PEople in PA?

I think this is probably from some little white boi who fantasizes this would happen to his mommy!

Mr Black Guy says:
02/21/2012 at 12:18 pm
Hello to all you white guys that their white wives are carring a black baby.
My goal is to get married woman pregnant…. I (we black men) want to stop white girls from having white babies. I go for the married women because I love knowing that this white girls love my black penis enough to risk everything to have it spraying my cum in her fertile baby hole. It blows my mind everytime I get to push my black penis into a white girl that is married and has the stretch marks from the last baby that came out of there. She knows what will happens when a guy cums in there but yet she still dose it. They all say the same thing, ” don’t cum in me I’m not on anything”. I always say the same thing to, “don’t worry baby, I know what I’m doing’. Then I think to myself “yes i know that I am going to cum in you as deep as I can”. I think that these married gils know that I am not going to pull out. I think that they are maybe looking for a way out of there marrages and this is what they need to go through with it. To date I have been able to get 8 married ladies pregnant. Three had abortions and five gave birth. Three are still married to there husbands and I pay child surport on 2 of them. I have been trying to get the18 year old daughter of one that i pay surport to pregnant. That will be the king concour for me it I am able. I am also working on giving a 46 year hottie and bulging belly. If i am able she will be the oldest women to carry my baby. So to all you married to a hottie guy. Keep treating your woman bad because I will make her feel good about cheating on you
Damochabreeder said:
Looking for people in my state and area Who's out here?


I'm in Emmaus like 5 minutes from the South Mall on Lehigh Street in Allentown if you know where that is!! I just registered on this forum and was only on for like 5 minutes when I saw your post from way back when and then I noticed your profile says you're in Bethlehem! We are like 10 minutes away from each other, Hun :)

bi bi,

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