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Marcus had just waited sitting beside me the entire time as I could only watch the throng of guys he had brought with him have their way with my wife. I could tell he had made sure to tell them before hand not to show any mercy as she pleaded with them there had to be something else we could do, but as

soon as the first huge black cock roughly shoved into her tiny pussy she was a crying mess. The chair they had brought up next to the bed had the direct line of sight to where I could only watch one giant black cock after another stretched her pussy until I thought she was going to be ripped open.

They gave her no time to adjust as the first few guys really had to work their muscles to get all of their cock working in and out of her opening, There was obvious blood mixed in with her juices when the first guy finally pulled out

of her pussy after hearing all the guys say he was hogging it all, I had never seen her pussy gapping open like that when the guy backed away from her body. Another guy quickly moved in to to in between her legs as the guys

holding her feet spread her legs the farthest apart yet. It had only been a few seconds but this guy still had to work to push past her already closing up hole. But once he was putting the full weight on his huge frame behind each shove

his balls were soon slapping up against her ass, the sound was so loud as close as I looked around at the smiling faces of all the guys looking down at the scene before them, but Marcus's face was stoic as each one the guys kept up the torrid pace.

I saw her ripped up blouse used to wipe down her pussy but after a few cumshots you could see the white foam start to form on the next cock working back and forth deep inside of her pussy. It was hours before the guy's finally

seemed to wear down after some of the guys had cummed two or three times. My wife was left lying on the bed just drenched with sweat when Marcus calmly got up and finally took off his clothes, when his cock popped out of his pants it

was amazingly the largest black cock I had seen tonight. I saw the condition of my wife's pussy as her legs were still spread apart even though nobody was holding them anymore. There was huge globs of pussy still seeping out as her hole was visibly pulsing.

I saw Marcus reach down on the floor and pick up her panties and wipe all over my wife's pussy, he even shoved it inside after wiping down the entire

pussy area. Once he was through he tossed them over to me and they landed in my lap, it was soaked as he picked up her limp body and placed her to be on her knees. His giant hands had to hold her hips to keep her upright as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her very wet slit, but instead of pushing past her opening he roughly pushed up against her asshole.

I had saw some of the guys fingering her asshole but nobody had fucked her there and it was in no way prepared to take something that looked like the end of a baseball bat now shoving up against it. I heard him spit down to her a few times as my wife started back with the loudest cries yet. he really grabbed

a hold of her asscheeks and spread them out as his full weight come down with every push. I could not believe it but it was not too long before I was seeing his cock plunge deeper in her ass with every stroke. My wife was screaming out so loud before one of the other guys must have shoved their cock inside of her

mouth because she now sounded muffled. His stamina lasted the longest yet before he finally slowed down much time later, and I did not want to see, when he started to back away from her body, what was going to be the damage...
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I could tell my wife was very upset with me, I had kept it shielded from her how much trouble I was in with Kevin but tonight he was not listening to any of my pleas that I would have the money by next week. The other guy he

had brought along with him had found my wife in our bedroom and planted her down on the couch right beside me as Kevin looked over my wife wearing nothing but her nightgown that I had some collateral worth one week.

My wife was so confused about what was going on and she kept asking me how these guys knew my name and what they were doing at our home. I

just stared at the floor as Kevin told her everything and what she was going to have to do tonight. My wife always had a smart mouth on her but she only got in a few sentences that she was not going to do nothing like what he was talking about.

That they needed to leave or she was calling the police. That was when the other guy standing right over her on the couch grabbed her hair and yanked her up and pulled her to be on her knees in front of Kevin. He leaned

down and whispered something in her ear that I could not make out, she stopped struggling so hard when both of these giant black guys stood up and

towered over her kneeling body. She looked up at them and I could see tears start forming in her eyes. Both guys were now already un-buckling their pants, and I could hear the audible gasp escape my wife when she saw their huge black cocks for the first time.

She immediately started shaking her head back and forth no as she said there was no way she was going to be able to handle that, but Kevin seemed to

give a very pissed off look as looked down and my wife just started pleading with him there had to be something else we could go. But the next thing I saw was the other guy pulling down my wife's nightgown shoulder straps to now expose her breasts.

He threw the gown over to my lap as she tried to cover her now totally exposed body but they quickly grabbed her arms to get her hands to grab ahold of their cocks. Her fingers could not even wrap all the around as she

looked up at him and he seemed to getting more agitated the longer she just sat there. Kevin next jammed his bulging cockhead right up against her mouth. She shook her head no a few times before the other guy yanked her hair the hardest yet.

They told her if she resists any more tonight that he would make good on what he told her. She slowly started working her hands up and down each cock when she finally opened up her mouth to let in the giant cock. Her jaw

struggled to open up wide enough to keep up with Kevin shoving more and more of his cock length into her mouth. I could hear start chocking and

gagging and he was not even half way in yet as I saw my wife look over at me for the first time...

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