NIGGAS RULE blog is BACK !!!


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that's ur destination for all things black and WHITE BITCH !

i have no clue how and why, but today my blog just reappeared -- after being deleted 6 weeks ago. i got a message from someone who posted a comment, and that's how i found out.

the entire blog is there....if u want me to continue, i'll pick up where i left off. as far as i'm concerned, there are never enough blogs devoted to niggers!

NIGGAS RULE !! that's why we want the niggers around!!

thanks, guys and ladies.

hope to see u there making comments....the comments fuel me to do better ;)

also hope the incredible niggers on this board will take a look at the blog and become a part of it. i like hearing from everybody, but i admit it's special to hear from a black.

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