Use Me?




Here's the simple truth; I'm a boring white guy with no experience with BBC and considering where I live, my chances are pretty slim of finding someone who will make me their bitch.

I've been married for a long time and while we still have sex, it's boring, short and basically passionless. I'm pretty sure she has sex with me out of obligation, not desire. I know she reads internet erotica about being gangbanged and f...d to fuck strangers in public places, so I know inside her lurks a dirty little whore waiting to get out, but I can't seem to unleash the beast in her. Clearly this is my own fault and I am a failure as a man. I accept this.

Although she tries to hide the smut she reads online, I've been able to secretly see what she likes. Essentially she likes stuff about reluctant sex where the main character starts off resisting and eventually surrenders to her desires. Much of it involves public places and often multiple partners of both sexes. A noticeable amount of what she reads involves BBC violating innocent white mouths, pussies and assholes until they become broken cum sluts begging for more black cock. Obviously she is turned on by the idea of being a BBC's whore and not by some pathetic white guy like me. I accept this.

So reading this stuff got me thinking... or maybe I should say, really turned me on. Not only did I like the idea of her moaning and writhing from being fucked by another man, I also really liked the idea that she enjoyed it more than when I fuck her and what she refused to allow me to do to her, she actually begged to have done to her by a BBC. In my ever intensifying fantasies, she f...d me to watch as she begged black strangers to fuck all her holes and fill them with thick, hot cum. If I was lucky, after she was exhausted from being used and abused, I was allowed to clean her up and relieve my frustrations. I envisioned licking every inch oh her exhausted, limp body, cleaning of the cum that dripped from every hole and was smeared across her ass and tits. I could almost feel what it would be like to fuck her gaping pussy knowing that what lubricated my shaft wasn't her natural juices drenching her vagina from desire for me, but another man's... other men's cum. And I was ok with this. More than ok, actually. I just knew it was right.

Eventually I started to realize that as much as I loved the idea of my wife being massive whore, I was still a little jealous, but not for the reasons you might think. I didn't care about her being used and violated by strangers, I just wanted to be used and violated too! I wanted to gag as a BBC fucked my mouth and pumped a hot load down my throat. I wanted to feel a black man's mouth around my dick and be f...d to accept my own cum from his mouth. I wanted to feel my asshole burn as it was stretched to the limit by a thick, long black cock. I wanted to beg like a little bitch to be fucked deep and hard in my virgin white ass. I wanted to be filled with a black man's burning hot cum and feel it trickle down my balls. I wanted to feel that sudden sensation of being empty what a giant object is suddenly pulled from your asshole. I wanted to suck every drop of cum from the dick that was just buried balls deep in my ass. And I wanted it all to happen while my wife watched me moan, and writhe, and beg. And then, when I was the one exhausted, gaping and cum-covered, I wanted them to do the same thing to her.

So now, as I write this, stroking my tiny white dick and aroused by my confessions, I have to wonder. Would any BBC even bother to consider using me? I have no doubt they'd find my wife acceptable, but would I ever do more than watch? So I've included a few pictures of myself. I want to know if anyone would want to use me and if so, please tell me in great detail what you'd do.

And remember, my wife is watching.


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