The Next Morning


I have always been a deep sleeper but I can't sleep past 6:30 am. My wife on the other hand has always been the type that can sleep a day away.
The side of the bed I sleep on is the one next to the mirror I was telling you about in the previous story (My Wifes First Black Cock). I woke up looking at the mirror with much to my amazement my wife was on her knees sucking Mike's dick again. I later found out what all happened when I was asleep & will start there.
My wife as I had told you earlier had cleaned up again & this time she put on a red & black bustier. She let her hair down but pulled up the sides. She put on all of her makeup again & put on a set of dangling ear rings with a surf board necklace that I love because it reaches all the way down in between her Big tit's & I always tell her I would love to be the surf board!
She told me that Mike had held her tight all night & that's what she loves! She said that early in the morning she awoke to his dick growing up her back & perfectly positioned between her ass cheeks. We had some massage lotion beside the bed that we normally use. I have to admit my wife tells me I never take enough time massaging her. She said Mike asked her if it was ok for him to massage her & she said yes. She said Mike must have been a massage artist at one time because she had never been rubbed down like that!Mike put her up on her knees & slowly massaged her tit's from behind & was nibling on her ear & talking shit to her! Mike then turned her around & slowly layed her on her back & starting eating her pussy again really slow & then turned her over & put her on her knees & licked her ass. She said one time he litely took his big dick & pulled it down her crack which (she didn't tell him) made her cum.
She told Mike it was her turn & she wanted to try & out do her other blow jobs! Mike said "go for it!" Mike had told her that he wanted to see her phat ass in the air while she sucked it!
About then was the time I awoke to see my wife just WORSHIPPING THE HELL OUT OF MIKE'S DICK! I awoke because she had Mike's Big Dick in her hands slapping it up against her face & her screaming at Mike "LOOK AT ME YOU BLACK BEAST, LOOK AT ME!" Mike had taken a pillow & put it over his face & was trying to keep from sreaming. Mike's dick was glistening from all the slobber on it & my wife had both hands around it stroking it as fast as she could. My wife screamed at Mike "I BET YOU'D LIKE TO STICK THIS BIG BLACK DICK UP MY ASS WOULDN'T YOU?" My wife then screamed at Mike "LOOK AT ME , LOOK AT ME, TELL ME WHO'S THE BOSS KNOW?" Mike said " YOU ARE THE BOSS, YOU ARE"! My wife said "DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME IN THIS NICE PHAT ASS OF MINE?" Mike said " YES BABY, YES BABY!" I set back & watched Mike & my wife enjoying each other & then my wife looked at me & said "Lick My ASS & GET IT READY !" Mike looked over at me & said "you lucky SOB !". I just grinned & did what she told me. I had one problem, Mike & my wife were length wise on the bed. I had to lean over the wood end. I licked her ass real good for a while & I could tell she was really into it because I could just about stick my tongue all the way in. My wife finally turned around & said "STICK YOUR DICK IN MY ASS". Mike looked up at me & said "you lucky SOB". They both moved around to where I could get properly behind her. This time it didn't take me long at all to get it in because she was ready & loose!
My wife in the mean time was going to town on Mike's dick & man was she making him scream for mercy! You could here her lips slapping on Mike's dick & Mike I could tell wasn't going to be able to hold off long until he was going to BLOW her head off. I slowly fucked my wife for a while & she just closed her eyes & sucked Mike till he said "I'MMMMM CUMMIMG! " My wife this time AGAIN let Mike blow his load in her mouth!
This time they kissed when he got done & tasted his juices with her. I was trying to figure out next what my wife had up her sleave. She made me move her closer in between Mike's legs & she kind of stradled him a bit with her face in his & THEY were whispering & kissing each other .Come to find out they were daring each other !Mike started kissing her neck & sucking on her tit's. What came next about blew me out of the bed! My wife turned around & looked at me & said "GET OUT !" I said "WHAT?". She said " YOU HEARD ME".
About that time she looked at me & Mike & said, "I think Mike has earned a trip in my ASS" & SHE ROLLED THOSE FUCK ME EYE'S AT Mike! Instantly I saw Mike growing to full bore again! I think I understood my wife's strategy but as I watched Mike's dick grow I think it back fired.
My wife would never give me a blow job before she let me fuck her in the ass or she would let me fuck her in the ass after the first time I got off so that I wasn't so big. Mike though got FULLY HARD when she told him what was going to happen & I think it threw my wife for a loop!
I've known Mike for years but I've never seen him grin that big! He positioned himself behind my wife & he grabbed the lube & lubed her ass & his dick. She poked her ass HIGH in the air & bent over! Mike grabbed his dick & slowly started feeding it in her ass. My wife was positioned in front of the mirror so Mike could see her face again. She let out a loud "OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD!" She started screaming real loud, it wasn't even a moan!. She looked up at me and said " IIIIIITTTT'SSSS SSSOOOO FFFUUUCCKKKING BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally Mike stoped for a little bit & gave her a brake. My wife arched her back toward Mike & grabbed him by the head & started to french kiss him! Then she said to him " your going to take it easy on me, RIGHT?" Mike looked back at her & said " YES HONEY!" she said to him "your not going to hurt me are you?" Mike looked at her & said "no".
Mike grabbed her by the back & slowly pushed her back down. I on the mean time had the best seat in the house! Mike slowly worked his dick in her ass & she just screamed & kept saying " OH MY GOD YOUR SO FUCKING BIG MIKE!" And Mike would just look at me & grin real big. He slowly started pumping her ass & my wife let out this scream she was "CUMMING!" Mike looked at her & said " I thought you didn't like it up the ass?" My wife didn't say word. Mike pulled my wife back up & started talking in her ear, "you ought to see this big black dick going in you nice PHAT ASS!"He said "YOU HAVE A NICE THICK JUICY ASS BABY!" My wife said screaming "I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK COCK IN MY ASS BIG MIKE!" Mike slowly pushed my wife back down & started talking to my wife & telling her that "if she hadn't been married to me he would have been beating her door down because he had always wanted to FUCK HER PRETTY WHITE PHAT ASS"! My wife didn't say anything back because you could tell she was enjoying that BIG DICK OF MIKES AS SHE CALLED IT. Mike asked her " what are you going to call me from now on" she said "BIG MIKE ". Mike then started telling her that he loved this "WHITE PHAT ASS" and that " HE HAD ALWAYS KNEW SHE WAS A FREAK" ,which she is that! Mike said to her that "he can't wait to dump his cum in her ass". Mike was enjoying the HELL out of this I could tell to! Mike just kept fucking her ass for a long time & I think he stretched her pretty good because he had cum so many times since last night that it took him a long time! My wife just kept having orgasm after orgasm & telling Mike that she "I'M LOVING EVERY INCH OF YOU BIG MIKE "! Mike kept looking in the mirror & telling her to look at him! He would say " WHO'S YOUR MASTER KNOW ?'"And she would look back at him & say "YOU ARE ,MASTER BIG MIKE" and Mike would just laugh. Mike would grab her by the hair everyonce in a while & just start pounding her ass just to listen to her scream! Mike would tell her to look at him in the mirror & say "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO GLAMOUR GIRL?" My wife would look back at him & say "POUND MY PHAT ASS MASTER!" Mike would grab her hips & start pounding her ass real hard & start laughing at her!
Mike's rythim was getting faster & faster & my wifes tit's & that surf board chain & ear rings were bouncing all over the place. Mike was getting more & more of a rythim & you could really see her ASS cheeks bouncing & here them two slapping together.
My wife has always told me that she loves to here the rythim when she's getting it doggy style! About this time she looked over at me & said "ARE YOU ENJOYING WATCHING MIKE POUND MY ASS HOLE ?". I grabbed her by the mouth & kissed her & said "YES"!
Mike looked over at me & said "I wander if she could handle it in both holes?". "I looked at him & said lets see!"
By then my wifes legs were getting pretty week, Mike grabbed her & pulled her over to me with his dick still in her ass & told her to "straddle your husband, the MASTER SAID!" My wife & Mike got on top of me & SHE LET OF A SCREAM THAT WAS BLOOD CURLING! Her pussy was dripping wet & Mike & I got into a rythim & started pounding her. My wife came countless times & then all at once Mike said "I'M GOING TO FILL THAT ASS BABY!" Mike let out this "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH BABY!" & then he leaned on my wife & they started kissing. She told Mike to "put his big dick in her mouth" & he stood up in front of her & she finished sucking the cum off of his dick! In the mean while I was still pumping that pussy! I then came like a freight train watching those two & we all collapsed on top of me!
We all layed there for a little while & then my wife got up & cooked breakfast & we ate & Mike left. My wife went back to bed & slept most of the day away until we went & got the kids! Needless to say what a night & morning!

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