Seeking advice on going black. Please help!

Hi all. I'm a late thirties white guy thinking about going black. I have actually never been with a man at all, let alone a black man. So I'm a total virgin to cock. I have zero attraction to men other than black (and to some extent middle-eastern). I'm also not attracted to men smaller than me, I'm 6'1" and about 275. I will need a bigger man to give my cherry to.

I've been chatting with a strong black man online for about two months. He lives in my state, but still about five hours away. I believe he is willing to travel to visit with me, and he has shown remarkable interest in meeting up. He is 6'3" and about 290, so bigger than me, very manly and an uncut 10 incher (and I've seen video of him). He has been with white boys before but never a virgin, and he seems very willing to pop my cherry, lol.... Quite frankly he is a dream top.

I must admit that although I can't stop thinking about him and and how his cock would feel inside me, I am scared. Can I go through with this? It might be a huge lifestyle change. I am aware of some of his expectations. The bitch is to refer to their asshole as a 'pussy'.He expects submission, but not necessarily slavery or bdsm. He expects to cum before his bitch, and then after he breeds, the bitch is allowed to jerk it. Obviously he insists on bareback sex. That may be a sticking point for me. I want to be bred, but there are many dangers out there in the world of intercourse.

I am torn on how to pursue this potential relationship. As much as I can't stop thinking about having sex with him (it's the entirety of my current masterbatory material), the thought of allowing this man (or any man) into my body, orally and anally, is extremely frightening. How can I work past my inhibitions?

Any thoughts out there on being a virgin to men in general, being a virgin to black and how to overcome or assuage my fears? How about STD's, hep and HIV? Are my fears even legitimate? Am I crazy not to have already jumped on Master's cock? Am I right in taking things slowly? Fuck........

Many thanks to anyone who can give some advice.

Hi cellio, many great questions in your posts.

You gave no hint of a longing for Dominance and submission so I'll conclude you want to give yourself to a black man in a mutually desired passionate coupling? Your preferences are not unreasonable, I'm 6'4" 300 so I know what you mean.

Most importantly, be safe. If a stranger of any color insists on putting his bare cock up your asspussy, refuse. If it's a deal-breaker, so be it. This shit ain't worth dying or becoming seriously ill over. If he can't realize that, walk away. Once you know and trust someone it's different, you put your life in their hands (or dicks). Seriously, stay safe.

You will never anticipate both of your expectations, not all of them. So let em pass from your mind.

It sounds to me as though you need to be gently and firmly seduced by your Big Black Daddy. He'll have all your senses reeling and your head swimming. You'll be begging him to fuck you hard before the night is over. ;) Just remember to take it SLOW, a 10 inch black dick will split your ass in half boy! GO SLOW.

If you are willing to submit to this man, buy yourself a dildo of similar proportions and slowly explore your pussyass. You know how thick he is and the thicker the cock, the slower one must receive it. Remember to bear down like you're crapping when he's entering your sphincter. (really helps) You'll need to learn how to clean your asspussy thoroughly so read up and get the utensils. Got all that hun? :D tee hee hee

Also, a buttplug will help to keep it opened up to facilitate penetration, and LOTS of lube.

That's about it sweety, remember, this is the only first time you'll ever have, take the time to find your comfort level and satisfaction of kink. It sounds as if you're on the right path. Best of luck shug.
Being fucked by a big black cock is a beautiful thing. I remember my first time. It was incredible! I was very tight, of course. So we started with some dildos. He had different sizes. That's very important. Loosen your asshole a bit, otherwise you're not gonna make it! Even if he pushes a big dildo inside of you it still feels different when he shoves his monster up your ass, believe.

We prepared for more than an hour, after all the dildos he put lube all over my asshole so his cock would slide in more easily. I'm only 5'6, so it hurt very much when he entered. But I wanted to be fucked by him, and he made me cum all the time. So it was the best experience of my life. He still destroys me almost everyday! :)

As far as STDs are concered. If he didn't take a test, you'll never be certain. Use condoms. It would be a shame if you got yourself Herpes, Chlamidya or even HIV + just because of one tiny mistake. You'll never be able to forgive yourself. Trust me, with condom it's hot as well.

My man got himself checked out, me too, we were both clean. Now he fucks me bareback, and man, he loves to shoot his monster load up my tiny butt! and I love it too! :)

Hope I could help.
Thanks for the responses. It's appreciated very much. I think I am going to insist on either condoms or that we both submit to tests for all the shit you can catch or pass, STD's, hepatitus, HIV and so forth. Any ideas how much these tests cost?

I actually have an 8 inch long by 6 inch circumference dildo that I use up my ass semi-regularly. I use Astroglide for lube. Is there a better lube or one that people prefer? I'm curious is there is anything I can do to strengthen my sphincter and really my entire rectal tract? I want to be able to squeeze and massage my Master's cock when we finally take that step.

Also when I'm fucking my dildo, there is a spot (seems about 7" in) where I can REALLY feel the penetration and it feels like it's in my stomach. It's also fairly painful, at first, but if I relax I can ease the last inch or so of the dildo all the way in. Is this normal? I know the rectum is not straight so it may be that I'm hitting a curve or bend. But man, that just seems like it's getting into the deep, deep tissues of my ass. I really want my Master to be able to go that deep, cause it makes my toes curl and I have the MOST intense orgasm when I stroke off while I'm hitting that depth..... better climax than I've had with any woman.

Thanks again for all the great advice!
nothing much can be said that already has. very sound advice. and YES use a condom..if he insists on barebacking, no way man..not even worth the risk. no matter how big his dick is, ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. prepare your ass for the penetration with dildos or house hold objects. what i like to use is a cucumber, warm it up, lube it up and have fun lol. hmm let me see..from my personal experience, all the black men i've been with like a nice smooth ass. so next time ur taking a shower. take a nice long HOT shower. lather ur ass real nice with soap, i mean use ALOT of soap. and shave your ass very very carefully so u dont cut urself. if u wanna take it a step further like me. i workout atleast 4 times a week. and i devote an entire day for my butt and glutes. i do specific workouts to tighten my ass up and keep it nice, round and perky. trust me man its worth it. not only are you getting healthier, but it drives them crazy. and plus it makes the sex alot better.

another thing. everytime i know im gonna get some dick i plan ahead. so maybe a day or two in advanced i stick to a strict diet. high fiber. no fast food or fatty foots. water/gatorade no soda. you see it makes going to the bathroom easier and when it comes down to the day use an enema to clean out ur colon..i like to do it 3 or 4 hours before i get pounded. man this is KEY to enjoyable sex. trust me man u dont wanna be getting fucked and then find his dick covered in poop. it will IMMEDIATELY turn him off and make the experience much much worse. so plan ahead. use an enema and make sure u do it three or four times until the water comes out CLEAR. then afterwards use a dildo or cucumber like me for good measure. not only will it stretch out ur ass but it will also help u completely clean it out.

when ur actually about to get penetrated u must use ALOT of lube. i use atro glide. it works wonders. specific positions for making it easier is riding his dick. this way u can control the speed and the depth. so lube his dick up real good and ur ass too and slide into it. real gradual and slow. once its in all the way ur golden. you'll enjoy it more and more with experience. before u know it you''ll be taking his dick doggystyle which is my favorite position. it feels AMAZING

so play safe. keep ur butt maintained. prepare. and enjoy man..if u have any questions PM me

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