Sorry, Derek – Cheryl wants a man, not a boy–Cheryl-wants-man-boy.html

“Cheryl Cole has moved into a £2.2 million Beverly Hills apartment after joining the judging panel on American X Factor.

But while her new home is a stone’s throw from her friend Derek Hough’s, don’t expect any romantic liaisons between them. Pals of the singer say Cheryl just wants to be friends with the 26-year-old dancer.

‘Cheryl values Derek as a friend but she doesn’t want any more than that,’ says a source. ‘It’s hit Derek quite hard as he hoped her move to LA would allow their friendship to develop into a proper relationship. Derek was there for Cheryl last year and she adores him, but for now work comes first. Besides, she has said next time round she wants a man and not a boy.’ ”

They must have come very close there to saying whiteboi haha

Haha, wow i swear someone on the daily mail is into IR sex and the IR cuckold life style, as this is not the first time they seem to love posting pics and articles of WF/BM storys

Ouch how much much that hurt for any white guy reading this, i mean they may as well just say what the article is really saying, and what she really means

“i like white guys as friends and being submissive to me as most of them are that way so i can use them to to tell them things, bit like a girlfriend, but i do not view them in any way sexual, and when i want sex i will always go for BBC, guys like my ex ashley cole who is a real man and there fore was acting like one and who i miss badly and will no doubt end up back with” haha
When I first became obsessed with IR, it was something you never heard about in the mainstream media. Now it's everywhere. Goodness only knows what the state of play will be in twenty years.

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