walmart encounter in illinois


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:p went shopping at walmart in lake zurich ill and had to use washroom. While standing at urinal a black man came in and used the urinal next to me He said how you doing I said fine he then asked what i was shopping for I replied nothing much You/ He said he needed a battery for his car. I finished and said good luck and left. After shopping I went to my car and noticed him working on his car a few cars over. I went up to him and asked if he needed help he said yes. So went to my car and got some tools and helped him. After getting battery in I asked him to start car. it started I closed hood and walked over to the drivers side window He rolled down window and thanked me and asked what he owed me I said nothing glad to help he said come on in and talk a while so i got in on pass side and we started to talk. He said he likes having white women suck his cock as he was talking he was rubbing his crotch I noticed a huge bulge in his pants I told him I am not a woman but would like to suck his cock if he didnt mind He said he never had a guy suck his cock before but will try anything once. He drove around back where the trucks unload and parked between to trailers he unziped his pants and took out his cock and started stroking it. I could not believe the size of it. It had to be at least 11 inches and had a big mushroom red head. I leaned over and put it in my mouth It tasted great as i rolled my tongue around his head it got harder and harder I knew right then and there I would never suck a white cock again. He tilted the car seat back and that gave me more room I licked it from his balls to the tip and back down again. i was so amazed at the beauty of this huge cock I wanted to swallow all of it but couldnt. He pulled my head from his cock and looked at me and bent over and put his lips to mine He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I LOVED it i never kissed a man before. As I kissed and sucked on his tongue I stroked his cock. I pulled away and said I wanted more of his cock and bent back down and sucked it. I bit gently on his head and after a few minutes he said he was going to cum I clamped my mouth harder on his cock and he stiffened and shot his load in my mouth I swallowed as fast as I could but there was so much it leaked out of the sides of my mouth and down his cock. as i finished taking his load I licked the cum off his balls and shaft. I just wanted it all This was the most fantastic thing i ever done As his cock went soft he said enough he had to leave He put his cock in his pants and drove me to his car and we exchanged cell phone numbers. I told him I would call him so we could do this again He said he would invite some friends over to his house and I could suck all of them off. I said as long as they are black I would be happy to suck them off I cant wait to go over to his house and have an orgy with him and his friends. We are going to meet the saturday after thanksgiving Cant wait to have all them black cocks to suck on...
Who'd of thought that sort of thing would happen in Lake Zurich? Good for you taz.
man that encounter is hot as hell....def keep us updated. seems i might need to start hangin at the walmart more often if it means i'll get a black dick down my throat and a mouthful of nut. yes yes.
Well ladies and gents went to jims house the sat after thanksgiving and was not disappointed. He had three of his friends over to watch some colledge football.I walked in and jim introduced me to the guys. we shook hands and talked a little small talk about the football games. {As if I gave a shit about football] After a couple of drinks that Jim made for all of us we didnt say much till Jim came back in the room from the kitchen. He walked in and told the guys I was the one who helped him put the battery in his car at wal mart. One guy asked if I worked on cars I replyed No but I do know some things. Then he got up and walked over to my chair and asked if I could fix a push rod. I said I would try and he smiled and unziped his pants and pulled out his cock and said "This is the push rod that needs fixing" I didnt say a word i got up off the chair and kneeled down in front of him and took hold of his soft cock and put it in my mouth. He said 'I love to see a white man suck my dick. I took it out and said I am more than happy to suck his cock and then put it back in. I sucked it and it got bigger and harder At this time the other 2 got up and walked over and one guy said "Dont hog that mouth give me a chance" I pulled his cock out and turned my body to face him and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked it for a few minutes and turned to the 3rd guy and did the same thing. Then Jim said he wanted some warm mouth on his cock also. so he stood near and i moved over to him. and started sucking him off. I was in a position where all four of them were rubbing their cocks all over my face, In my hair and neck and I just took one out and went to the other till I was like an assembly line going from one to the next. Then one guy said he wanted to fuck my ass. By saying that I was scared i never had a cock in my ass before and was afraid of the pain. I stood up and pulled off my pants and shorts and then got back on my knees One guy put a condom on and got behind me He used some kind of lube and worked it all over his cock and then got in position to use my ass. He was gentle and did not force himself in me as he pushed I felt it entering my hole It hurt but not as bad as I thought it would as he pushed and pulled it got easier for it to go in. and I felt it but for some strange feeling it didnt feel so bad as a matter of fact it felt kind of good. I groaned a little while sucking on his friends cock. He reached around me and grabed my stiff cock and started jerking it It felt great my cock was rock hard and needed to be stroked. My mind at this time was in another place like utopia I bit gently on the cock i was sucking and within a couple of minutes he said he was going to nut in my mouth and I was at the point of no return I wanted his nut I clamped my mouth tighter and he grabed my head and pulled it to his crotch hard and let loose with a beautiful load It hit the back of my throat and I swallowed every drop. I pulled his cock out after he stoped shaking and said Next? that is when Jim shoved his cock in my mouth and said come on bitch suck my nut out and I took it deep in my mouth and rolled my tongue around the head and then after a few he was shooting his load in my mouth Just like his friend I took all the juice and swallowed it. His dick got soft and I took it out and went for the next one It took it in and reached for his balls and squeezed and had him pumping his load in my mouth like the rest then the guy who was fucking me pulled out and riped off his condom and shoved his hard dick in my mouth He pushed so hard I started to choke but kept my composure and held my gag reflux back He sat down in the chair and I didnt give him a chance to pull his cock out of my mouth. He was sitting and I ran my tongue up and down his cock and down to his balls. i took his balls in my mouth while stroking his cock. He pushed my hand away and grabed his cock and jerked it back and forth and within a couple of minutes he breathed heavy and said he was cumming. I took his balls out of my mouth and clamped my mouth on his cock and took his load and swallowed .I took my mouth off and it was still shooting a little I just layed my head in his lap and watched the last drops run down his cock. I then licked them up with my tongue and kissed his beautiful cock and told him how much I loved his cock and cum. I stroked my cock and was soo horned up I reached a climax while still having my mouth on his cock It was great Jim then went in the kitchen to get me a drink I took the drink and just sat on the couch and drank it. Jim sat down next to me and asked how i enjoyed my self I said I never had a better time I reached over and grabed his head and kissed him and thanked him for the great time. My cock was getting hard again just sucking on his tongue in my mouth. We kissed for a little then it started getting late and the others had to leave so we got dressed said our goodbyes and left. I got in my car and drove home and jacked my cock 3 more times that night just thinking of all those beautiful cocks I sucked. I hope I get invited over again for some more cock.
Dude I never fucked a guy before, but after reading this I want to find a nice lil white boy to fuck and suck me.
I hope you gave each of them your number so they call you if they ever needed instant relief. Maybe the bitch didn't satisfy him and he needs your help.

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