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My wife and I have been married for twenty yrs she is a slim and attractive woman who is always getting propositioned by the opposite sex, which although I find it flattering it can also get a bit annoying.
sometimes we would argue but she would say it was being silly and jealous and that her friends should be able to joke around with her without me getting upset all the time.
One night she came home and said she had a remedy for my arguing and jealousy.
She pulled out a box of pills, oestrogen pills she proudly announced!
What I said in disbelief! Yes she said it will take away your aggressiveness and give me more control of our relationship.
It’s the only way,I’m sick of your jealousy crap, oh and you will wear these at all times and threw me a pair of pink see through panties and nightie.
Not only will you become more submissive but your dick will start to shrink, so you may as well put it in panties where it belongs.
I doubt you will be so aggressive if you know everyone in the room has a bigger dick than you .
“You can’t be serious “I said, isn’t there another way?
I could start going out on my own whilst you sit at home while you wonder what I’m doing!
“No this is the only way”.
Every night before bed you will get changed into your nightie and panties, all your male underwear is to go.
And so it started, I took my pills and wore my panties.
It wasn’t long that I noticed that my penis was not only getting smaller but becoming erect less frequently.
“That’s just a temporary side effect” my wife would say.
One night while my wife and I were sitting around watching TV there was a knock on our front door,
I got up and went to see who it could be at this time of night.
There to my surprise was my wife’s childhood friend Sue, “HI Sue what’s up “.
Is Serena in? “She asked,
Oh this is my friend Rick, out of the shadows stepped a tall good looking muscular young man about 6”4’ tall. ‘This is Serena’s husband ‘she said, he reached out and shook my hand nearly breaking every bone in it.
“Pleased to meet you “he said, Sue has told me a lot about you.”All good I hope! I said not quite knowing what to make of that remark!
Hmmm- yeah! Was all he said and they both proceeded to brush past me and walk in the house like they owned it.
They made their way into the formal lounge where she introduced Rick to my wife.
Instead of shaking hands, they hugged like long lost friends, “your even prettier than Sue promised “he said to her and made her start to blush.
“PROMISED “what the fuck I thought”
Darling would you be a little sweetie and get us all a drink please, my wife said as they both settled down on the couch next to each other. I’ll help! Said sue and came down to the kitchen with me.
When we got there she said, what do you think of Rick? Isn’t he a hunk?
Didn’t notice I said. You didn’t notice his good looks, tall muscular body, and massive arms? Yeah right!
Well I’ll tell you something else you didn’t notice he is very, very, very well hung and can fuck all night.
Well I’m happy for you I said being sarcastic. Don’t be happy for me be happy for Serena,” why do you think I brought him over” she said.
You know there are no secrets between us and we have always shared everything since we were little girls.
I didn’t like where this was heading. She has told me all about your panty wearing and how the female hormones you are taking has shrunk your little dick to the size of a ten year old boy and how you can’t get hard any more.
My knees went weak I felt sick and had to grab hold of the bench to steady myself.
How could she do this to me I thought.
Well don’t worry I’m here to help!
“From tonight onwards Rick and Serena are going to get to know each other a lot better, if you know what I mean “she said with an evil grin.
Why are you doing this I said?
She needs a man a real man not a sissy! she can have a female lover anytime she wants, she is a normal healthy highly sexed attractive woman in her prime. “She needs cock”. And lots of it by the sound of her frustrated conversation the other day “she said.
I was stunned by what I was hearing, we took the drinks back into the lounge and they were both already kissing and cuddling on the couch her arms were around his neck as he ran his hand up and down the inside of her thigh getting higher with every sweep until he was lightly brushing her pussy through her panties which now had a big wet patch forming in the crotch.
“Oh thanks darling “she said breaking away from his embrace just long enough to take her drink.
“Why don’t you go and get changed like a good little sweetie and get ready for bed “she said.”The spare bed “At that they all laughed!
When you’ve changed come back down and give me a kiss good night.
My knees went weak again, not only had she told them i was cross-dressing little sissy she was now going to make me parade around in front of them.
Y’Yes dear I said and went down to the room to change.
I slipped on the pink see through negligee / pink see through panties and pink fluffy slippers and made my way back down to the lounge.
When I got back, Sue was rubbing her cunt furiously through her panties as she watched Rick violate my beutiful wife with three fingers buried deep in her married wet cunt, she was groaning and thrusting against his hand as they continued their passionate embrace.
I could tell she had just been brought to orgasm as his fingers sloshed around her nether regions.
Ahmm! I said making my presence know .Oh sissy is back said sue my don’t you look cute “
Rick started to laugh, Holy shit I see what you mean Sue,” He really is pathetic”.
Come and give me kiss darling then go and get into bed” Sue will be down soon to tuck you in my wife said.
Yes dear I said deeply humiliated and embarrassed by my exposure as a panty wearing wimp.
Oh be a sweety before you go? She said-yes dear?Ii replied ,come over here and get on uyuor knees for me.
I didnt like where this was going but did as I was asked.
Be a little sweetie and Pull Ricks shorts of for me will you ?
He stood up in front of me and said “hurry up wimp”I reached my hand under the elastic and slid his boxer down his thighs as i got past his semi hard cock it sprang up and hit me in the face much to my horror.
They all laughed again and now get to bed sissy and have a good think about where that big fat cock is going again they all laughed.
With their laughter ringing in my ears, I turned and shuffled off in my slippers down to the spare room leaving my wife and friend alone with a handsome well hung sex god.
I lay there for about an hour listening to them out in the lounge.
It wasn’t long before I heard them shuffle past the door on the way to the MASTER bed room.
Then Sue came into my room, Hey Sissy! You still awake?
I’m going to keep you company; I left their door slightly open so you can hear them.
“I don’t want to hear “them I said.
No, you need to hear them she said, you need to hear your wife being pleasured by a real man, with that she slipped into bed next to me.
Now stop whining wimp so we can hear Rick working over your wife and taking her real virginity.
She slid her hand between by legs and into my panties and started tickling my shrunken balls with her fingernails.
It wasn’t long before my wife started to moan as her second orgasm slowly rose from her responsive lust filled body.
Then I heard him say “you ready for this?
Yes please give it to me fill me up with your beautiful cock. Ohhhhh! She cried, as he slid his superior meat deep into her married love hole.
Well sissy, that is that Sue said. She’s his now!
What do you mean I said, Listen to her, she is in heaven, once Rick gets his big cock head deep in your cunt you become instantly addicted, you can bet shell be disappearing a lot more often now. and you’ll probably start getting a lot more visitors.
Rick belongs to an athletics club and at least ten of his buddies are hung like him.
I’m sure he’ll be keen for Serena to meet them.
I felt sick as Rick started to move faster and faster with my wife constantly groaning and Cumming over and over on his magnificent cock until it sounded like one giant orgasm.
You just lost your wife sissy! said Sue.
Now lie back and listen to a real man in action!
She pulled down my panties and started to manipulate my little penis with her thumb and forefinger while she continued to tickle my ever tightening balls.
That’s it sissy listen to your new sex life, as I lay there listening to my wife I started to dribble pre cum onto sues fingers, oh you little slut that turns you on doesn’t it?
She raised her fingers to my mouth and made me lick my pre-cum up.
It turns you on to hear your wife getting fucked by a real man doesnt it sissy?
You are going to cum while you lay here and listen to your wife being fucked aren’t you sissy?
Say it” she demanded, yes Sue It turns me on to hear her being satisfied by a real man!
Well come on then, squirt your pathetic little load for me and prove it!
I rubbed my still soft clit between my two fingers a she tickled my tiny little balls.
“Oh listen to that “she said as my wife had another orgasm, I started to move my fingers faster using my pre cum for lubricant, I thrust my hips upward and had an uncontrollable orgasm.
That’s it sissy she said as she scooped up my cum as it dribbled down the side of my still soft penis.
isn’t it better relinquishing your husbandly duties for a real man to take care of she said thrusting her fingers back into my mouth.
Get used to the taste you’ll be eating a hell of a lot soon enough and laughed, now get down here and eat me wimp.
With that I lowered my head in between her thighs and ate her slut cunt until she fell asleep.
The rest of the night I lay there in my panties rubbing my little clit and listening to my wife cum till the early hours of the morning when they finally fell asleep.

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