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if you havent read them, Stormbringers stories are the best when it comes to black super cocks making whores out of lilly white sluts. my favs are Xavier Takes A Wife, and The Lottery Winner.
I couldn't believe how quickly things were moving, but they were. I now found myself sitting on my bed in our bedroom staring at our closed bathroom door, waiting for Candace to emerge. Beside me on the bed sat our laptop computer. I glanced over it at one more time, still trying to register if I was dreaming or if this was still real. With a mixture of anxiety, horror, and arousal I saw the Yahoo IM box still there, the cursor blinking on and off next to the last message Candace had typed on the machine "God...Okay! That sounds good. I'll see you there at 9pm. I can't wait!" Shortly after I'd watched my wife type it she'd kissed my cheek excitedly and bounded into the bathroom like a giddy schoolgirl, closing and locking the door behind her.

It had all started a few months ago when I'd finally admitted my fantasy of seeing her with another man. As I expected she'd been irate, and for a few nights hadn't spoken to me. Finally I apologized to her, and told her I'd never think about it again. She'd accepted my apology sheepishly, and then admitted she'd overreacted, "It was just a fantasy after all...I shouldn't be mad about things that turn you can't help that," she'd admitted. That night as we were having sex she looked at me as she rode on top, "So you'd really like to see me on top of another guy like this?" I was amazed she'd brought it up again, and I admitted, "Yes baby I would..." At my words I watched my wife close her eyes and bite her lip, she started to cum without me even touching her clit which was unusual. Seeming a little embarrassed she got off of me after her orgasm ended and went to sleep. I tried to talk to her, but she obviously didn't want to address what had just turned her on so much.

A few days later she surprised me one night by suggesting a photo session which she knew I always loved. She put on a sheer baby doll nighty, black thong and heels and let me position her in any way I wanted for some of the hottest pictures she'd ever let me take. Her new tits showed well through the sheer mesh, and she seemed to love the attention of the camera. It took every ounce of self restraint I had to keep myself behind the camera and not tackling her and fucking her brains out. After we finally finished the photo session and made passionate love we laid in bed in silence. Candace suddenly broke it, "What do you do with the pictures?" I stammered nervously, "Nothing honey...I just like to look at them every once in a while and see how beautiful you are..." She pondered that, and then nervously blurted out, "You've never....shown anyone those pictures before have you? Like online?" My eyes grew wide and I tried to find words, "No honey! Of course not!" I lied to her trying to hide my deception. "Thank god..." she said buying my lie. After uncomfortable silence, I pushed my luck, "I sometimes thought about putting an edited picture of you on a local personals site to see if any guys were interested in you...I'd never have shown your face or anything...but it was all part of that stupid fantasy I used to have..." Candace let out a nervous laugh, "I'm sure no one would have responded..." I looked at her incredulously, "Are you kidding me? It would have been a storm of replies!" She just blew my comment off with a sigh, then quietly asked, "Would that still turn you on?" My words caught in my throat as I tried to figure out how to answer, "Uhhh...god...I don't know honey...I don't want to make you uncomfortable or disrespect your wishes..." Candace sat silently for a bit, "I mean...I guess if you could photoshop my face out so no one would know it was might be hot to see if other guys find me attractive..."

Before I knew it I was sitting at my computer with Candace looking over my shoulder. In the text box of the WifeLovers.Com forum she'd had me type in, "I've always fantasized about seeing my wife with another man. Here are a few pictures of her. Email me and let me know what you think!" Below it was a picture of Candace standing in her sheer nighty, her eyes blacked out to mask her face. "Are you sure you want me to push the 'Post' button?" I asked one last time as I looked back at her. Her tits glowed bluish white from the monitor through her black mesh babydoll and I could see her nipples were hard. She looked silently on for a minute, and then said, "God...okay go ahead..." We both stood in silence as I clicked the mouse and the screen was redrawn. There was Candace, nearly nude for anyone to see under a post requesting other men to be with her. Yes, her eyes were blacked out and it was unlikely the casual passerby would know who she was, but the reality of it sunk in like a rock as we both stared at it. Finally Candace let out a nervous giggle, "My long do you think it will be before anyone responds?"

The first email of many came less than a minute later. For the next two hours we watched as email after email trickled in. Candace rolled her eyes and acted sickened by the first few, with their lame come-ons and grossly over aggressive sexual responses, but I could tell she was a little excited and anxious for each additional email screaming about how sexy some stranger across the country thought she was. "God I'd love to fuck her!", "Just send her my way and I'll have her addicted to cock in no time!!!", "Where are you guys located? I'll be there next week if you'll just tell me!" Before long she had pushed me out of the chair and taken control of the mouse, clicking through the emails and giggling and sighing with feigned disgust, occasionally looking at me to see if I could believe what some of these guys were saying. I just shrugged as if i were expecting it and she went on to open the next email.

At that point, time seemed to freeze. There on the screen was an enormous cock, and Candace gasped as she saw it, "OH MY GOD!" Underneath were the words, "Would she enjoy this?" The way she just stared at the picture with her mouth open in disbelief answered that question in my mind, and I couldn't blame her. It appeared to dwarf anything I had to offer. Finally she spoke up, "Oh my god that CAN'T be real..." I nodded, but looked at the pic and saw that it was large, but not as big as many that were on the net, "No honey, that's probably real..." She just stared at me incredulously, "He must be the biggest guy ever!" I chuckled a little, "I don't know honey...maybe...I think he's just a little above average..." She again stared at me incredulously, "Average??? What are you then?" I stammered, "I don't know honey, I guess I'm about average..." She cut me off, "Okay, whatever...I can't believe a guy would send that!" With that she continued giggling and clicking through the emails, but I could tell she was repositioning herself in her seat regularly as she read the obscene and complimentary messages. Soon another picture popped up in an email of yet another erect cock. I couldn't help but notice Candace involuntarily whetting her lips as she stared at the screen. This cock was even bigger than the last one, and the thick veins of its shaft stood out in the shot. I tried to break the silent discomfort, "See I told you that other one wasn't all that big..." She just stared and interrupted, "So you're telling me that most guys are actually THIS big??" I stammered, "...I don't know about MOST...but its not like its insanely rare to be bigger than...well...mine..." Candace careless blurted out with a giggle, "From what I'm seeing so far its FAR from rare..." Seeing a bit of hurt in my eyes she tried to recant, "No honey I didn't mean it like that its just that..."

She was interrupted by a familiar sound on the computer's speakers; a series of rising pitched bells. There on the screen was an instant message from the email address of the picture Candace was looking at "hung4urWife".

hung4urWife: You there?

We just looked at each other not sure what to do. Finally Candace said, "Do you want to answer him???" laughing at how ridiculous the whole situation was. Finally after thinking I answered, "He doesn't want to talk to me...he's replying about your pics! You talk to him!" Candace looked at me laughing, 'What do I say?!?" I could only respond with, "I dunno...'Hi' I guess..." Candace sighed, and typed.

banks559: Hi

hung4urWife: Is that really your wife??

Candace laughed, "How do I answer that!?" "Just tell the truth I guess," I replied suddenly feeling very aroused by the situation. I couldn't tell for sure but I thought Candace might be too. Suddenly she giggled, "I know how..."

banks556: Is that really your cock??

hung4urWife: of course it is...I'll show you on cam if you want but I'm not really into doing that for dudes. Now answer my question cuck...

Candace gasped, "Oh my god...this guy's sick!" but I could tell by the wondering smile on her face she didn't fully believe that. "What's a cuck?" she continued, "Is that a typo?" I played stupid, "I don't know honey...probably..." She looked at me, "Should I tell him it's me?" I started at the screen, "I-I guess so..." feeling my dick growing hard in my pants again.

banks559: Yes that's me...

hung4urWife: Oh I'm so sorry sweetheart...I thought this was your little hubby! I hope you don't mind me saying so, but you are stunning!

I saw Candace smirk a little at the compliment, but reply quickly:

banks559: That's okay...thank you I guess

hung4urWife: So what did you think of MY picture sweetheart?

Candace giggled to me, "God I don't think I can answer these questions!!" I let out a nervous giggle gulping hard, "Yeah, it's a little wierd...we can just get offline and check the rest of our emails in the morning if you want." She kinda smiled, not looking at me, "No its okay...I want to see what he has to say..."

banks559: LOL...I guess it was pretty...big...

hung4urWife: Glad you liked it...Tell me something, is it bigger than his?

Candace glanced at me sideways with a quick giggle, "What should I say honey?" I blushed a little, "I dunno honey, I guess just be honest with him about it..." With that she quickly typed.

banks559: YES!

She let out a little more of a giggle as she hit 'enter'. I started at her callous reply, " didn't have to be THAT honest..." I muttered. She looked at my sympathetically, "Oh honey, its just for fun right? I'm just playing around..." I replied, 'Yeah I guess..."

hung4urWife: I had a feeling. He sounds kinda tiny. Judging by your pictures you deserve a lot more than what he can give you, don't you think?

banks559: I dunno...I guess more would be fun...

I looked incredulously at her quick reply, "You really think that?" Candace stammered for a minute, "I don't know honey...I guess I'm just kind of playing along. That's what you want right?"

hung4urWife: Believe me, you have no idea what you're missing. Have you been with a guy as big as me?

Candace bit her lip and glanced at me again before typing:

banks559: I'd rather not talk about that right now....

I couldn't believe her response, "Wait a minute, you told me you didn't really remember how big the other guys are!? Now you're telling some stranger you do!? And they were as big as that!?" Candace let a sheepish grin cross her face, but before she could respond she was interrupted by another 'ding'.

hung4urWife: Why not?? Oh your hubby there???

banks559: Yes he's sitting here with me...

hung4urWife: LOL...afraid to hurt his feelings huh? Well don't worry that will always does with the hotwives. I tell you what, why don't you have your cucky eat you out for little bit while us adults talk?

Candace laughed with surprise at his comment, "Oh my god! That's a little crazy! I can't believe he'd say that honey I'm sorry..." I blushed a little, sheepishly answering, "Its okay honey, its just some of these guy's style I guess." She answered after a short pause with a tiny little smile on her face, "I'd never ask you to do something like that...I mean...unless of course you like, wanted to." I stared at her incredulously. She was taking to this fantasy way too fast. "Honey, we just had sex a little bit ago and you came really want to cum again??" I replied trying to slow things down. She rolled her eyes, then caught herself and tried to soften her tone, "Well honey, I mean, I may not have quite cum as much as it sounded like I did. I just wanted you to be happy. I think I still have...more to go." I couldn't believe my ears, "You mean you FAKED it!?" Candace threw her head back in a playful, but not malevolent laugh trying to ease my mind, "No, no, no baby. Not really like FAKED it...I just may have made it seem like I had more of an orgasm than I had...I mean...I kind of orgasmed...the second time..." I just stared stunned, "Seriously?" She tried to calm me down and coddle me, "Ohhhh honey I don't mean it like that! You were great, seriously," she said stroking my hand,"Look this might have been a bad idea...lets just go to bed."

I sighed, my mind racing with a mixture of feelings but knowing I wanted to continue this deep down, "No, no, sweetheart its okay. If you want...go ahead and take off your panties...." She giggled, "Are you serious? You really want to do talking to some guy?" I looked into her dark deep blue eyes, 'Y-yes honey, its'll be fun right?" In response she just let out a nervous giggle, bit her lower lip, leaned back in the chair and lifted up her long slender legs to her chest and pulled her panties under her small tight little ass. I could see her labia between her legs and they looked swollen and wet as she put her feet in my face asking without words for me to pull the thong over her feet and remove them completely. There was no hiding how soaked the panties were as I pulled them from my wife's feet. She stared up at me with a mischievous smile and spread her legs wide, "Well?"

I tried to give her a nervous smile and got under the tall table the laptop was sitting on, kneeling between my wife's legs. She turned back to the computer and all I could see was her pussy in front of me sitting on the chair. She scooted up her hips to the edge of the chair and opened her legs as I heard the typing above my head start up again. I leaned in and began to kiss my wife's labia, smelling the deliciously musty juices that were coating the swollen lips. I then pressed my tongue between her labia and began to lick her pussy immediately seeing how very wet she was. She let out a coo above me as the typing continued and I continued to slide my tongue between her slit and around her button like clit sucking it gently. "That's it baby, you're soooo good at that" she cooed down to me. I continued in my duty as she typed and flirted with another man over the internet. As I lapped at her pussy I heard my wife let out a small giggle, "Sorry honey did I tickle you?" I said up to her stopping for a moment. "No, no honey," she said a little sharply, "Keep going please..." I went back to my work and a few moments later heard another giggle, "Are you sure I'm not tickling you?" She sighed with frustration, "He just said something funny okay? Now don't stop!" I kept licking her, the moistness of her pussy seeming to get wetter and more slimy. I felt my cock stiffening and a desire to touch it as I licked while my wife talked to another man, " it okay if know...jerk off a little?" I said nervously. I've never done anything like that in front of her. I could hear her laugh and then more typing, "Let me ask...he says its okay...please don't stop doing that it was feeling really good!" she giggled again.

My mind raced as I wondered what she was saying to him and what he could possibly be saying to her as I began to masturbate. She began to pant as she typed and I licked, "Honey can you put your fingers in me?" she cooed with intensity. I complied continuing to stroke myself as my fingers slid into her. "One more baby...please..." she cooed again as her legs lifted slighting and spread wider. I could hear her typing furiously as I added a third finger into her sopping wet cunt. Suddenly her hips bucked and she grabbed my head as her back arched, "OH GOD!" Her legs squeezed around my head as she held me to her cunt forcing me to keep licking and after a few minutes let go, breathing heavily. I heard her click the window on her computer screen closed before I came up. She smiled at me and I looked to catch a glimpse of their conversation only to see it had been closed. Candace kissed me passionately, something she didn't normally do after I'd eaten her and sighed, "God baby that was soooo much fun...thank you!" as she headed towards the bedroom.

At the time I'd been left with so many questions, so many feelings, but all I could get from Candace was a "thank you". Over the course of the next month it only accelerated and brought us to this point. The fantasy hadn't stayed in the bounds of an internet chat, it was now full blown and getting dressed in a sexy outfit in my bathroom. I was no longer sure this is what I really wanted, but the time for that thought was long gone. My wife was about to meet another guy, and she was extremely excited about it. Suddenly I heard the knob to the bathroom door start to unlock and turn. The door creaked open and there stood my wife. My eyes opened wide and my mouth dropped as I saw her sexy form standing before me. "Well what do you think honey? Do you think he'll like it?" she said as she ran her hands down her thighs, "God I can't believe we're about to do this..." I could only stare as the sexual tension inside me elevated to a fevered pitch. My wife was going to fuck another man...and it was all my fault!

To be Continued...if theres interest expressed

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