I'm meeting with a Mexican lady and her husband (again) on Tuesday 12/21. She (and he) love being dominated by me, i.e. she wants to get choked and gagged by my dick until she pukes, then have me Piss on her and finally put my dick in her ass... my question is if anyone is interested in me posting pictures of our encounter and/or if anyone has any special requests for what they want to see me to do to this slut?

I only have pictures of her on my phone, ill try to post them shortly.....
write all over that sluts body with a marker. make her the slut that she wants to be. love to see the pics of that?
Always been a fan of doggy style while her husband is under her with them in a 69. Also you could kneel over her face so she can lick your ass while you fuck her titties. Looking forward to more posts.
Ooh write "black worshiper" above her pussy, or on her back like a tramp stamp. That would be hot.
Love seeing Latin women dominated by BBC. Just write your screen name "kojak9330" on her...

Thanks for the photos...
She's a lucky girl Kojak. Cheers. Looks very hot and i look forward to more posts of her and her husband worshipping you.
here's some pics of our session, sorry for the poor quality, I had my hands full...

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