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I thought I could not feel any worse humiliation than having Mike and his gang tie me up naked to this chair as my daughter's friend who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was made to strip first. I had little fantasies in my mind before when she came over to the house but this was not how I wanted this to go down as my skin was feeling like it was on fire when I could not keep my cock from growing hard in front of everybody by the time she was now fully exposed to everybody in the room.

I wanted to keep pleading with the guys that we could do anything besides this, but the thick tape over my mouth kept me from making more than just muffled screams as they made my daughter now slowly strip as well, Just as her panties were finally being pulled down a couple of the guys went over and grabbed her friend and got her over to be on her knees right in front of me, right at the same time Mike roughly got behind my daughter and bent her over chair in front of her. His huge black cock looked unreal next to her tiny frame as she squirmed around in a last ditch effort to avoid him but some of the other guys were already moved to almost surround her as they pulled on her hair so hard until she finally opened up her mouth to take in each of their cocks.

This had allowed Mike to use his huge hands to grip her hips and bring her pussy in line with his probing cock, I could hear the muffled noises start so loud from my daughter when he finally broke in. Her leg muscles were trembling as her panties were still just past her knees, Mike showed her no mercy as he rammed his cock as deep as could with every push, I could see the looks in the guys faces beside me as they grabbed the young girls hair in front of me and had her come up off the floor and had her to start sucking on my cock.

I had soften just a bit with what I just watched but as soon as I felt her warm mouth and her soft breasts rubbing up against my skin I could not stop from getting hard again. She just had her mouth on my cock for a little bit before the guys grabbed back ahold of her hair to get her head working up and down. I could see the tears streaming down her very red face as she kept her eyes tightly closed. I looked back over at the sight of my daughter being manhandled over in the corner still could keep me from cumming in this girls mouth as her face tensed up when I released so much cum.

By this time one of the guys had got behind her and had pulled her up off her knees. Each one of the other guys held her hands down on the chair as I felt her body trying to squirm around but it soon lunged forward violently when her pussy was finally pierced. My cock spilled out of her mouth along with some of my cum as her face winced every time he rammed his cock so hard from behind. The other guys soon started to rotate her head to get her mouth to take in their throbbing cocks as each of them rotated around the chair getting their chance to pound this poor girl but my eyes could also not help but to be filled with the sight of my daughter in the corner of the room now on the floor having her pussy and ass now filled at the same time....

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