Pregnant and BBC



If you had told me ahead of time that I would have met my black boyfriend while pregnant with my second child I would have laughed in your face. I’ve known James for 24 years now. At the time I was working for the black real estate agent who later became my partner. James was our banker from Cleveland. He was in town to see our operation and decide if he wanted to commit a line of credit to our office. As a secretary I was showing this handsome man the properties my boss owned. I was 5 months pregnant. James and I had flirted back and forth for over a year. Once I was pregnant I thought for sure his interest had died down. I was very wrong.
To this day I don’t know what or why it happened all I know is that I ended up in his room at the Holiday Inn near the Dayton Mall. My bulging belly was stretching my maternity business suit. My white granny panties didn’t make me feel very sexy. Yet, here I was on my knees sucking James thick black cock. The only thing I had on were the granny panties as I licked and sucked his black cock. Pregnancy had made me very horny. My husband was ignoring my needs at home. My breasts were huge as they prepared for the birth of my son. They bobbed uncontrollably as I licked and sucked this wonderful black cock. I didn’t feel like I was ugly but I knew my butt was getting wider as my belly got bigger. James black dick was rock hard. He must have found me attractive. There he was standing erect at full attention as I bobbed up and down on that chocolate sex stick. His two large hands had my head driving my mouth over his cock up and down. My hands were wrapped around the cheeks of his lovely ass for balance. Here I was sucking his enormous cock and the door burst open, room service. In our haste to get down to the business of sex we had forgot to shut the door. “Bitch, keep sucking my cock! You fucking little white pervert leave the food tray and get your peeping tom ass out of my room before I have you fired!” he bellowed. The wimpy kid hurriedly left the food and practically fell over himself getting out of the room. I was mortified but continued to do as commanded. I had never had anyone walk in during a sexual romp. James started chuckling after the waiter left the room. “I am sorry honey, I thought if I acted like a pimp he would get out of here quicker,” he chuckled. It worked and made me even wetter.
James stood me up and l was looking up at his handsome face. He kissed me and then reached down and tugged at my panties. As they dropped past my knees I stepped out of them. He stood back and admired my body. I still had a summer tan and he could see where my bikini lines were. I didn’t mind wearing a bikini around our house pool as I lay out in the sun. He whistled his approval as I blushed. He brushed my breasts and ran his fingers over my nipples. They were already standing at full attention. I shivered in lust at his touch. “I love to fuck white married women and especially like to fuck pregnant white women. I can imagine your husband’s horror at thinking my black dick is invading the womb that his unborn son is cooking. You want this black dick in your pussy?” he asked. I nodded my head. My hand reached out and touched his throbbing cock. I squeezed it and pulled myself closer. “Your boss tells me you are no stranger to black cock. Is it true?” he asked. I nodded my head. “Even better,” he chuckled. He ran his thick finger over my clit. I melted into his arms.
I walked to the bed and got on all fours with my ass pointed at him. I rubbed my moist pussy with my fingers and slid one in and out. I looked back and licked my fingers as I looked right at him. James nodded his approval and walked towards the bed. “Due to my condition, I don’t think I need a rubber do you?” I asked as I continued to rub my pussy. My husband hadn’t fucked me since we found out I was pregnant. I needed some cock. James black cock was aimed at me and I wanted it. James rubbed the head against my moist cunt. He rubbed it against my clit. I gasped at this thick hot black cock touching my exposed pussy. I gripped the sheets as he entered me. I moaned feeling that thick black dick invading my wet pussy. He gripped my fat ass as he drove his cock all the way in. My knuckles were white as I gripped the edge of the bed. Soon James was rocking me back and forth. His cock stretched my inner walls. Each thrust went deeper into my waiting cunt. I moaned with desire as he kept pounding me. His thick juicy balls slapped my ass with every thrust. My breasts swayed with every thrust. My belly was resting on the bed as he fucked me. Soon I could feel my own orgasm starting. I told him I was cumming and James continued to pound away. My body shook as my orgasm rocked my body. James never stopped fucking me. A few more thrusts and I could feel his cock twitching inside my pussy. James growled as his thick load shot deep inside me. I surprised myself cumming again quickly as I felt his thick goo shoot into my pussy. I collapsed on the bed. James pulled out and I could feel his thick seed as it oozed out of my cunt. We got dressed, left, and went our separate ways. James seed continued to ooze out of my pussy on the way home. I felt dirty yet very fulfilled.
James and I met one more time during my pregnancy. By the third trimester I was too huge even for James. Soon after my son was born and I lost my baby fat I met James again. This time we met in Columbus. I was his new bitch and loved it. I’ve been his girlfriend ever since.

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