The making of: Black-MonsterCock-Junkie 2


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Hi there. After the positive response to my first compilation video I've decided that it's
worth going ahead and making another.

I personally love the fact that exposure to all the huge black cocks and hardcore BBC porn
on the net is genuinely fucking the heads up of huge numbers of white guys.

In an amazingly short space of time BBC cuckold porn has gone from a small niche market to
becoming one of the top selling mainstream genres.

And within cuckold films there's a growing trend for the white girls to encourage the
white guys to end up actually sucking on big black dicks.

Sites like blacks on boys etc are starting to spring up, which will almost inevitably
lead to more of the same. Hopefully spawning a few more realistic sites where real life
mixed up straight white guys actually end up getting hammered on camera.

I think we're heading fairly quickly toward a time when a hung black guy thinks to himself
'well I'm fucking the shit out this white guys hot daughter, so why not go all the way
and literally pump the sons manhood out of him too, just for the sheer nasty fun of it.

Unfortunately, though I've got loads of great BBC IR clips, Ive got few decent sissy boy
films and hardly any good clips of white guys getting themselves rammed.

So any help on finding good sissy & all male clips featuring really huge black cocks
would be much appreciated.

I'm currently trying to think up the most corrupting possible use of clips, images,
text and vocals to create the biggest impact.

I might even (discretely) film myself whilst online. Showing the sites I visit and what I've
downloaded. Maybe even go into my profile page here on NW and open my most recent
messages up for people to see. It would be interesting to see how much personal information
I'd have the balls to leave showing in my ultimate profile if I did

Anyway. If anyone has some clips they think should be included let me know, and I'm still
desperately after a woman to record and send some hot dirty sound clips for me to use.

Any ideas.


PS These things take ages to do, so be patient.
thats a great idea-----many white bois like my self have been completly overpowered by the power of the blk--- mans cock---as for vids id look in the bi vids section here ----seems to be alot of good materail
i have alot of clips of MYSELF being pounded by bbc. im 23 yrs old 5'9. 175 lbs white. nice phat ass. PM me and we'll go from there
Another great idea, iluvbbc it would be amazing if we could actualy have some of your own videos as part of the clip too, what do you think?

As for the women and bbc that scooy mentioned you only have to look at the "Female Choice" page of xhamster to see what there choice is lol.

look at how many are bbc and cuckold, loads!

the best trainer ever is

and if it could be anything like that i think it would be great!

how about

theres some pretty good clips from here, real monster bbc's on boys too
heres two videos of me being pounded by some black dick :)..enjoy

Link Removed

Link Removed
Great post scooby. For years ive been addicted to SPH porn and ive only recently discovered the delights of interracial porn. It feels so right to jerk my whiteboi weenie to videos of white Goddesses being pounded by beautifull Big Black Cocks. The more i watch, the more i want to suck on those ebony poles. Keep up the good work!
scooby i would love to see your original file
ive gone through your previous posts but the only link i could find has been removed

your ideas intrigue me and i would love to see your work


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