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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to this lifestyle and just recently found this site.
I've been looking at IR porn for years and just in the past several months started looking at some gay IR porn.

I'm not too sure how deep I want to go into this but lately I've been losing sleep over what it would be like to suck a bbc.

I'm white, 32yo, and conservative in appearance.

I'm just curious is there's any black men in or around the Orlando/Kissimmee area that would be interested in being my first?

I hope i'm not breaking any rules by posting my email.

Any black guys that are in the area and interested, hit me up at
Hi myersguy,

Just wanted to congratulate you on taking the first step! I am also a 32 year old white boi whose love of IR pornography has led to something deeper...a strong need to serve black men. I can assure you that once you have a taste of black cock, your desire will only grow stronger. I sucked a black guy off a few months ago, and now I've been consumed with the need to give up my boipussy to a superior black man.

I would suggest craigslist or adam4adam if you're looking for a hookup...there are a lot of people in the NW community, but it's sometimes tough to find individuals in your local area here.

Anyway, stay confident in your quest...but know that your desires may take you places you never thought you would go... ;)

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