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Another jerk was on here selling fake lipitor, and other drugs. So I banned him, and removed about 7-8 of his stupid messages.
Let me know if you find any more.
Thanks, Misty. I missed those. There've been a lot of bogus accounts created lately. I delete them when I see them.
I just got another one. He posted 6 or 7 more...sigh. Oh well, it's history (until tomorrow)
I'm glad you're on the job, Misty. If we let up for a moment, they'll take over again.
they wont be taking over this time, i know i've deleted a few of the russian spammers. Let's continue to get rid of them.
peace love
I'm concerned about all the bogus accounts that are being created. For awhile they all included a Web address that advertised some goods or services. Now they seem to have no e-mail or website. They appear to be automatically generated. Any know what those are about?

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