Nip/Tuck Interracial Cuckolding Scene


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I thought this was pretty hot, let me know your opinion on this, thought it was really cool because it was on such a mainstream show.
BM/WF sexual relationships are all over the mainstream media now, but it's not often that you see anything with cuckolding. Great contribution. Thanks.
wow...that's a great scene...i bet that got a lot of white boy's beating their dicks - i know i did.
I loved this video, very hot. It also shows that the lifestyle is gaining wide acceptance from mainstream and even conventional sources. Eventually it will be accepted by every facet of society. These are the times we have always dreamed of.
I had this recorded on my DVR for the longest time... but I finally deleted it because my friends kept asking why I had a partial episode of Nip/Tuck recorded.
It was definitely hot... because I have had a thing for that white actress for awhile.

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