truth on how i got hooked on bbc..


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many people on here started in their twenties or late teens or maybe just out of curiosity. well it was very different for me. at a very early age..maybe 6 or 7 i sucked on my first black dick. i guess you can say i was molested, but looking back on it i enjoyed every second, so i wouldnt call it that. it started real innocent.

as a kid i lived in an apartment complex and not exactly on the best side of town. a bunch of us kids and neighborhood friends would always get together and play tag, hide and seek..kid stuff. our group consisted of all ages and races. black. white. mexican. but the oldest kid in our group was 16. the very first time it happened was on night when we were playing hide and seek. i usually hid by myself, but this time the oldest kid (he was black) asked me to follow him bcuz he knew a good hiding spot and so i eagerly followed him. he took me way beyond the limits of our hide and seek game. we went behind a vacant apartment and hid. and after a while he asked me if i wanted to see something cool, and i nodded my head. and to my complete surprise he whipped out his dick. and at the time it seemed like the biggest dick in the world. lol probably bcuz i was still a kid and it was the first dick i saw in person. well he asked me to put my hand on it, i was a little hesitant but i eventually did. it felt so hard and big and before i knew it i was jacking him off. i can still distinctly hear/remember his moans as i gripped my hands around his dick. he then asked me to put my mouth on it, and as a kid i had no idea why he wanted me to do this..but i went ahead and licked it, very slight lick. but before we could go further we were found by our friends...

and that was my 1st experience with bbc. i had more encounter with him and later his uncle..if this intrigues you and u wanna read more let me know.
Wow, I thought I was young.. Would love to hear more. If I'm not having sex, I love hearing/reading about it.

im glad some people are enjoying this. only a handful of people know this about me. well anyway, after that first encounter i was very much intrigued about what i saw and felt lol. and the next time it happened it was in a similar fashion. but instead of hide and seek it was inside a laundromat. u see in the apartments i lived in most of us had private washer and dryer, but there was still a public laundromat for people who didnt. and so it was usually empty as we used it as a hiding spot or just a place to hang out..well one night i was at my friends house watching movies and it got a little late so when it came time for me to leave he made sure to walk me but thinking back now he knew exactly what he was doing,

instead of walking home he took me to the laundromat and asked me if i liked what i saw the other day, i say yes :)..and he asked back u wanna see it again and i nodded my head and he pulled down his shorts and i gazed upon it in awe lol..i swear his dick is so imprinted im by brain, i could probably draw it. i gripped it with my hand like it was 2nd nature, this time he didnt ask me to, i stroked it like i did before and watched as he threw his head back and groaned a little...he wasted no time in asking me to put it in my mouth, but u see i had no idea what to do. i got his dick close to my face and licked it and gently kissed i didnt know he wanted a blowjob bcuz i dont think i knew what that was entirely..and so he rephrased what he said and told me to suck it like a popsicle or poor little mouth couldnt get anyway near half of his dick inside. but what i do remember is how HUGE and warm it felt inside my mouth and thinking back on it i thoroughly enjoyed making this kid happy. his groaning and moaning fascinated me and made me feel good..well after about 10 minutes of sucking (or atleast trying) on his dick my mouth was getting pretty tired and i dont quite remember if i made him cum from the blowjob or if he pulled out and jerked off. but what i do remember as clear as today is him moaning pretty loud and before i knew it i was splattered with this new foreign sticky stuff i havent seen before lol, some in my mouth, but most on my i laughed it off as did he and he eventually walked me home..

we had more encounters and if more people are interested i'll tell u about how he fucked me (well almost) and about the experience with his uncle :)
i hope ppl are enjoying this. and plz go ahead and reply and let me know what u think...well pretty much after that first blowjob it was on. i guess i was a bit confused as a kid but i strangely enjoyed it. so whenever we could, or whenever he can get me alone we messed around. i mean after a while when we played hide and seek or hung out and watched movies i would be with him. i would follow him or hide with him and purpose :). and for some time it was just blowjobs and handjobs. one time when we were watching a movie i went on the bed with him while the rest of my friends were at the foot at the bed sitting down on the floor. well i went under the sheets and suck on his dick. right there practically in front of my friends lol..thinking back on it, it was pretty stupid of me, but oh well..

but one night a bunch of us kids spent the night over at his house. and before i knew it we were all crammed up in the living room sleeping by eachother. but in the middle of the night something woke me up. i was laying on my side next to a friend of mine. i felt some one lay down and curl up next to me. and before i knew it i could feel his huge boner rubbing up against my ass. mind you i was wide awake by this point lol..i didnt really know what to make of this. but i didnt stop him or let him know i was awake either. i just laid there. he was pretty much dry humping me for a while but then i felt my shorts being pulled down and i felt his hands rubbing and grabbing my ass. the next thing i felt was his dick pushing up against my ass and rubbing up against my butt hole lol..again i was a little confused and i still didnt stop him or anything and i know now i was enjoying it. well he continued to rub his dick against my ass and he pulled me toward his dick. and i think i pushed back on it too..well for atleast 30 minutes he was fucking me without actually fucking me lol..he didnt penetrate or anything but i do remember him cumming on my ass. i couldnt really sleep the rest of that night, but it really is a night i could never forget. it was my first anal experience with anybody and strangely as a kid i enjoyed every second of it..

next time ill tell u about how he fucked me and about his uncle :)
Very much enjoying the thread, thanks for posting. You were really young, I didn't graduate to BBC until I was 13 or so. Please do let us know about your anal progress and about the uncle...
i appreciate the feedback guys. so let me continue on my path to bbc addiction lol

it took a while until i got more anal action after that night. but when it did it went all the way. it was on a weekend, real lazy weekend. i was so bored as a kid somtimes. well i eventually went to see what my friend was up to. so i went over to his house, but i didnt see any cars outside or anything so i thought maybe they were gone, but i knocked anyway. and who answered the door lol? it was HIM :) i asked if his bro or sis were here. he said no but i could come in and hang out with him. apparently his family took off out of town for the day and he had the place to himself. man i bet his imagination was running wild about what he could do with me. i knew we would have hours and hours alone with him bcuz normally we would mess around outside his place, never in his room or anything. so he let me in and we sat down in the living room. he asked me what i wanted to watch and after flipping through the channels he put on some cartoons for me. since we were sitting on the other couch he asked me to come over and lay with him and i did. so he got a blanket and we cuddle for a while. holding me, while he did what he did that night. playing with my booty. rubbing my dick up against my ass. pretty much everything i told you about before. about an hour into this i hear the doorbell ring. and man he jumped it super fast. put his clothes on and run to the door. i thought for a second it might have been his mom or some one else. but it was the damn pizza guy. he took the pizza set it on the table and went back to her. the doorbell ring frightened him i guess so he picked me up and told me we were going to his sisters room. thinking back on it, i know why he did was convenient bcuz it overlooked thelawn and he could see anyone that was pulling into the drive way or waking up to the door. so he sat me on the edge of his bed and took his massive dick out. and i already knew what to do. i went to work on it lol..sucked it like i was doing it my entire life. i could see he was enjoying it but he told me to stop and asked me to take my clothes off and so i took my shirt and my shorts off and i was naked for this guy he lays me on my side with my butt pointing at him. he straddles me from behind and starts rubbing his bare dick again all over my ass and fingering me and rubbing the head of it right at my butthole lol..and next he tells me to relax and lay down and to let him know if it hurts so he can stop.

now the sensation i felt next will never leave my memory. i gripped by ass and at first i felt alot of pressure. no pain but warmth and alot of pressure on my ass. but then i felt this intense PAIN shoot up my body. and before i knew it i yelled out loud for him to stop. and so he did, lol i look back and he didnt even get an INCH inside me and i was practically crying. we relaxed for a bit and he gets up to grab some lotion for round 2 lol. he lubes up his dick real good with lotion and spit and continues. this time he gets inside and i still feel pain, but he made me not pull out and he stays inside for a bit. i think so i can get use to the pain and so my tiny little ass stretches out. he goes in deeper and deeper, very very slow and gradual. all the time im biting down on a pillow. i could tell i was super tight but he seemed turned on like crazy about this. after a couple minutes of real slow penatration he starts sliding in and out of me. with each pump a little harder and deeper. this whole anal experience lasted maybe 20 minutes, so he grips my thighs really tight and yells out fuck fuck and all i could feel was this warm sensation inside my ass. lol he pulls out and sure enough he came inside me..but what is shocking now to me is that this dude had barely HALF of his dick inside me. and it was SO painful, but again i think what intrigued me and kept me coming back was seeing him enjoy the entire thing. and im pretty sure thats why i have such a submissive side. i enjoy making a bbc feel good. just seeing them and feeling them getting off turns me one like crazy..

well that was my first anal/bbc/sex experience. i lost my anal virginity before i even lost my actual virginity for a girl. lol i was marked for life now..after that the anal encounters were more frequent and his uncle (30 yrs old) joined in on the fun..
You have a lot of bravery to have made the decisions you made and come forth sharing your experiences with us, and that is something to feel proud of. There is no shame in any of it. There is most likely a great number of people who have had similar experiences and similar feelings about those experiences who do not wish those experiences had never happened or wished they hadn't but rather were and are still happy and thankful to have had such experiences and the opportunities to have had them but who have yet to find the courage to share their true feelings about those experiences with other people. Thank you and may your story be an inspiration to others.
I got hooked on black cock when I was in high school by our black football coach. Some of my white friends and I were total assholes and used to be racists and made fun of the black guys till the coach heard us joking around one day. He waited till after football practice one day and caught up with me just as I was leaving the locker room He asked me what I gained by making fun of black people and making racial slurs. I didnt have an answer so he told me to come with him to his office. We were the only ones left in the school He motioned for me to go in first which i did. I sat in the chair and he sat on the desk He asked if i wanted to be cut from the team which I replied No He said that making racial slurs is a reason to be cut from the team. My heart sunk I did not want to be cut I asked what can I do so i dont get cut? He said "I dont know it looks pretty bad"I said i would do anything if he didnt cut me He had this strange grin on his face and said anything? I said yes He reached in his gym shorts and took out his cock and said how about comming over here and suck my cock? I didnt know what to do so I walked over to where he was sitting and reached my hand in his lap and grabed his cock I bent my head down and opened my mouth and took the head in my mouth as I clamped my mouth around it he moaned and layed back on the desk I was nervous as hell as i sucked his big cock. It seemed to get bigger and bigger as it grew in my mouth. then this warm feeling came over me and got this warm feeling in my stomach and I realized this is not bad I was really enjoying it I worked my mouth and tongue all over his big cock up and down his shaft to his balls and back up to the tip. then I really went down as far as i could without gagging and just clamped my mouth around it and worked my tongue in my mouth within about 5 minutes he started breathing hard and he thrust his hips up and groaned he was cumming all of a sudden his cock throbed and jerked and my mouth began to fill with his fantastic load I swallowed as fast as i could but a lot of it leaked out of my mouth and on to his balls. I was not going to waste anything so i ran my tongue to his balls and licked up every drop that leaked out. I LOVED IT AND WANTED MORE after he was finished he sat up and said "Ok your still on the team' That was my senior year and i finished the year on the team and him and I had a few more encounters after that but I will always be greatfull he made me suck his cock because I love sucking black cock till this very day
I doubt I would have touched or even sucked his cock at such a young age. But I definitely would have been fair game for black teen boys when I was 14. But as things go, I was ~21 when I finally had the opportunity to suck a black cock. I loved it and gave up my ass to that black guy a couple of hours later. How did my first male2male blackening feel? Like my birthday, Christmas and Easter falling on the same day.
My advice to white teenage boys who never tried it: If a black guy asks you to suck his cock, don't hesitate. Say yes straight away, because the feeling of having a black cock in your mouth eventually exploding all over your face is sheer magic.
My first time was great, I was in the Army and stationed in Korea, I had chances to before this but never tried it. He was a sergeant and I was a Spec4 and he had a hootch off post. I helped him carry his groceries to his hootch and his girlfriend was there too. One thing led to another and I found myself sucking his cock with his girl watching it felt great to have him cum in my mouth. After that I would go home with him regularly, and once in awhile he would bring other black guys home. Once I started you can't stop and they would always say that if they turned me in I could get kicked out.

I loved it then and still love it today

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