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I read thru some of these comments, and watched a few videos, and i now know why i was told to come here.
3 months ago i would had never dreamed my life would be as it is today.
I get excited each day, not knowing what i am expected to do, and how this huge black can make me obey him and feel pleasured when I do.

I was raised in a small southern town, faithfully christian, honest, Innocent.
but Just a few days after my Birthday in February, My Fiancee was away on a business trip, so I was driving home alone after Wed. night Bible class.
I was low on gas, so i thought if i got on the expressway, it would get me to our community gas station the fastest, but from where i was at, I had to drive a few blocks thru a "bad area" of town, and as I turned a corner 4 blocks away from the on ramp, "BOOM"... my tire blows, the right rear tire somehow hit a snag, and was totally blown.
well i get out to take a look, and as i look around, i noticed it was now dark, and no one seemed to be around... but this huge dark figure appeared from opposite front side of the car, and quickly was on my side inches from me.
He started telling me that today was my lucky day, and if I behave, he will make sure I stay safe.
Just then a group of niggas was walking over, and began to go thru my car, and take things.
I spoke out for them to stop, but then the anger increased, and now he told me I needed to give up my car to these niggas, and come with him, or both of us would get hurt.
I was in shock,and confused, but next thing i know, i am in a basement of an empty building, and suddenly was f...d by my hair and arms, to kneel in front of this huge black.
He was well over 6', and bulging body, He became very verbal, and rude i might say.
as he began to pull his pants down inches from my face, i saw his head, and thought, well, he is not too much bigger than my Fiancee, so the myth must not be true, but then he pulled out the rest, and yes, his head was about the size as my fiancees whole penis, i was thinking my gosh, it is at least 7" bigger than any i have had.
He began to force it down my throat, as I rejected, i learned that was one mistake i would never make again.
He humiliated me by asking me to tell him how Superior he was and made me compare hm to my fiancee.
I was a good Christan girl, I never did this, or knew of this kinda stuff, but he was determined that moment
that i learned, and he stated my life depended on it.
If i do not allow him to do as he says, then chances are, i would never make it out alive. he said i may become a slave, but at least i will still be alive.
I never wanted to die, so i did as he told me, and right now, he is my master. I love to worship him.
I am still a Christan girl, but he saved my life from being a victim of a gang, and I would nore than likely been found dead.
I am still alive, and have experienced explosive orgasms i never knew i could have.
as he pinned me for the first time, i was unable to move my legs, he had them spread wide open, and his 13" shaft penetrated me like no other, he grew harder inside me, and i covered his long black shaft with cum.
my cream covered his cock like frosting, off a glaze doughnut, I loved it.. still do,
he is allowed to take me in my house when he feels,,, he has shown up 3 times since the first time, and he has inseminated me every time.
I have kept this from my fiancee so far, but i will listen to my black master over my fiancee.
Billybates said:
I SO hope your for real, you look amazing

Agreed, she does look amazing. However, something's not quite right.
Awesome story, and you're a very hot little slut. What part of the south are you in? I'm in Tuscaloosa
nekidsnake said:
LOL. This is probably as real as Donald Trump`s wig.

Post a proof pic or you are just pulling B.S.

Even if a pic is posted this is BS, you can tell a dude wrote this shit.

Proabably too good to be true, but it sure got us talking. Come on, Kimberly, give us some more to let us know if you're real.

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