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Marcus had just waited sitting beside me the entire time as I could only watch the throng of guys he had brought with him have their way with my wife. I could tell he had made sure to tell them before hand not to show any mercy as she pleaded with them there had to be something else we could do, but as

soon as the first huge black cock roughly shoved into her tiny pussy she was a crying mess. The chair they had brought up next to the bed had the direct line of sight to where I could only watch one giant black cock after another stretched her pussy until I thought she was going to be ripped open.

They gave her no time to adjust as the first few guys really had to work their muscles to get all of their cock working in and out of her opening, There was obvious blood mixed in with her juices when the first guy finally pulled out

of her pussy after hearing all the guys say he was hogging it all, I had never seen her pussy gapping open like that when the guy backed away from her body. Another guy quickly moved in to to in between her legs as the guys

holding her feet spread her legs the farthest apart yet. It had only been a few seconds but this guy still had to work to push past her already closing up hole. But once he was putting the full weight on his huge frame behind each shove

his balls were soon slapping up against her ass, the sound was so loud as close as I looked around at the smiling faces of all the guys looking down at the scene before them, but Marcus's face was stoic as each one the guys kept up the torrid pace.

I saw her ripped up blouse used to wipe down her pussy but after a few cumshots you could see the white foam start to form on the next cock working back and forth deep inside of her pussy. It was hours before the guy's finally

seemed to wear down after some of the guys had cummed two or three times. My wife was left lying on the bed just drenched with sweat when Marcus calmly got up and finally took off his clothes, when his cock popped out of his pants it

was amazingly the largest black cock I had seen tonight. I saw the condition of my wife's pussy as her legs were still spread apart even though nobody was holding them anymore. There was huge globs of pussy still seeping out as her hole was visibly pulsing.

I saw Marcus reach down on the floor and pick up her panties and wipe all over my wife's pussy, he even shoved it inside after wiping down the entire

pussy area. Once he was through he tossed them over to me and they landed in my lap, it was soaked as he picked up her limp body and placed her to be on her knees. His giant hands had to hold her hips to keep her upright as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her very wet slit, but instead of pushing past her opening he roughly pushed up against her asshole.

I had saw some of the guys fingering her asshole but nobody had fucked her there and it was in no way prepared to take something that looked like the end of a baseball bat now shoving up against it. I heard him spit down to her a few times as my wife started back with the loudest cries yet. he really grabbed

a hold of her asscheeks and spread them out as his full weight come down with every push. I could not believe it but it was not too long before I was seeing his cock plunge deeper in her ass with every stroke. My wife was screaming out so loud before one of the other guys must have shoved their cock inside of her

mouth because she now sounded muffled. His stamina lasted the longest yet before he finally slowed down much time later, and I did not want to see, when he started to back away from her body, what was going to be the damage...
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I could tell my wife was very upset with me, I had kept it shielded from her how much trouble I was in with Kevin but tonight he was not listening to any of my pleas that I would have the money by next week. The other guy he

had brought along with him had found my wife in our bedroom and planted her down on the couch right beside me as Kevin looked over my wife wearing nothing but her nightgown that I had some collateral worth one week.

My wife was so confused about what was going on and she kept asking me how these guys knew my name and what they were doing at our home. I

just stared at the floor as Kevin told her everything and what she was going to have to do tonight. My wife always had a smart mouth on her but she only got in a few sentences that she was not going to do nothing like what he was talking about.

That they needed to leave or she was calling the police. That was when the other guy standing right over her on the couch grabbed her hair and yanked her up and pulled her to be on her knees in front of Kevin. He leaned

down and whispered something in her ear that I could not make out, she stopped struggling so hard when both of these giant black guys stood up and

towered over her kneeling body. She looked up at them and I could see tears start forming in her eyes. Both guys were now already un-buckling their pants, and I could hear the audible gasp escape my wife when she saw their huge black cocks for the first time.

She immediately started shaking her head back and forth no as she said there was no way she was going to be able to handle that, but Kevin seemed to

give a very pissed off look as looked down and my wife just started pleading with him there had to be something else we could go. But the next thing I saw was the other guy pulling down my wife's nightgown shoulder straps to now expose her breasts.

He threw the gown over to my lap as she tried to cover her now totally exposed body but they quickly grabbed her arms to get her hands to grab ahold of their cocks. Her fingers could not even wrap all the around as she

looked up at him and he seemed to getting more agitated the longer she just sat there. Kevin next jammed his bulging cockhead right up against her mouth. She shook her head no a few times before the other guy yanked her hair the hardest yet.

They told her if she resists any more tonight that he would make good on what he told her. She slowly started working her hands up and down each cock when she finally opened up her mouth to let in the giant cock. Her jaw

struggled to open up wide enough to keep up with Kevin shoving more and more of his cock length into her mouth. I could hear start chocking and

gagging and he was not even half way in yet as I saw my wife look over at me for the first time...
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Ever since my new boss had seen the picture of my wife on my desk he was relentless. My wife was always one to be nice to people so she just smiled when one night he came by our house just as we were about to eat. He complimented her on the great meal and when she got up to start cleaning up I swear I thought I saw him dump something in the wine she was drinking.

I could not make out what happened but I saw the big smile on my boss's face when my wife's back was turned and when she got back to the table to take another drink from her glass. Once we were in the living room I was extremely uncomfortable as found myself sitting in a chair across from the couch that my wife was now sharing with my boss.

My wife was acting very restless on the couch and was not even saying anything about my boss's huge hand on her bare leg as they talked. I thought maybe it was the wine that she had been drinking on but I had never seen her act like this, she was visibly sweating as I tried to wrap things up by saying we all had a long day tomorrow but I saw the look my boss gave me from behind to where my wife could not see him.

I knew I thought I had seen him put something in her drink as my wife was now saying how hot she felt and that she did not know what was happening to her, She could barely stand up when she said she needed to use the restroom and excused her out of the room.

One of the straps on her dress was already pulled down by my boss and her cleavage in full view as she struggled to make it out of the room and down the hall. Once she was out of site I showed my frustration to my boss by asking what the hell he was doing?. I had never seen such a pissed off look on his face as he said I need to chill out and just enjoy the show as he got up off the couch and started heading to the hallway.

I saw where he was heading and grabbed his arm but his huge frame was not match for me as he shrugged me off with ease. I still followed him to the our bathroom and the light was on but the door was not all the way shut. I saw

in the mirror my wife was now completely naked staring into the mirror as she was wiping down her sweat drenched body. Her eyes told me she was shocked that my boss was walking into the bathroom with her but her body seemed not to be able to react. He just towered over as he wrapped his huge arms around her body and his hands squeezed each of her exposed breasts.

He started kissing her neck and I could tell my wife was not resisting his touches. They brushed past me as he just picked her up and carried her into our bedroom. I could feel my face grow very red as I said this needed to stop but neither one acted like I was even in the room. He placed my wife on the

bed and he quickly pulled off his clothes as my wife was rubbing her legs together while saying she had never felt this way before, what was going on, but my boss quickly leaned down and started kissing her, cutting her off in mid sentence as I saw his huge bare black cock pushing up against my wife's pussy.

He used one of his hands to feel her opening and said she was already good and wet as he starting pushing his cock into her pussy. I could hear my wife grow very loud even though he was still kissing her as he started working his hips back and forth. I could not believe what I was now just standing here watching as my wife lifted up her legs and her hand grabbed ahold on his arm as he really started pounding on her the fastest yet...
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Frank was the first guy to take my wife's pussy and she did her best not to show him any reaction and his white cock was not much bigger than mine. My wife had concentrated while frank was having his way with her on sucking on this other guy that Frank had brought along with him.

I did not even know his name but Frank said as long as he got to fuck my wife that all she had to do was suck this guy's black cock. I had heard every struggling sound my wife went through as she worked every inch of his long black cock into her mouth. Her face was so red by the time Frank cummed in her pussy as I felt the relief that he was wearing a condom and hopefully this was now over.

I heard the loud pop of the black cock pulling out of my wife's mouth when Frank moved back away from my wife. I felt my heart rate increase even faster when this guy quickly took Frank's spot. My wife had her eyes closed and was trying to catch her breath when I saw her jump when she felt her pussy being pushed up against by something much bigger than before. They still had not pulled off the blindfold wrapped tightly around her eyes as I saw her legs start to kick.

I heard Frank tell her to relax, as my wife told them this was not what we had agreed on, but I only heard Frank chuckle as he said he had a nasty habit of leaving out certain things as my wife started really getting frantic. The next thing I heard was Frank put his cell phone on Speakerphone and start to dial and my wife reluctantly stopped fighting and held her legs spread apart when pushed open by this guy.

My eyes grew even wider when I saw this guy rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit before roughly pushing his bare cock as deep as could push. My wife instantly tensed up as this guy was quickly working his much bigger cock deeper and deeper inside of her pussy with each stroke.

I was still holding out hope that maybe he just wanted to feel her juices and to humiliate me some more before pulling out and putting on a condom but he never showed signs of stopping as his pace and stamina was nothing like I had seen before. I could hear my wife no longer able to

keep her mouth closed as sounds starting leaking out of mouth that I had never heard before and it was forever it felt like before I heard the unmistakable grunts of the guy cum hard in her exposed womb, my hands only able to pull against the handcuffs binding me to this chair as he slowly pulled out to reveal a mixture of her juices and cum covering every inch of his incredibly long shaft, my wife's pussy left a red and swollen mess as the guys soon left leaving us now alone in our bedroom...
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I got to the bedroom after getting home and saw my wife wanting to surprise me after seeing me down for the last couple of weeks but she was the one in for the surprise as Marcus and all the guys he had brought with him pushed me out of the way as all the them quickly came into our bedroom.

They had the bed surrounded as her bathrobe was quickly yanked off of her to expose her naked body for all of them to now stare at. I could see Marcus grab her by her hair as he explained to her why they were here. I was so mad at

myself for letting my actions result in this as I could only watch as the tears stream down my wife's cheeks as her eyes looked over at me, her mouth being stuffed by Marcus's huge cock that was only getting bigger everytime he worked her head back and forth.

Never releasing his firm grip of her hair until she started moving her lips back and forth on her own. The other guys in the room was already undressed and
starting to surround her. I could only then see small flashes of my wife

struggling to open her mouth wide enough to take in each of their huge cocks. One guy had positioned himself below and was eating on her pussy as each of her nipples were being suck on so hard.

This went on for what felt like forever before I saw her finally brought up from on her knees only to be pushed down onto the bed. Each of her legs were held as far apart as possible as I got my first look at her pussy already so red and wet. My wife was squirming around but her tiny frame was so threat to the size of these guys as they held her in place.

She pleaded with them not to do this, she told them she would suck their cocks more, she would try harder, she promised they would love it but Marcus only stepped right up to her and used his fingers to spread open her pussy just as he pushed his bare cock as hard as he could against her tiny opening.

I could hear my wife cut off in mid sentence as she immediately started screaming out "OH NO" over and over as Marcus had to keep putting all of his weight behind each of thrusts to work in more and more of his cock.

He had only worked half of his shaft length in when I could see her pussy lips stretched so much around his girth that I thought she was going to be ripped apart but he kept pushing harder and faster. One of the other guys had tried to shut my wife up by making her suck on his cock but I could still hear her muffled screaming.

Marcus never slowed down until he was able to slam his balls up against her ass, the slapping sound it created was echoing off the walls as I felt my stomach twist in knots when Marcus was now slowly pulling his cock almost all the out of her swollen pussy to reveal her juices now coating every inch of his shaft.

I could sense the other guys in the room were growing restless at the sight before them. Marcus got in a few more hard pumps before he finally pulled all the way out and stepped back. I could hear the loud suctioning pop as his cockhead finally reappeared. I did not think he had cummed in her but her thick juices had his cock gleaming in the light as another guy was already moving in just as Marcus moved away.

This guy was not quite as long but just as thick. I saw my wife's pussy hole so stretched out before it was once again filled with a black cock. Her body immediately started squirming around again as this guy was able to work most

of his cock into her without the struggle from before. I could hear every one of his comments as the sloppy sounds coming from my wife’s pussy brought a smile to each of the guys faces, her loud breathing becoming the only thing I could hear from her...
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I had never seen my wife as happy as she was now. We had been trying to have kids for the last few years and once we found out I was not going to be able to give her that it was whirlwind of emotions when one of her girlfriends suggested that she had a guy who helped out another couple who was having the same problems as us. She said he was no strings attached and I could not believe my wife was agreeing to try this. We had no where near enough money to try and go through medical ways to get her what she wanted so I watched as the first night we

met the guy at a hotel. I had not been told it was huge black guy as I opened up the door and had to look up at the towering figure smiling down at me. He put his huge hand out to shake mine as I kind of froze with so many thoughts going through my head. I finally reached out and shook his hand as his firm grip made my face tense up. He moved past me to get into the room and saw my very nervous wife in a sundress that hugged her tiny body in all the right places. We tried to make small talk but I felt so uncomfortable the closer he kept maneuvering to sit right next to my wife as her freshly shaved legs were glowing in the light. My wife had been drinking a great deal of

wine to try and calm her down and I could start to see her letting him put his hands were he wanted. It started on her bare thigh and he whispered something in her ear that made her eyes grow big when I saw his hand now disappear under her dress. I knew she was not wearing any underwear and I could see the outline of his fingers working up and down her pussy opening. He kept kissing her neck and ear and I saw her eyes start to close when he turned her face to meet his as he quickly put his lips over hers. The sound in the room was so quiet as I looked across from me and saw my wife's legs now being spread apart. I could see his other hand undoing his pants

and pulling them down to his ankles. I could not believe the size of his cock. It was as black as night and as big as the end of a baseball bat as he took my wife's hand and wrapped her fingers around it the best she could. He kept their lips locked together as her eyes opened up when she felt his huge size. One of her dress strings had slipped down her shoulder and he finished pulling it down enough to pull out one of her breasts. His hand cupped and massaged her breasts and twisted her nipple to get it so pointy by the time he pulled off of her and withdrew his hand from

up under her dress. My wife looked so red and flustered as she sat there with her legs still spread wide and her hand still gripping his hardening cock as she looked up at him in just shock. He savored how she looked for a few seconds before he pulled her up off the couch and led her over to lay down on the bed. He finished taking off her dress and her body was now on full display and he spread open her legs and moved his head down to her pussy.

I could now see his tongue really working her pussy and my wife was starting to react by twisting her body. He never let up until I saw her hands gripping his head as I knew how much she loved her pussy being worked the right way. He wasted no time in moving up over her body and lining up his giant cock with her very red and wet pussy. He said nothing as he started pushing. My wife instinctively spread her legs as far apart as possible but I could still hear her really struggling with his size.

He really did not give her any time to adjust as he just would pull his cock almost all the out of her pussy before he would use all of his weight to sink another inch of two deeper into her. I was now standing up close enough to them to see her pussy stretching so much it looked like it was going to tear any second as he only picked pounded on her even harder. He never slowed down, even with my wife trying to cry out that she could not take anymore. But she soon was just trying to breath as his balls were now audibly slapping up against her skin with his every stroke. It was only then when I saw him just stop all at once, his cock full tilt into her and start to slowly work back and forth.

Every time he would pull almost all the out I could see my wife's juices had now coated every single inch of his still rod. He next flipped my wife over to be on her knees with her ass sticking so high up in the air. Her pussy opening was so stretched and red, my mind raced on how I would ever have sex with my own wife again. His cock started working in and out of her pussy much faster now as he motioned for me to get beside my wife by the bed. I could feel the heat coming off her body as I stood beside her, her face looked over at me so tense the faster he hammered her from behind.

Her make up had been so smeared on her very red face as he took her limp arm and rubbed her hand over my cock that had grown hard. He just had that same smile on his face all night as I pulled out my cock and had my wife start stroking me. It didn't take long of her warm skin to be jacking on my cock and hearing her body being slammed from behind before I felt my cum shoot out all over her face and hair. She just held on to my softening cock as another orgasm was shaking her entire body.

I looked over at the clock by the bed and could only watch as he used her body for a few more hours before he cummed so hard in her pussy. He kept his cock in her for quite a while afterwards as I could hear my wife trying to catch her breath. When he finally crawled off her body my wife did not move a muscle. Her legs still stayed as spread apart as cum was starting to leak out of her still pulsing pussy.

I just looked on with my hand still gripping my cock from having jacked it off two or three more times as the guy just calmly got dressed and kissed my wife on the lips again before he whispered something in her ear that made her body nudge as he just had that smile on his face when he walked by me out of the room. My wife and I tried to talk about what happened that night many times but it has not came back up since she found out that she was indeed pregnant. The bigger her belly now grows my mind races on what to tell my family and what if she wants to do something like this again....

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A few months ago my daughter told me she was able to get some extra spending money after being approached by a guy on her college campus. She said he offered her a part time job at the modeling agency he was working at. I had my worries about what this guy was up to by my daughter told me everything went very well the first day she started there. It was after that conversation that everytime I tried to talk or call my daughter after classes she would always sound so tired and in a rush,

there was even one time I swear I heard a deep voice in the background on one of our last phone calls that was telling her to hurry up and hang up. I looked at her facebook page which I had not done in quite a while and noticed in her latest pics how much different she dressed and her newest friends that were showing were all these black guys. I tried to call her phone but it just rang and went to her voicemail. I had come to the

conclusion I was just going to go up there tomorrow since it was the weekend anyway. I checked my computer that night again before I went to bed and noticed I had an email from a sender name I did not recognize and I almost deleted it until I thought about with everything going on I

needed to see what this was. I scanned with my virus software before opening up the message and my computer screen soon flashed up an image that I will never forget. I backed away from the screen shaking my head thinking I must be dreaming or something but even after rubbing my

eyes the image still filled my computer screen. I looked closer thinking this must be some sort of photoshop but the more I stared the more I knew this was not faked. I saw her belly button piercing she had got on her senior cruise this past summer. I had not noticed until now the highlighted

link under the picture as the only words attached to the picture said "Thanks for the fresh meat" as I slowly clicked the link. It took me to a website with so many pictures and videos of my daughter with so many

different guys. In the of the videos my jaw was just dropped wide open as some of the guys had to be older than me and I never saw one condom being used. I did not know how to explain this to my wife as I woke her up and told her we have to go to the college right now....
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This was the first time Ken and his gang let me stay in the same room as they wasted no time in starting in on my wife. Her coat was quickly pulled off to reveal the teddy underneath as two of the guys towered over her. Their hands feeling all over her now exposed breasts as the room fills with smacking sounds as each of her nipples are sucked on so hard.

The guys only stop when they hear Ken tell them to bring her over to him, they push her down by her shoulders and she starts to get on her knees but they raise her back up and and tell her she knows to "spread em" as they lift her back up only to push her back down quickly as I see her squat down with her pussy now for all to see. Ken stands right up to her as her hands pull down his boxers to reveal his huge cock. I had seen the results of what my wife's pussy and ass looked like when she was dropped back off at our home after spending the weekend away and now I see why as I see her hand can not even wrap around his cock as her mouth slowly opens to take in the bulging cockhead.

She does not seem to be going fast enough or deep enough to Ken's liking when he grabbed her by her hair and told her to stop acting like the nervous little housewife and start acting like the slut she had been trained to be as I noticed her face really tense up when he yanked so hard on her hair. I could not believe what my eyes soon started seeing as my wife's lips started working over every inch of his still growing cock, her other hand starting to rub her pussy. The other guys soon gathered around her and I could see through the tiny opening my wife's head turning to meet another huge black cock with her mouth.

After the room was filled with the sound of my wife's mouth popping off of one cock and taking in another I see Ken lay down on the bed as the guys pull my wife up to stand on her feet. I now see her face very red and her lipstick smeared all over her face, some of her saliva has spilled down onto her chests as she looks over at me but seems to look right through me as they roughly place her on top of Ken who has spun his body to make sure I have the front row seat of my wife's pussy now coming over his cock. Her ass is spread so wide as I hear my wife start to make a grunting sound. She only gets louder the more of Ken's huge cock disappears into her pussy. I swear only half way in I thought her pussy was going to rip apart but he kept slapping her ass so hard until she was grinding down on his balls everytime she slammed down.

One of the other guy's that was commenting about her asshole had now climbed up behind them and I could only hear my wife start to really make noises that signaled she was struggling and she even pleaded not her ass again but it only made the guy push harder. It took him what seemed like forever with just my wife's saliva for lubrication to finally work his way in but I could not only watch as my wife's ass and pussy was now being worked over.

I felt my own cock now very hard in my pants but I tried not let on as the pounding on my wife had stopped for a brief moment only to for her to be placed on her back as another one of the guys was already starting to loudly bang her pussy as Ken sat down right beside me, his cock covered in my wife’s juices as I tried not to look over at him when he started telling me how much more he enjoyed doing this to me. It was worth so much more than the money he knew I could never pay him back. He said my wife really resisted the first few times and the newest guys he brings along still love it when she puts up a little fight but as I hear my wife cry out from the latest orgasm to tremble her legs I know our lives will never go back to normal again...

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The only good thing I could think of on my way to the hotel was that this was not going to happen in my own home, but it offered me little comfort as I knocked on the hotel room number texted me. I could hear the bass from music playing inside as I had to wait quite a while after knocking. I looked around the empty hallway until I heard the door start to open. My eyes was now filled with the sight of my completely naked wife standing in the doorway.

I could tell by her eyes she had been crying as I quickly got into the room to shut the door. My eyes adjusted to the soft light in the room and I could make out Vince sitting in the room but I had no idea there was going to be all these other guys along with him. All of them were naked and drinking as some of the guys had already sat my wife down on the bed.

She just looked down at the floor as Vince turned down the music low enough to tell me that they wanted to make sure they did not start things before I got here when he gave a look at one of the guys. I saw my wife's hair grabbed to bring her head up and he really yanked on it before she finally opened up her mouth to take in his huge black cock.

I had somewhat prepared myself for watching Vince with my wife but I was now watching my wife disappear after being pushed down on her knees as some of the other guys circled around her. I could see glimpses of the back of my wife's head being shoved so hard to get her mouth to take in everyone of their cocks. Even with her sounds being muffled you could make out she was really struggling.

Vince still sat watching just a few feet from them as he let them go at her for quite a while. He finally then stood up and told the guys to pick her up and lay her down on the bed. I saw my wife's very sweaty and red face for just a moment as the guys pushed her down onto the bed. I could her voice was very hoarse but she still pleaded with them to not go this far with her.

She tried closing her legs but there was already guys on each side of her grabbing ahold of her ankles. I could see her still trying to do something to close her legs but I could hear her gasp like somebody grabbed her throat. Vince was now on top of my wife as I had the open view to see his giant cock push up against my wife's very tight opening.

I knew what she had been use to with my size and even after giving birth she still felt as tight as the first night I was with her. I could see Vince rubbing some of his spit around her pussy as he tried pressing his cock up again up to her pussy. He told the guys to spread her legs even more as I watched that finally allow his cockhead to break through. Even through my wife's mouth was muffled by a cock jammed in I could still hear her sounds being the loudest yet as Vince used his full weight everytime he shoved his cock into my wife's pussy.

I heard every comment he made about how tight she was as the other guys smiled as they looked down and there was so many hands rubbing every inch of her body. I was close enough to see my wife’s juices now naturally start to coat what Vince was about to start working back and forth. Every rough stroke would show in the light how much farther he was able to jam in as it seemed like it took him forever before I saw my wife now actually taking his full length as his balls now grinded up against her skin.

I noticed the guys had let go of my wife’s ankles and had placed them on Vince’s shoulders as her legs muscles just trembled the longer Vince kept hammering in and out of her pussy. His pace was unbelievable as he never slowed down until I heard him say her pussy was just so damn tight. My wife seemed to be acting again more frantic as I saw Vince keep his cock pressed as far in as he could go as he started grunting.

My wife’s toes were curling so hard as I knew he was now cumming. I had brought a condom with me but it was useless as I watched Vince slowly back away from my wife. His cock finally reappeared as huge globs of white fluids started rushing out of my wife’s very red and gapping open pussy. I did not even recognize it as it looked like I could fit my entire fist in there.

One of the guys had picked up her blouse off the floor and wiped the gushing cum from her pussy but it just kept leaking out as they grabbed her and flipped her over to be on her knees. She barely could hold herself up as another guy was already getting behind her as he grabbed ahold of her hips to keep her upright. His cock was not as huge as Vince’s but still every bit as long as he slipped in with so much less resistance than before.

I could hear the guy’s chuckle when my wife started back up making noises. Her mouth again filled with cock as she squealed everytime they slapped her ass so hard, their red handprints instantly forming on her cheeks as her body rocked forward everytime she was rocked from behind. Vince was now standing beside me with his cock just covered in my wife’s juices and still hard as he told me this was worth so much more than the money he knew I could never pay him back with.

I did my best not to look at him but the only other thing I could look at was my wife being cummed in once again. As soon as the guy let go of her hips she collapsed onto the bed only to quickly have the rest of the guys now pick her up and place her on top of a guy laying down on the bed. Her own body weight was used to get her pussy to take in another black cock as my wife cried out the loudest when another guy climbed up behind them and roughly penetrated her ass. I had never been able to do that with her as I watched my wife now filled in all three holes. I could only watch as some of the guys went back hard again on her and some even a third but by then she was unresponsive with only the occasional groans and mumbling something I could not make out.

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My wife had no idea who these two guys were sitting with me in the living room when she got home from work, but I could only watch as the third guy had already gotten behind her and grabbed ahold of her.

I could hear her asking what the hell was going on as she planted down on the chair across from me. Her shoulders were pressed down to keep her planted in the chair as Ronnie told her that her husband was in a lot of trouble and he had saw the pictures of her in the house and thought she might be able to buy me some time to get up the rest of his money. My wife was very confused and upset by this point and said she was calling the cops if they did not leave right now.

She went to get up out of the chair but was held firmly in place as I felt myself picked up, I could hardly balance myself with my hands cuffed together but I saw one of Ronnie's guys pick up the baseball bat beside me and hit me in the ribs. I dropped to the floor as the tape covering my mouth muffled my sounds of pain.

I guess he raised back up to hit me again when I heard my wife say to stop, how much money does she need to give them and when she was told, I could hear her tell them there was no way she could get that much money for them tonight. I felt myself lifted up off the ground and placed back in the chair as my wife pleaded with them to stop but Ronnie only calmly told her that she ways she could convince him and his guys to leave her husband alone as their smiles got wide.

My wife's eyes got even bigger when she felt them closing in around her. I tried to regain any breath I could as I heard my wife looking so nervous before she disappeared behind a wall of black bodies. I could hear her sounding very alarmed when she saw their cocks for the first time, she sounded very frantic when she said there was no way she could put that inside her mouth only to hear the crowd of towering guys chuckle.

She started saying something but she was let out a loud gasp in mid sentence. I could see through a break my wife's hair being yanked on very hard until I heard the muffled sounds of my wife's mouth being filled with the first cock. I could see flashes of the back of her head being shoved to get her mouth to take each of their cocks all the way. I soon started to see her spit dropping down onto the floor.

They finally eased off only to pick her up off the floor, it was the first real chance to see what she now looked like as most of the buttons on her blouse had been ripped off to reveal her saliva gleaming off her now exposed breasts, her lips looked so swollen as her eyes seemed to not be able to fix on anything. She seemed to get some of her senses back and tried to say she had did what they wanted to now leave but she picked up and carried to our bedroom as one of the guys came and picked me up out of the chair and brought into the same bedroom.

The guys already had my wife pinned down onto the bed with one guy across her chest trying to jam his cock back into her mouth as another guy held one of her thrashing ankles. Ronnie had a firm hold of her other ankle and spread her legs as far apart as possible. They had pulled off every piece of her clothing to now have Ronnie pressing his huge bare cock right up against my wife's tight opening.

He tapped the guy holding the top side of my wife's body down on the bed to go ahead and get up, she was not going anywhere as he quickly put his body weight down on her as soon as the guy moved. I could hear my wife trying to regain her breath as she still pleaded with them to not do this, she was not on any birth control but I only saw Ronnie look back at me and smile as he roughly started shoving his cock as hard. It took him quite a bit to break in as the only lube was her saliva from before.

The guy's held her legs so far apart as I saw her leg muscles trying to bring them back together in one last attempt to somehow keep this from happening but her pussy was stretched with every inch he sunk into her. He gave her no time to adjust as he just continued to push in more and more of his cock. I was placed close enough to see my wife's pussy wrapped so tightly around the thick shaft I thought it going to rip but after what seemed like forever Ronnie was working his entire cock length in and out of her pussy.

His balls able to grind up against her skin as my wife was trying to so hard not to make any noises, but I could tell she was really struggling. The other guys looked down at the scene before them at each was grabbing and twisting her nipples so roughly when Ronnie gave no warning when he suddenly pulled out and backed away from my wife. He kept her legs spread open as I saw her pussy hole still pulsing. It was so red and it looked like I could fit my entire fist in there as my wife had her hands covering her face.

One of the other guys quickly grabbed her up and flipped her around to be on her. I heard Ronnie tell the guys she is even tightly than what they had thought as they looked over at me and smiled. I could see my wife's face wince when the guy's cock slipped in much more easier to her pussy.

Her hands grabbed ahold of the bedsheets as he started pounding on her very fast. I could see my wife glance over at me but she closed her eyes the harder she was being banged from behind. Ronnie got right up beside her, his cock covered with her juices as he got almost right up to her ear telling her that this was just to get her broke in, she needed to get use to this kind of treatment and she only had to thank her husband in getting her in this situation. He was going to get guys lined up for her every week to start making up some of that dough, as my wife was starting to not be as quite as before...

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I thought I could not feel any worse humiliation than having Mike and his gang tie me up naked to this chair as my daughter's friend who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was made to strip first. I had little fantasies in my mind before when she came over to the house but this was not how I wanted this to go down as my skin was feeling like it was on fire when I could not keep my cock from growing hard in front of everybody by the time she was now fully exposed to everybody in the room.

I wanted to keep pleading with the guys that we could do anything besides this, but the thick tape over my mouth kept me from making more than just muffled screams as they made my daughter now slowly strip as well, Just as her panties were finally being pulled down a couple of the guys went over and grabbed her friend and got her over to be on her knees right in front of me, right at the same time Mike roughly got behind my daughter and bent her over chair in front of her. His huge black cock looked unreal next to her tiny frame as she squirmed around in a last ditch effort to avoid him but some of the other guys were already moved to almost surround her as they pulled on her hair so hard until she finally opened up her mouth to take in each of their cocks.

This had allowed Mike to use his huge hands to grip her hips and bring her pussy in line with his probing cock, I could hear the muffled noises start so loud from my daughter when he finally broke in. Her leg muscles were trembling as her panties were still just past her knees, Mike showed her no mercy as he rammed his cock as deep as could with every push, I could see the looks in the guys faces beside me as they grabbed the young girls hair in front of me and had her come up off the floor and had her to start sucking on my cock.

I had soften just a bit with what I just watched but as soon as I felt her warm mouth and her soft breasts rubbing up against my skin I could not stop from getting hard again. She just had her mouth on my cock for a little bit before the guys grabbed back ahold of her hair to get her head working up and down. I could see the tears streaming down her very red face as she kept her eyes tightly closed. I looked back over at the sight of my daughter being manhandled over in the corner still could keep me from cumming in this girls mouth as her face tensed up when I released so much cum.

By this time one of the guys had got behind her and had pulled her up off her knees. Each one of the other guys held her hands down on the chair as I felt her body trying to squirm around but it soon lunged forward violently when her pussy was finally pierced. My cock spilled out of her mouth along with some of my cum as her face winced every time he rammed his cock so hard from behind. The other guys soon started to rotate her head to get her mouth to take in their throbbing cocks as each of them rotated around the chair getting their chance to pound this poor girl but my eyes could also not help but to be filled with the sight of my daughter in the corner of the room now on the floor having her pussy and ass now filled at the same time....

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I could only look on as Tony pulled up my wife's hands and placed them on his legs. He told her not to move them again as he used his knees to spread her legs much farther apart. My wife was keeping her eyes closed as he grabbed ahold of her hair to get her to face his huge cock now slapping up against her cheek.

Her head violently snapped when she shook her head no when he told her it was time to get started on our agreement. He reminded us that all it was going to take is one phone call to have something even worse than this become of our lives as my wife let out a deep sign before opening up her mouth and gingerly took his cock in, but he wasted no time in using her mouth the roughest he possibly could.

I had never heard someone chock and gag so loud as my wife was doing now that the back of her head was being used to get her mouth taking every inch of his cock, her nose was buried up against his groin before he released his grip. My wife instantly just fell back on the couch as huge globs of her spit buildup had dropped down on the couch cover.

Tony wasted hardly a second as her motion had allowed her spread pussy to now be fully exposed under her skirt. She always kept very clean shaven so nothing was preventing me from seeing the sight of Tony's cock lining right up to her opening. He showed her no mercy as he pressed his cock as hard as he could up against her.

I could see my wife pushing back with her hands but his full weight was now coming down with every push. My wife's legs were thrashing wildly but Tony was working his cock deeper and deeper with every minute that slowly passed by. Her voice was sounding so horse but I could make out everytime she was calling out "Oh my God", and sounds of her really struggling.

I could now see her blouse was pushed up over her breasts and Tony was taking turns sucking and biting down on each of her nipples. I felt even more humiliated when he kissed up and down her neck and was whispering something in her ear. He never let up as I saw my wife’s body soon grow very rigid with what I recognized as how she climaxed.

He just toyed with her for what seemed like forever, getting her to say stuff that I never would have thought could come out of her mouth. He never showed any pause as he buried his cock as deep as possible in her very sloppy sounding pussy, I knew he was cumming and my wife even made a faint moaning sound as he stayed pressed up against her for a while afterwards...
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Ron and his gang pushed me into this bedroom and turned on the light. I saw my wife completely naked and handcuffed to the bed as I called out her name but I quickly felt somebody behind me put a huge piece of tape over my mouth and tie my hands behind my back before slamming me down into a chair seated very close to the bed.

I could hear my wife call out my name when she recognized my voice. She kept asking what is going on, but I could not provide any answer as I could only watch Ron and his guys taking off their clothes. All of them towered over my prone wife as I could see her body jump when one of the guys probed around her pussy with his fingers.

The other guys were right behind him with their hands feeling all over her body. I felt like throwing up when I could hear my wife telling me to stop all of this, but I could only look on as I watched a guy that I did not even know his name spreading open my wife's pussy lips before ramming his fingers as deep as he shove into her. He did this over and over despite my wife's pleas to him to quit.

When he finally pulled out his fingers I could see them gleaming in the light with my wife's wetness. I could hear him ask Ron are you sure we are going to do this, she was tighter than what they had even thought but Ron just made a gesture for him to move away from her. The chair they had planted me in was put in an angle to make sure I could not miss Ron now climbing up behind my wife.

I could hear my wife wince when he pulled up on her handcuffs. The only choice my wife had to relieve the pressure on her shoulders had her bend her body in a position that now Ron took full advantage of. He still kept her handcuffs in one hand while taking the other to grip her asscheek and spread her pussy for all to see, his huge black cock starting to press up against her must too narrow looking opening.

I could hear my wife begging that whoever is doing this that there is got to be something else that can be worked out, but she was cut off before she could continue as a very loud shrill soon blasted out of her mouth. I could hear the clanging of medal as she twisted her body, the very loud sounds she was letting out of her distress almost had the room growing dark for me. It took Ron having to use the full weight of his body pinning my wife down of the bed to finally get to pussy to succumb.

It was such an offensive sound I could hear everytime he slammed down so hard up against her skin. Both of their bodies were coated in sweat before he finally backed off of her. This only allowed me to see the damage that had been done. I could hardly believe my eyes as I saw the crimson colored gapping tunnel that was my wife's pussy. It was still pulsing as I could see so far inside of it before my view was very quickly filled with the huge frame of the next guy to climb up behind her.

This guy had an even bigger cock than Ron and was much younger, His cock slipped in without the huge struggle of before but he still had to push very hard before his entire length was buried inside of her, I could hear him say she was already trying to close back up as his strokes had got my very groggy wife to start making some sounds. He slapped her ass with such searing licks that his handprints were already forming on each of her cheeks. I knew this night was only getting started as he reached down to grab ahold her hair....

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This was not the first time my wife was in a hotel room with Ricky but now he wants more than just me dropping her off and leaving as my wife pleads with him not for me to be in here. She tells him how she will do anything else he wants but he tells her that she will do that anyway and I try to think of any other option I have but I knew there was actually something worse that could happen to us than this as I had to watch every second of my wife pushed down to her knees at the foot of the bed.

Her hands having to be the ones to unzip and pull down Ricky's pants, now for the first time I see his cock as he maneuvers her hand to grip and start stroking, it was already longer than anything I had ever seen before and growing harder by the second. My wife was looking away but he quickly twisted her face to line up her mouth as she paused a few seconds before slowly opening up her jaws to take in the tip of his cock.

Her face was turning even redder as he pushed in more and more of his length as my wife had to open up her jaws so wide to keep up, He kept this up for a little while until he pushed her away and sat down on the bed, my wife was told to take off her clothes as she looked at him with one last pleading look before seeing his cold stare back at her.

She slowly got up off her knees and unbuttoned her blouse, she soon was down to her underwear and he sat there not moving a muscle until she finished off getting completely naked. My wife looked at the other side of the room as Ricky took her in for a seconds before he all of a sudden got up off the bed and got behind her and pushed her down onto the bed.

He pushed her down to get her on her knees and spread her legs very far apart as she quickly got in right behind her. He grabbed ahold of her hips and pressed his cock right up against her pussy. I had hoped that he used a condom but he never paused as he firmly shoved in more of his cock.

I saw my wife trying not to make any noise as she was pressed up against the headboard, Ricky used his legs to really spread my wife's knees apart as not most of length was disappearing with every thrust forward. I could not help but to see the shine of my wife's juices now gleaming off his cock when he would almost pull all the way out before jamming it all back in. I could hear my wife no longer able to contain her groans along with the sounds of the creaking of the bed...
Link Removed

My Friday night had been filled with my wife taking Quinton's cock. It was not the first night he was able to spend the night but the next morning was different. I had somehow fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up I slowly went to the bedroom and looked in and saw my wife not on the bed but Quinton still laying there completely naked, his cock shined in the light as he must have just got through again being with my wife this morning. He was on the phone with someone and he just smiled at me when he noticed I was looking through the doorway.

I heard my wife in the bathroom and I just tried to not look at the bed as I made my way into the bathroom. The door was not closed and I saw with the morning light shining in my wife sitting on the toilet, her head in her hands as she heard me enter. Her face was so red as she looked at me with such disdain, she had every right to be pissed at me and I would have done anything to go back and not put her in this position.

Her voice was so raspy but I could make out that she said he had cummed in her again as she reached down with a wet rag she had and wiped between her legs. Both of us heard what sounded like somebody was knocking at the front door as I told her just to stay here as I slowly rose up and looked out. Quinton was not on the bed anymore and I made my way up to the door that sounded like it was being opened. I heard multiple voices and just froze in the hallway when I saw Quinton leading what had to be three other guys down the hall with him. They roughly brushed past me as I heard Quinton say the bitch was in here as he led them to the bedroom.

I was the last one in the room and my wife appeared in the bathroom doorway wearing a robe and still in her heels as she was saying what was all these voices before her eyes registered that the room was full of guys now. Before she could turn around lock the bathroom door one of the guys had already grabbed her and held her from behind, her robe came apart and her breasts now spilled out.

Her eyes making contact with me and then Quinton as she asked what was this, he let her struggle for a little bit before calmly walking right up to them and told her that she was going to be put to further use by him. That these guys were his best "employees" and they were going to get rewarded for their hard work and they already have plenty of money, once they heard about you it was easy to think what came next. The guy holding my wife from behind had both of his fingers twisting her nipples so hard, her face winced and she tried wrangling out of his hold but she was no match as Quinton waited for her to settle down.

I could hear him next tell her that these guys are really hoping you want to do this the hard way but if she continued this shit that he could make one phone call and these 3 guys could turn into 30 and it was going to be in his part of town and I saw him reach for his cell hooked on the side of his gym shorts. My wife never stopped moving and the next thing I heard was the phone on speakerphone, a deep voice answered and said whats up Quin and thats when my wife told Quinton to please hang up.

The guy holding her let her go and she quickly pressed up to Quinton and told him to please hang up now. I could see her lower her head and finish pulling off her robe, I could hear all the guy's comments about her body as Quinton pushed her down to be on her knees. Her hands slowly pulling down his shorts and her hand grabbing ahold of the hardening cock right in her face as the guy on the phone had said hello quite a few times before Quinton told him that he just wanted to check in with him, that he could have something big for him and for him to stay near his phone today as my wife slowly took his hardening cock into her mouth.

The other guys had taken this opportunity to start taking off their clothes, by the time Quinton hung up the phone they had joined in a circle around my wife. I asked Quinton as loud as I could muster that there had to be something else we can do besides this but all the guys just looked at me to shut up or this was not the worse thing that could happen as I heard my wife start to gag on Quinton's cock when one of the other guy's were pushing hard on the back of her head.

They didn't stop pushing until her nose was buried up against Quinton's stomach, once they saw her squirming around they finally let go of her, her mouth finally able to come off of the cock and I could hear her take in a deep breath. Her saliva was bubbling out of her mouth just as her head was turned and the next cock was jammed hard into her mouth.

Her choking only seemed to make them push her head farther down the long shaft as Quinton had already backed away. He calmly walked over to me and pushed me down to sit in a chair beside him as I could not help but to plead with him one last time that this did not have to happen but I might as well been a ghost in that room as each guy took turns twisting my wife's head to get her mouth to take in their cock's full tilt.

I could only watch as the last cock was pulled out of her mouth as her built up saliva spilled out of her mouth and onto the floor, my wife was trying to catch her breath and didn't put up any resistance to one of the guys pulling her up off the floor and putting her on the bed, she was on her knees and her ass was slapped so hard until she spread her legs very far apart, her hair grabbed until her head lifted up and her mouth was quickly filled with one of the two cocks at that end of her.

The guy at the other end spread my wife's ass cheeks and everybody in the room saw her very red and swollen pussy opening. I could hear the guy starting to line up his cock to that opening ask Quinton if he had left anything for them. These guys were younger than Quinton and I wondered how my wife was going to last. This was it, I watched as even with Quinton's recent work done to my wife, the cock now pushing up against her opening was taking quite a few shoves before it sunk in.

This caused my wife to lunge forward when she felt him enter, I could hear Quinton tell her that her performance depended on if she was leaving with them today as my wife's face really tensed up at the cock starting to jam further into her pussy from behind.

The guys had to push back on her shoulders to sandwich her with no room now to maneuver. Her muffled sounds really got the loudest when the guy slowly working his cock in and out of my wife's pussy grabbed ahold of her hips and really started to ram his cock much harder and deeper into her. The room echoed the sound of skin slapping together so loud and constant, it caused the cock in my wife's mouth to fall out and I could hear her really struggling and she was begging him not to go that deep but they let her bury her head into the bed as the guy got in a few more hard and quick strokes before he backed away from her.

I could see the combination of Quinton's cum and my wife's juices coating every inch of the cock that shined very brightly in the light. My wife had collapsed onto the bed once her hips had been let go, the next guy didn't get up behind her, but instead motioned for the guys to pick her up for a second, he layed down on the bed and the guys placed her on top of him.

They grabbed her by the neck and lined up her pussy to fall right down on the hard cock below, her neck was squeezed until she started to work her hips up and down, her pussy took in every inch of this cock and her ass was slapped so hard until she did as they told her to. Her hips started to grind hard and fast on the cock filling her as her hands were brought to grab onto each of the other two cocks, after a while they pulled her up off of that cock and spun her around to face Quinton still siting in the chair.

She could barely stand but they quickly bend her over to have her head in his lap and the fourth cock of day started to enter her from behind, my wife's face was blood shot red and her lips looked so swollen as Quinton got her mouth to take in his cock once again. My wife's pussy was sounding much more wet and sloppy that I had ever heard. They next put her down on the bed on her back and each guy took their turns on top as her pussy took each of their cumshot and I was sensing that this was only the beginning of something much more than even this...
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There had been such a conflict with my wife and the football coach of the new school she had been transfered to. She had told me that he made her so uncomfortable to be around and the comment about her blond hair really going to stand out around here.

She had tried talking to the principle but he was best friends with the coach and told her she knew how much unwanted attention this would bring to her. He told her his bark was more than his bite but the more she told me she pushed the players having bad grades and missing practice and even some games the meaner he treated her.

He told her that the last counselor learned to just go along with the machine and everybody was happy on friday nights. The last few weeks my wife had stopped talking about anything at school, her mind always seemed to be worrying about something.

Her eyes never looking at me, One day when I got home from work and my wife still had not got home I decided to surprise her if she was still up at the school, I didn't find her in her office and the halls were like ghost town so I went to lounge area where I saw her before like to work in a open area.

I was going to tell her that we were going out for a nice dinner just the two of us but I saw the door was part way open and I saw something that just made me froze right at the entrance, My wife naked on top of a couch while the coach was on top of her. I could hear every word being said as my wife was talking with such frustration, she said that he knew that those pictures did not look like anything like what they portrayed in the locker room, that he was the bastard that thinks he can get away with anything but she could not get out another word.

The coach just smiled as he started to really ram his cock deeper into her, my wife's head fell back as the coach grabbed ahold of her hips to keep her in place as the sound of skin slapping together was so loud, I looked back behind me and saw nobody around and I don't know what kept me from going into the room as my wife was trying so hard to keep from making any sounds.

I heard every comment from the coach and he only slowed down thats when my wife suddenly started pleading with him not to cum in her again but it made no difference as her pussy was unloaded into by the coach before he slowly backed away, his cock now fully shown for the first time and there was no way all that was inside my wife but her juices covering every inch could not be denied....

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