Victoria secret incident..


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So I went with a friend of mine to the mall this weekend in San Francisco, we were in town visiting her niece and she dragged me all around shopping with her. Do you know how awkward it can be waiting outside fitting rooms? Well anyway, we entered Victoria Secret and she was trying on some stuff while I waited AGAIN for her. Only this time things got real interesting, there was a couple other dudes waiting outside, presumably all for their gfs/wives. But this big muscular black dude starts a conversation with me, asking me about if we have a certain store in this mall. Turns out hes not from SF, we chit chat a bit both waiting, and out comes his gf. But what really shocked me was who she was, it was my college psychology professor. and i KNOW shes married and i also KNOW that thats not her HUSBAND. This lady isnt drop dead gorgeous but does have a nice set of boobs on her and a fairly decent ass. She didnt see me at all, but I saw them walk away holding hands and hugging.

Turned me on like crazy though, knowing that shes cheating (I think) on her husband. Also got me imagining him pounding her white ass...just thought I would share this story with you guys. Blew my mind lol
LOL took a while to get responses..but i've transferred from that school now, but im sure the same stuff happens here too :D
I love to shop for lingerie with a black lover in tow. I can let him see what he will see later and also see if he likes what he sees. Fun to tease. It's like letting your skirt ride up knowing you are showing the world but pretending you don't know it is happening. Of course I prefer to let a man see up my skirt while I look him in the eye and lick my lips seductively.

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