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"It could get worse"

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It was not enough for Derrick and his gang to have had their way with my wife over the past few months, they saw the pictures in the house of my daughter who had just started college when I first got into this situation. I did my best to make up excuses to keep her from visiting us on her free weekend because I knew what was going to be happening at our house with my wife but Derrick had somehow got a hold of my wife's cellphone one night when they were here and had texted my daughter to tell her she would love her have her to come home next weekend.

Throughout the week I tried everything I could think of to try and not to get her to come but she said she wanted to see us. I still remember every moment of the first night she came home and her smile quickly faded from her face when she walked into the living room and saw Derrick sitting on the couch beside her mom with his arm wrapped around her. Her face very puzzled as she looked around the room at the over handful of guys in our home,

I just looked down at the ground as Derrick explained to her how much trouble I was in and how her mom has kept her daddy from having bad things to happen to him for the past few months, and they now wanted her to be included in this understanding. I know my face turned even redder when I heard him say the guys get anxious having to wait their turn with her mom. I hear my wife plead with Derrick not to do this, she would be their slut wife whenever they wanted, whatever that wanted to do to her, just leave our daughter out of this, but I knew it was falling on deaf ears as my daughter looked over at me but no words would come out of my mouth as some of the guys had already positioned themselves on each side of her.

She slapped one of the hands that grabbed her shit to lift it up but her head was turned to see one of the guys standing next to me with a baseball bat now in his hand. I could see her entire body trembling as they resumed pulling her blouse over her head. The skirt she was wearing was next to be pulled down to leave her only in her bra and panties in front of all these guys. Her bra was unhooked and pulled away from her body at the same time her panties were pulled down, her hands tried to cover her now exposed breasts as she closed her legs as tight together as possible.

I saw the flash of a camera light up the room as my stomach turned into knots knowing that no telling how many people was going to see this now. One of the guys next pushed her shoulders down to get her on her knees. I looked over on the couch and Derrick had already unbuttoned my wife's shirt, and I remembered she was not allowed to wear a bra when he is around, so her breasts were now freely being grabbed and sucked on hard. By the time I find myself looking back over to my daughter, two of the guys had already pulled down their gym shorts to reveal their huge black cocks pressed right up against her face. I could see her cheeks turning even redder as one guy held the back of her head to get her mouth to take in the cock shoving against her closed mouth, I could see her hair being pulled quite hard before her jaw opened up enough to take in just the cockhead. They made sure to show her no mercy as she quickly started gagging and choking when the back of her throat was first hit. She had no room to escape as her head was only pushed harder and faster until her nose was buried into the guys stomach, tears soon started flowing down her face as they pull her back off to get only a few breaths before shoving her back down full tilt over and over. Most of the guys are now surrounding my daughter as they turn her head to make her take turns with each of their cocks.

My wife over on the couch now was sucking Derrick's cock, I could tell she was trying one last ditch effort to try and convince him to just have her as she really was working her mouth up and down his huge shaft. Her saliva pouring out everywhere as she looked him in the eye as her free hand was stroking another one of the guy’s cocks that had walked over to them. It was not long after that they led them both to the bedroom to continue this for the rest of the night.
"That bad feeling in my stomach"
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I finally received a text on where to pick up my wife and I quickly got in the car and put in the address to my gps, I knew this was the rough part of town and my mind raced on what all they made my wife go through, I made my way to the house as fast as I could as I had to drive a little ways past and part down the street for so many cars already parked at this one house. I got out my car and walked slowly up to the house, there was a group of guys on the porch smoking and drinking as they just smiled at me as I tried to just walk past them looking down at the ground.

I walked in the door and saw even more guys sitting and standing throughout the living room and kitchen area, I recognized Vince sitting in the recliner, he was just wearing gym shorts and was very sweaty, I knew he had fucked my wife by the smile on his face when he said she is down the hall and to your right, I did not say anything back and saw the hallway and made my way to it, I was not even halfway down the hallway and could hear what had to be my wife crying out, The door was open as I reached the room, I peeked my head in and saw my wife on the bed being rammed very hard from behind by a huge black guy, I could smell the scent of sex and sweat fill my nose as I saw wet spots on the floor and all over the bedsheets, I also saw what was left of my wife's dress on the floor and I remembered that I forgot to bring her clothes from out of the car.

I almost went back out there but I just wanted to get her out of here and go home, I did not know what else to do but just stand there as he pounded deep into her pussy, I could see her skin ripple with every loud stroke, I soon heard him grunting and my wife groaning the loudest yet. He held his cock the deepest he could shove into my wife's pussy as he surely was flooding her womb. He got in a few more pumps before slowly backing away from her, once his cock finally withdrew, I could see huge amounts of what had to be cum gushing out of her pussy, my stomach twisted when i saw her hole stretched big enough to stick my whole fist into with ease, she collapsed on the bed as I could not make out what she was mumbling, the guy could sight of me as he was putting on his shorts and said I must be the guy that pissed Vince off, I did not say anything to him as I moved out of the doorway to let him pass.

Once I saw him leave the hallway I quickly went over to my wife on the bed, her skin felt like it was on fire when I touched her as she started mumbling weakly “no more, no more” thinking I was just another guy...

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