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be a cuckold is a real passion,
impossible to resist
the day you decide to do this step, to give your wife to a black male, you will have an hotwife and at the same time you will accept your role as cuckold husband. ready to serve your wife and her lover during the fuck session.
filming and making photos so you can wank later as long as you want, cause probably your wife will not allow you to wank while she fucks.
you will taste this lifestyle and never change it, your job will be to contact new black guys for your wife, arrange the appointment, the motel, send them pictures of your wife to convince them is a very good deal.
you will pay for all fees and expenses to reach your target, sit and watch your wife fucked by a real man, a black male, and listen to her while she cum. wanking as crazy, filming and then share with other cuck hubbies you find online.
you will put your wife in competition with other slutwives to see who is the most slut.

these are just example of what you will see from your cuckold point of view.
thanks to other hubbies that share their experience.
this should convince you to do your final step.





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