Verbal abuse


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Could people post links to videos where black studs are verbally abusing White girls while they fuck them? Calling them White whores, sluts etc?

This one has a White slut on her knees sucking 3 black cocks as one stud continually calls her awhile whore and makes her call him "black daddy". I don't know the link to the 1st part.

In this video the White whore is being fucked by numerous studs and she calls out "black power" as they fuck her.
I only get chance to come on here occasionally, but after tonight's visit... there are some truly amazing vids and people on here. I don't have any vids to post back - none that you've not already seen anyway :)

Some fantastic examples of servitufe to real Men... and some great inspiration. Thanks everyone that posts the vids... and thank You Black Lords for being so truly hot

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