home and she responded me: "We will never do it in our home" I interpret this like... she is really thinking about that but theres something that blocks her to do it... I´ve already thinked in million things i could do to take the next step, but i dont know whats the best thing to do for now... i´ve thinked about:

- Invite someone home for dinner with the excuse that its one friend from work, and see how it would do;
- Take her to a "black disco" to see how she reacts;
- Really talk to her and say that i need to do it and she has to do it for our hapiness (This is the hard way);
- Continue to insist in conversation hoping that one day she will decide to do it;

If anyone can help me with an opinion, i´ll apreciate.
I will keep upgrading my steps and story....

I'd say this is your best option. You've told her what you want. Continue to let her know it's what you want. Then let her decide whether she's going to give it to you.

MrMoonlight6 said:
- Continue to insist in conversation hoping that one day she will decide to do it;
Go slow my friend. If you keep pushing her, she might freak and pull back all together. I am in the same boat as you with my wife.
Thank you all for the replies!

I´ll keep updating my evolutions...

I now have something in my head... She allways liked of sexual stories... What do you think if i write some with her fucking black guys? Maybe it will help her to fantasize more...
Download the PDF help file 2nd pinned thread on this section of the forum

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Your idea of stories is good if you can put that imagination into using it in the ways described on the PDF

These methods work very successfully and are offering many who had felt they couldn't advance any further changing their approach now taking wives and girlfriends to reaching sexual fulfilment

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