Seduced by two black businessmen


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I am a Nordic woman, living in one of the Scandinavian countries in Northern Europe. I want to share this encounter that took place seven years ago. I wrote most of this right after it happened. Both the encounter and the memories of it have given me loads of pleasure. But it also caused a lot of grief and guilt.

I was 32 years old back then, married with two kids, age 3 and 6. My husband and I were living a traditional busy small children life. I was not working with my professional job at that time, but took a part time job in a kindergarten, just to have plenty of time with my own children.

I was out with my colleagues one Friday night and we were doing a bar to bar trip. We were getting pretty loud and laughing, when we came to bar number four. We were of course looking at guys and easy flirting with them. There were just a couple of the girls that were single, but our aim for the night was to have fun, not to pick up men. So I ordered myself another glass of red wine.

But I noticed a couple of dark guys sitting talking by a table. Feeling invincible, eager and flirty, I went over to them and sat down. Soon the conversation was floating, and I got to know that they both were businessmen visiting from the US. They were both handsome and nice men. Brandon was 44 years old and Will was 39. Both of them told me they were married and we spoke about our children and families. My friends also came over in between and were pretty loud, waving and spilling beer.

In a while the girls were ready to go on and they were shouting at me. I asked the guys to join us, and to my surprise they agreed. We emptied our glasses and set out after the rest. We were heading down one of the main streets to the next bar. I grabbed hold of both the men and walked between them. I must admit I felt a bit daring but also like a princess between two such good looking and attractive guys. I`ve had a secret soft spot for black men, but never done anything about it.

When we were approaching a hotel, they told me that is where they are staying. Will excused himself for the beer spilled all over his shirt and said he wanted to race in and change. Brandon said that we all should go up so that I could see the magnificent view from the hotel window. I hesitated just a little but followed them, and we took the elevator to the 24th floor.
As I entered the room I ran over to the window. And it sure was some view – the hotel is famous for its view over the harbor. As I was standing looking and commenting, Brandon came up behind me and all of a sudden I felt his arms on me. I felt one on each side holding around my waist. I stood like petrified. I felt him close. He asked what I was seeing and I started to talk and point. As I was talking he pressed himself against me and stroking his hands up and down. Oh gosh, what am I doing now, I was thinking. I closed my eyes and breathing a bit heavier.

When I soon after opened my eyes again, Will was coming in front of me, only wearing a pair of trousers. He grabbed my arms leaned forward and kissed me. A soft but craving kiss. I was totally confused now. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this. It felt wrong. Yet I was excited and a bit aroused. I tried to push him and his arms away, but my efforts were half hearted. And as Will pulled my cardigan jacket off, Brandon unzipped my skirt. I tried to hold back, but both items soon felt to the floor. My heart beat like crazy.

I felt Brandon`s hands on my buttocks and around my hips. Will pulled my tight top off over my head, and as it was removed Brandon soon removed my bra as well. Then Will kneeled in front of me and slowly pulled my panties down. And I was all naked in front of these two strangers. Naked with another man than hubby for the first time in almost nine years. It took them just about a minute to undress me.
I knew I should protest. I knew I should run out of the room. But in my mixed up feeling I was an easy prey. My vocal and physical protests were so half hearted. I felt guilty. I felt scared and nervous. And I felt excited and wanted.

And as Will leaned in against my crotch and kissed my vulva, I spread my legs slightly. Then he also ran his fingers over my pussy lips, and it was revealing me in all its wetness. I soon felt his lips and tongue over my pussy. Eager fingers then parted the lips and first one then two fingers slipped into me. I was trembling. “Mmm, beautiful white and pink pussy” I heard Will say.

At the same time I was kinda leaned against Brandon who was standing behind me. He was treating my tits, kneading them gently, twisting the nipples. He was kissing my neck and my ear. He also leaned in to kiss and suck at the tits. And he put his middle finger into my mouth, for me to suck at.

In a while I was slowly moved backwards and laid down on a bed. Brandon stood away as Will kept treating me. I could feel him eagerly kissing, sucking and licking. And as his mouth and tongue worked on my clit and pussy, he was finger fucking me at the same time. He had long fingers and they were really working my arousal. I spread my legs well for him. Then he slowly crept up on me, working his way up, kissing my tummy, sucking and kissing my tits and nipples...

Then I felt him spread my pussy lips apart. And I could feel his cock head against my entrance. My heart was beating like crazy. He slowly slid into me, penetrating me, parting my pussy walls. I looked down and could see a big, thick, veiny, rock hard black rod disappear into me, for the first time ever. I felt wonderful and it looked wonderful. Jeez, he was filling me. I was moaning loudly.

He started fucking me in a steady slow rhythm. I felt his balls slapping against my ass as he sank to the bottom of me. I remember thinking that his balls must be big. He kissed me greedily, his craving tongue searching my mouth. He also treated my tits and nipples the same way. He fucked me in a firm and determined way. I was overwhelmed. I am not an easy cummer, but I soon exploded into orgasm. Clinging to him, pulling him deep, feeling him filling me with his big shaft.

When I came to myself again, he flipped me over on my fours. In a glimpse I could see Brandon sitting naked in a chair, watching us, smiling and slowly wanking his rod. I felt Will penetrate me from behind. I looked over my shoulders and saw lust and determination in his eyes. He doggy fucked me for a while and then he pulled out.

Brandon stepped up and I soon felt his cock against my pussy lips. I stretched a hand under me to feel his shaft. It was another big shaft with heavy balls. I moaned loudly as he sank himself to the bottom of my pussy. He fucked me steadily and determined, a bit harder than Will, really taking me. Pressing moans out of me.

Then Will sat down in front of me. His shaft was pointing against me. He entwined his fingers in my hair and pulled me down on the cock. I started working on it, kissing, licking and sucking the big, veiny shaft. And at the same time Brandon was fucking me from behind. The sensation was just great. For the first time in my life I had two cocks in me. This is crazy, I thought to myself. This is just crazy!

Brandon wanted me down on my back again. They handled me easily and let myself being handled. With my legs spread he soon penetrated me. He fucked me steadily for a while and then he lifted my legs up, first spread and then collected on the side. While this was happening Will moved in again to fuck my mouth or for me to suck him... He put a pillow behind me head so that I easier could take his cock.
I looked up on two handsome, black and sweaty men. And they were treating me. I saw big black cocks penetrating me, disappearing into me, over and over again. I felt unreal and crazy. I felt vulnerable and taken. And then I came again. I really came! It was like I couldn`t believe it!

When I caught my breath again, the men continued their fucking. I could feel them both gripping me more firmly and moaning louder. Before I knew it Will shoot his load. He came in my mouth at first. I instinctively pulled back and he shot the rest in my face. Wanking himself empty with one hand, gripping my hair with the other. I felt like a slut, a real slut. And then Brandon also came, shooting his load deep into my pussy. I felt him pulling my hips close to him as he sank deep and came. They both came much and for a long time. When Brandon finally pulled out I could feel sperm oozing out of my pussy. He squeezed the rest of the sperm from his cock over my vulva.

To be continued...
Re: Seduced by two black businessmen, part 2

I stumbled into the bathroom to clean myself with a quick shower. The men also cleaned their cocks. As we were standing in the bathroom, Will said that I should shave some of my pussy hair. I said I felt comfortable as it is, but soon I was sitting by the sink. Will pulled out a razor and soaped my pussy, and started to shave. He said he just was gonna shave under and a little on the side in front.

As Will went to work, Brandon leaned in on me, first kissing and treating my tits, then my mouth. He was a good kisser, big, soft lips and an eager tongue. It felt so sexy. He also grabbed an arm and guided it towards his cock. I could feel his semi erect cock thick, veiny and heavy between my fingers. I wanked and squeezed him gently.

In a short while Will took my other hand and lead it to my crotch. I could feel myself completely shaven and smooth. I gasped; “You fuckin bastard, this is not what you were gonna do!?” He laughed and poured some soap water down on it, as I was feeling myself. I couldn’t help but smile, and both men gave me such compliments about my pussy, that Wills move soon was all forgotten. I had to smile along and agree that it was looking sexy. And I was aroused again.

Soon we were in bed with me in the middle. Two eager men were all over me with hands and fingers, tongue and mouth. My smooth pussy got some special treatment and I was really worked up and ready. Will was the first to invade my newly shaven and oh so wet pussy. It was wonderful to watch his shaft disappearing into me again. He was filling my pussy with black pulsating rock hard cock. Then I decided to take charge.

As he was between my legs I made him roll over, so we both were lying sideways. I positioned us both the right way. I grabbed his buttocks and made him pull deep into me, then releasing him slowly. And I repeated the move. This is my favorite position because it stimulates my g-spot. And gosh did he stimulate. With a longer and thicker cock than what I am used to, I could feel both the head and the shaft sliding and pressing against the spot. I think he moved back and forth 4-5 times when I grabbed him and held him deep inside of me, feeling his cock against the g-spot. I came like a rocket!

When I came to my senses again, I made us repeat the moves. My pussy was now over sensible. And for the second time within a couple of minutes I came! The sensation was just awesome.
“Oh baby, you`re so sexy when you orgasm”, Will said and smiled.
“Yeah?”, I answered, “then make me come again!”
Will pulled me back into position as I was on my back relaxing. We did it the same way. Fucking slowly. Will deep inside of me. Stimulating my g-spot. And the effect was the same and immediate! I was almost knocked out of breath as I rolled over on my back again. I felt like one big pulsating erogenous zone. “My turn”, I heard Brandon say. Will pulled out and Brandon sank his cock into me. I knew it would be full repeat. Very simple fucking and within 10 minutes or so I`ve had another three orgasms. I was I seventh heaven. I was totally exhausted.

“Well, little fuckdoll, it`s payback time”, I heard Brandon said.
“Yeah, guys, I`m yours.”, I moaned.
Soon he was fucking me hard and firm as I was on my back. He constantly shifted my positions with my legs first to one side and then to the other, then bent back against chest and then spread wide. Will pulled my head over the edge of the bed. As I was hanging there he shoved his cock into my mouth.
“Ah, baby, I`m gonna fuck your beautiful face”, he said

He started fucking me in a slow steady rhythm, making sure he was deep inside of my mouth. In and out. And I gagged and gasped. And at the same time Brandon was fucking my pussy hard. I felt like being shoved between the two men. They were really working on me now. Fucking me hard. Using me for their lust. I moaned and gagged and gasped as their black rods penetrated me over and over again.

Will was fucking my pussy now, grabbing my hands and holding them by my hips as he rammed into my pussy over and over. Brandon was fucking my face as I had my head hanging over the edge of the bed. He held my head as he pressed his cock into my mouth. His balls hanging against my eyes. And then he came. I had no chance to pull away. I gasped, swallowed and spit. I almost felt like being strangled, and eventually he had to pull out. Brandon`s cum was running out of my mouth and over my face. He wanked himself empty over my neck and face.

Will pulled me up still holding my hands. He pulled my knees up and bent them towards my chest, before he pulled my arms over to each side, really tying my knees down on my chest. Then he started fucking me harder. Sinking so deep into my well exposed pussy. I felt so used, so taken, so vulnerable, so slutty. And I came again. Soon after Will also emptied himself into me, filling my pussy with his sperm. And eventually releasing my hands and legs.

“Are you enjoying yourself, baby?”, Brandon asked me with a grin on his face, as he threw over a handkerchief.
“Guys, you are fucking killing me, literally speaking. Your bats are such dangerous weapons…”
“Oh, baby, you are the hottest fuck ever. You are one inspiring little fuck toy!”, Will said.

to be continued ....
As I was wiping my face, Brandon told me to lay still and keep my legs together. I did as he said, and had myself a big zip of red wine to clear my mouth with. We were chatting, talking dirty and laughing.

In a while Brandon parted my legs and soon the sperm came oozing out of my pussy, running down my ass crack. He collected the cum on his fingers and put his middle finger into my anus. I wiggled as I felt him work on me there, asking him what the hell he was doing. He told me that I needed some DP before the night ended. I asked what he meant, and he said that I would soon find out. Both men were commenting on my pussy, and Will gave both my clit and my tits some treatment. I just closed my eyes and let myself being handled.

Then Brandon commanded Will away. His cock was pointing again and he rested the head against my pussy lips before he easily slided into my wet pussy. All the time with a finger in my ass. He fucked me quite missionary and then rolled us over to the sideway position. And I came like a rocket twice again. I couldn’t believe how many times I had come that night.

After catching my breath, Brandon flipped me over on my fours. He was fucking my pussy from behind and fingerfucking my ass, now with two fingers. I knew what was coming. I wanted to protest, thinking that his shaft were to big for my ass. But I decided to give it a go. And I thought it felt kinda “natural” after all that we had done. And quite right, soon I felt him press his cock against my ass. I wiggled and the cock head suddenly popped into me. I looked over my shoulders. I think he must have seen the terrified look in my eyes. But all I could see in his eyes, were lust and determination. And he started pushing himself deeper.

I moaned loudly. It was way more pain than pleasure. Will came with a wet handkerchief and a small soap well wet with water, and Brandon used it on his shaft. He was really oiling it so that he could shove it even deeper into me. That way he slowly worked his cock to the bottom. It felt like the lower part of my back was ripped apart. He then started to fuck me in a slow rhythmic way. Working on my ass, making it used to his shaft sliding in and out.

He pushed me flat on my tummy, putting all his weight on me as his cock was inside and he lying on top of my back. I tried to spread my legs wide in an effort to give him better access, but it didn’t help. It was still a painful fucking. Then he rolled over while holding me so that I ended up lying on top with my back against him. He sat me up and in front of me Will had pulled a chair over and put a mirror in it. I could easily see the cock buried in my ass. Brandon put his hands under my buttock and started moving me up and down on his shaft. I kept staring at the mirror, like in trance. It looked so gross.

Will stepped up in the bed, grabbed my head and bent it towards his cock. He entwined his fingers in my hair, moving my head back and forth. I put one hand on his hips the other down on Brandons hips. I was sucking, kissing and licking on Wills cock. And Brandon was fucking my ass, making me move up and down on his shaft.

Then Will stepped down and Brandon pulled me back on his tummy. Will came in between our legs and I could feel his cock against my vulva; “Now you gonna get a DP, baby, a double penetration”
After some efforts he both entered me and managed to stay inside. It was a crazy feeling having two cocks pulsating and moving inside my crotch. My ass felt numb after the treatment Brandon had given me, but I could feel him inside. And Will`s cock pulled and stretched at my pussy. Will managed to fuck me in small steady strokes. Brandon was mainly holding his cock in position, moving a little in between. I felt so used and so taken.

Brandon was locking my arms against his body as he treated my tits and nipples. He managed to move a little to one side, turning my head and starting to kiss. Will was also able to kiss and suck my nipples. “Aw, guys, you are killing me”, I managed to moan as tears sprang to my eyes.

“Lets fill her!”, Will said. They both took me harder. Gripping me firmly and pushing deep into me. They really used me as their cum slut now. Fucking me hard. “Are you ready to be spermed, baby? You want us to fill your holes? You want us to empty our cock and balls in you, baby?” and so on they kept saying to me. And I could do nothing but respond “Yes, yes, come in me. Fill me, guys! Give me your seed! Empty your big black balls in my pussy!” It felt unreal.

And soon they both came. Pushing their cock to the bottom of the hole they were doing. Shooting into me. I must admit I was glad it was over. I was exhausted and numb. As they pulled out I rolled over to the side. My ass felt wide open and my anus was pulsating as it was trying to close.

“Baby, you are really the best! You are so hot! Goddamn, what a fuck”. I heard the guys commenting on me, my body and the encounter. I smiled quietly and was very tired, very sore. I felt a blanket being laid over me. I closed my eyes.

I woke up early in the morning with a “big hole” in my chest. I was struck with guilt over what I had done. Will was lying next to me. I slid out of bed. I could feel stained cum in my crotch and around my face, and I knew I had to shower. As I was showering, Will stepped into the bathroom and then into the shower with me. Although I was almost finished he started to soap me in, and also urged me to soap him. His cock was erected and ready for action. I felt terrible with guilt and told him that I was too soar to fuck, and soon stepped out.

I dried myself and stepped out for my purse to grab some make-up. I was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Will was behind me, still hard. The thoughts of what has happened raced through my mind. I felt guilt. And I was aroused. I almost felt like crying. And I wanted to have a black cock in me one more time. Jeez, what a confusion..

As I was bending forward to put on some mascara, I spread my legs. I put one hand under me and spread my pussy lips. I could feel them wet already. A quick glance in the mirror confirmed that Will saw what was happening. Soon I felt his cock head at my entrance. He penetrated and slid to the bottom of me in one stroke. I told him to take it easy. And as he was fucking me very slowly I finished my make-up.
I leaned down on the table next to the sink. I closed my eyes and felt him inside of me. And although I was sore, I also felt the cock slide over my g-spot. I managed to position myself so that I got the most out of the cock inside of me. I could hardly stand anymore “in and out”. I reached behind and my hands grabbed around Wills hips. I hold him steady, and then just moved my hips very little. Just so that I got maximum stimulation from the shaft inside of me. And then I came again. A long good orgasm that rocked me so hard and so good! The convulsions in my pussy also sent Will over the edge, and he came in me again.

After a quick clean up in the shower, I got dressed. Will and I were chatting briefly a quiet early morning chat. He gave me his card, we kissed goodbye and I headed out into the city morning. I felt terrible because of the guilt over what I had done, what I had participated in. I walked the streets to my friend`s apartment. I called her, and I was glad when she answered the phone, and opened the door for me. After all it was just about seven in the morning. She asked me what had happened, and I told her. Well, not in details, but just so that she got an impression. She was impressed and curious. So I gave her Will`s card.

I eventually fell asleep on the couch, but I didn’t sleep well or much. I called home as early as I thought I could do. My hubby answered and I explained where I was, that we have been drinking and talking till early morn and that I would be home in not too long. He was just laughing at the partying and said I deserved it..

I decided to say nothing and when I came home I played my role well. I felt so much guilt for a long time and had a bad time really. I felt terrible but managed to hide it. I also avoided sex the next weeks, and as it was around my period, that worked just fine. I was scared to death that I had caught some diseases, but I was lucky in my bareback risky business.

We took up our sex life and it turned out to be better than ever for my sake. When I introduced my smooth shaven pussy it was very much approved ;-) The thoughts of my adventure sprang into mind and soon aroused me more than giving me guilt. And it was as if I was more sensitive and eager, giving more of myself. So our lovemaking improved loads for a long period. I also wrote down my adventure and I have been rewriting it over and over again.

I`ve kept it my secret, and I decided to never involve in such an encounter again. A few years ago I started in a new job. After a year or so I went to the US to attend a convention, taking place in the city where Will and Brandon were living and working. I was so confused on what to do...
hot story...hope u better get some more of will and brandon and write about it.
Beautifully written. I love the fact that you are Scandinavian, as I myself is Danish.

Love your story.

Best regards

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