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I was stationed in Korea back in the early 80's and was kind of scared. I was a spec4 and it was my first time overseas, I was assigned a mentor by the first sergeant and he was a corporal. He was about my age black 6'1 and muscular so he taught me the ropes so to speak and showed me where to go and what i could and couldn't do. After 7 days i was allowed to go into the ville and he had a yobbo and he showed me what i needed to do to get my pass and he took me to his hootch. We had a few beers and some Oscar and his girlfriend was there and she was OK looking.

We were all a bit drunk and his girlfriend and he started to make out and I was a bit embarrassed and tried to figure out if i could find my way home, but being drunk and lost didn't help at all. So i just sat there and watched he stripped her down and she had very little hair but had big tits and nipples. She had his shirt off and he was sucking her tits and fingering her pussy and I was getting a hard on I saw her whisper something to him and I thought I was going to have to leave but he asked me if I was enjoying the show and sort of sheepishly said i was. He asked if I ate pussy and I said yes i had.

His girl friend liked to have her pussy eaten but he didn't do that so I sort of jokingly volunteered, and he told me to get undressed and lay down so i did she layed on top of me with her pussy right over my face and it was wet, just a tuft of hair so I started to lick her labia and inside of her pussy and she started playing with my cock. I moved my tongue to her clit and he had gotten behind her and started to put his cock in her pussy.

For the first time in y life I saw a black cock up close and personal, I saw it enter her pussy and she told me to keep licking her clit, so I did. I licked her clit and pussy and sometimes his cock would touch my tongue. She was sucking my cock and he was fucking her hard and I was about to cum and she swallowed it all. I knew he was close and he pulled out and shot all over her pussy and my face and then his spurting cock drooped down into my mouth and I sucked it and his last few spurts went into my mouth. I was so horny I licked her pussy clean.

After that night I sucked his cock for him anytime he wanted me to.
A great experience - thanks for sharing.

Did the corporal just assume you were available to suck his cock after that, or was there any discussion about you doing that for him? As a Black stud, and seeing how you meekly accepted him spraying his load over your face and then you eagerly licking his g/f clean, did he just take it for granted he had made you his cocksucker?
He just took it for granted I would accept my place, and I was happy to do so. My mouth and ass were a lot safer than most womens at that time. We were stationed together for 9 months, and after he left I had to search out another friend.

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