New Orleans Snow Bunni

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To be a true black cock slut you are always to remember that you exist to service his sexual desires.

1) If a black man refers to you as a slut, whore or cunt it is a compliment and you are to say "Thank you".

2) When you are meeting a black man/men at his place, your place, privateparty or commercial swing club you are not to wear panties, bra or pantyhose in his presence, IT IS AN INSULT. Your pussy and tits are to alwa
ys be at his disposal.

3) If he wishes to fondle you, you will submit without complaint or resistance.

4) When sitting you will sit with legs apart to allow him easy access.

5) You will wear a skirt or dress if at all possible to allow him easy access.

6) You will undress, (or be undressed by him), at his desire without complaint or resistance.

7) It is an honor for you to suck a black man's cock, therefore the first time you suck his cock you do it on your knees and, you are expected to drink his cum and clean his cock and balls with your mouth. (Milk out the lastdrop). (If he chooses to cum in your pussy it is his choice, NOT YOURS.) If he cum's on yourface or body you must wipe it off with your finger and put it in your mouth, swallowing it. You are never to allow a black man's cum to hit thefloor/ground.

8) You are to be concerned with HIS pleasure, not yours. If he wisheshe maygrant you pleasure. (Always remember that servicing him IS your pleasure).

9) In a group setting you are forbidden to have sex with any manother than ablack man without their permission.

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