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so im a big fan of these compilations of chicks taking black dick but i always thought I could do better than most, so literally this morning I woke up and decided to take up video editing and make one myself. Mind you this is my VERY first video I have EVER made, so its a little rough, maybe if enough people like this i'll polish it with transitions and other stuff..enjoy and please give me feedback so I can improve

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Made a new one but I'm having trouble with Adobe premiere it keeps freezing, if anyone can find me a good version I'd appreciate it
I finally found a good version of Premiere CS3, so here it is guys..let me know if you like it, any improvements, enjoy ;)

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Well done!

One is named bbccomp2.

Is there a bbccomp1??

Any chance you'll be doing a "girls who say 'black'" compilation?
no bbccomp2, but i am working on a tranny bbc trainer :)..i'd be happy to do a "girls who say black" one but i dont have any videos like that

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