The Sissy Creed

I am a sissy slut. My purpose in life is to serve my Black Master in whatever
way he wishes. My whole being belongs to my Black Master. He is free to do
whatever he wishes to do to me and whenever he wants to. It is my privilege and
pleasure to serve him and I wish to be rewarded with his fresh seed inside of my
mouth as a treat for being a good sissy slut.

I have ceased to be a man under my Black Master. I am now a sissy. My butt hole
is now his personal vagina. My body is his. My mouth is his. My pussy is his.
My Black Master is free to use them as he sees fit, whether to personally fill
it with his cock or to use and abuse them with whatever tools he sees fit.
Whatever my Black Master wants and wishes are my solemn duty to comply. That is
my creed as a sissy.

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