Thanks, NW Board -- Best Day Ever at NIGGAS RULE blog!


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wanted to send out a special THANK YOU to everyone who posts and visits here at the NiggerWorship board.

just about ready to go over 2,000 page views today -- the most since i started the NIGGAS RULE blog. couldn't have done it without the support of the biggest black lovers out there ;)

keep cummin to the board, and i'll do my best to keep u happy, whether that means ur dick or ur pussy!

-- appreciate all the females making their way to the blog. always interesting to hear how u feel about niggers and those big black dicks. no one can describe how that hot pussy really feels but u.

-- appreciate all the males visiting the blog, including the dads whose daughters are already fucking niggers or dads with daughters they can't wait to see taking black cock in all their holes. of course, if ur little girl's been bred by a big hung black, ur already a lucky guy ;)

-- appreciate all the males visiting the blog whose wives and girlfriends are black cock whores. it's inspiring to hear all about it.

-- of course, i appreciate niggers most of all. without niggers and their big black dicks, where would we be? we know they own the white pussy and that they deserve as much white pussy and ass as they want. no one rules like a black.

would love to hear from more niggers on the blog, too. why not hear from the best?

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