PLEASE help me find more videos of these couples - I WILL REWARD!!

Ok, I know the rest of you guys (and girls!) are up for the job here..

.. I'm looking for more videos of the following


(FYI this video is streaming, obviously) I KNOW I have seen at least 1 other video of this couple. That whore wife is so fucking gorgeous and you can tell that she loves fucking another man, especially in front of the camera.


I know, courtesy of one of the other cuckold forums, that there were/are 10 more videos of this hotwife and (I think) the same bbc bull. Unfortunately, I only have a free account and plus half of the links I have for the other videos are broken and causes to bring up some kind of database error. This couple is SO hot and you can tell that she just does not give a fuck about anything else other than getting her bbc!

I would really love if you guys could provide me links to more videos of these 2 hot, horny cockwhores! Unfortunately, no monetary reward here (times are tough!) but I'd be willing to share some pictures of my fiance, whom I'm in a cuckold relationship with. I can't post them publicly in the forum because we/she can't risk just being seen by anyone.. so I'd be more than happy to email them and possibly even talk about her with you.

Thanks so much in advance for the help!
justrick23 said:
The first video is of Amber Lynn Bach. Use any search engine, she has alot of teaser clips out there.
Good Luck

Is she not an amateur, then?? If she's not then I'm absolutely shattered. :(

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