"NWO" Is it really what you want to see become reality?

NWO: reality, fantasy or something in between?

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Eat that frosted pussy whiteboy!
OK, I'd just like to say, that I think it's kind of silly to be honest. I think people of all races have advantages and disadvantages. I agree that more often than not, white women find the sex very potent and probably very often the most satisfying sexual experience most have had or will have. I think it is very natural for someone to be strongly attracted to interracial sex. I just don't believe that anyone in this world is superior or inferior.

I think it is kind of obvious that Asians and Asian culture has an edge with intellect (albeit slight). I think it is equally obvious that athletically and physically Blacks have an edge (actual scientific studies do suggest exactly that). I think we whites have a mix of traits but are sort of in the middle. Ultimately I think anyone, no matter their race has essentially equal potential. We are born with diverse traits and talents, but we are also all more alike than different, even if there are distinct differences.

It is also obvious to me that as far as conquest and a false belief in superiority that European and Caucasian peoples have led the way, though I think it is just as wrong as putting any other race "on top". We have certainly abused our powers down through the ages and it is wrong, no matter how you slice it. Racism, no matter who believes in it against whom, is just plain wrong and we must try to teach all our kids better if we wish to live in a better world for all..

I do believe that for genetic diversity that interracial reproduction is a good thing and makes the human race (of which we all, no matter what color are a part of), stronger and better. I have no shame that my wife is interested in this, and I like that she enjoys it. I find it a turn on as well, and I don't see a damn thing wrong with it. I am not however a wimp or subservient to anyone, and the decisions on who she sleeps with and the circumstances are something we feel we both should agree on. We still enjoy our own lovemaking, though I do feel that between the two of us, it is less about physical than emotional fulfillment .

I think it is common, healthy and natural for a white women to be attracted to black men and I think it should be celebrated and not looked at as taboo. I think the same is often true of white men and Asian women; there is an undeniable attraction, and I do believe as I already stated, that it is all ultimately good for our species.

I think though, that guys who want their daughters to engage in interracial sex to the point they would try and influence them to do it are a little bit sick. If I had a daughter I would teach her first that to herself she must be true and that she should never allow herself to be abused in any way. If she in fact came to the conclusion that she enjoyed interracial sex, I'd be happy for her and support her, but I would do the same whatever her choices. Personally I feel that as a father, a daughter's sex life, current or future is not his business. All we should be doing is teaching them right and wrong and supporting them no matter what choices (or even mistakes) they may make.

I am happy to hear others perspectives on this and while I may agree or disagree, i think dialogue, as long as civility and respect is maintained is always a positive thing.

As far as how it should be, you're right on the money.
As far as how it is, everyone's reality is subjective.

Now, let's return to our regularly scheduled fantasies! ;D

Thanks for raising this question femmeworshipper. It's been touched on in a number of threads and really deserves a thread of it's own. I'm not going to bang on about it, but post to links to items I've posted elsewhere. The first is to an article that discusses in excrutiating scientific detail the biological reasons why blacks dominate certain track events. The article no longer seems to be on the Web site where I found it, so I've pasted it into three posts on another forum here: <http://nworship.com/forum/index.php?topic=527.0>.

The second link is to a site where you can download an abridged version of J. Philippe Rushton's "Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective". Rushton amasses empirical data on a wide range of biological, psychological, and social indicators which show statistically significant ethnic variation. Moreover, he situates such variation in the context of natural selection. The differences are not "merely" social or cultural; they're based in divergent evolutionary histories: <http://www.charlesdarwinresearch.org/reb.html#History%20of%20Race,%20Evolution,%20and%20Behavior>.

On this basis, femmeworshipper, I'd have to take issue with your statement that we're all "roughly equal". What the data show is that there is significant variation among the races. But there is no race which is generally "superior" Each race has is strengths and weaknesses. The basic pattern is that the Asians and blacks usually fall at the extremes for any indicator, with whites falling somewhere in the middle. With regard to the topic of greatest interest to this forum--sex--it's clear from the data that blacks are superior. We've all thought that for a long time. Now there's real hard empirical evidence for. it.
Needs to say that I believe only in Black sexually dominated society. In all other aspects all people are equals.

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