One I've done

Awesome. I loved that pretty scene and then it Breaks into reality of that girl shooting the bird to her new hubby. Well I hope your not bored anymore cause that was awesome!. I kinda wish that it would go back and forth tho from the blissful wedding scenes to her cruelly cheating and mocking him behind his back.

link is not working right now.... hopefully deposit files just temp down....

if anyone has it could you please repost?

I thought I'd make another. This was a fun one.
AHHHHHH and I love these too. could you please use something ealse besides rapidshare and oron. And I f anyone else grabbed it could you please do the same? but thx for creating thsese cause I listen to the radio all the time now thinking of how and what clips and pics I would put in them hehe

keep it up
Yeah. I'd love to see that last one, but when I click on the link it says that the download limit has been reached.
download limit reached! Would love to see that one! thanks for the hard work! ;D maybe you can email it to requests?

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