The perks of my job


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I just wanted to share some of my stories from my job. I work for a national electronics retail company and this past week had its perks. A couple of days ago a mother and her daughter came in and I ended up doing a cell phone activation for them.

The mother was a complete MILF but what she let her daughter come in wearing was draw dropping, A very short denim skirt and one of those tops that grip their boobs to stay up, I was making small talk while activating the phones and I heard the mother tell the daughter for her not to get into any trouble tonight as she was going out with her older sister and in some of the conversation I casual asked how old was the daughter and when she said 15 it was all I could do to keep from saying holy shit no way!

The whole time I was working with them the daughter was very wiggly and I swear I could see the outline of her nipples when she moved a certain way and a couple of times I swore I saw her bend her legs in such a way behind her mom that I saw hot pink panties, I could feel my skin was on fire by the time I finished everything and they were on their way, at that time the older sister was their to pick up the younger sis and she was wearing a dress that hugged every curve of her lovely frame, her cleavage was on full display as all I could do was smile and thank them for their purchase:)

It was not probably half of an hour later a incredibly hot older woman came into the store to get like a long ethernet cable and she was wearing a blouse that was slip down so deep down the middle and white shorts that hugged her so tight. She could not find her debit card so she wrote a check and I could see her nipples when she leaned over the counter a little bit to write out the check. We have to enter in the Date of Birth in the system and when I saw her DL say she was born in 1965 I'm sure I could not hide all of the shock on my face.

Thats just a couple of things that happened this past week and there are other stories of women that bring in their phones for troubleshooting and right there on the homescreen is a pic of them either half dressed or naked and I think they look at for so many days they don't even remember before they hand it over to me:) I can't make up this stuff any better!

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