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Brothers- Don't have an argument in public with your white girl. Give them or learn how to give them"The Look" which means to "shut the fuck up, will talk about it later".

WG (white girl)- shut the fuck up when your Man is talking.

WG- do what your Man says, ALWAYS!

Brothers- Try not to have these WGs doing illegal shit. Get caught and go to jail, they can't satisfy you.

WG- don't think you have a lock on the dick. Brothers do have to find and fuck other WGs. deal with it and just be happy he still wanna fuck you.

WG- take care of your Man. cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.

WG- find a white boi. get him to support you and your Black Bull.

Brothers- Have more than 1 slut. 3-4 ideal. More if you can handle it.(know how bitches are)

Brothers- Don't lie to get pussy. Get more if honest.(sounds weird but it works)
Excellent points and right on about the relationship between white whores and Blacks.

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